honda cb1100 discontinued

I like them and think they look good in the metal. We picked up one of the new CB1100 EXs from Honda last week, and so far we’re impressed with its higher level of finish and new suspension with better control. And what the bike desperately needed imo was twin pipes. What If Automakers Loved Their Customers? If I have a problem with it it's that it's more of a '70s vibe than a '60s - so hence why I prefer something like that W800. I’m still on the chain that came with the bike. Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. That’s fine for me, because when I was sixteen years old in 1988 I’d have shed blood for a Nighthawk. The CB1100 has most of the former and virtually none of the latter. I have some odd neighbors.) The Honda CB1100 is a 1,140 cc (70 cu in) air-cooled inline four-cylinder naked bike that was introduced by Honda in 2010 as a modern spiritual successor to the original CB750.At introduction the motorbike was available in Japan, Australia and New Zealand; it was … The 2017 model was updated with front and back LED lights, a new lighter exhaust, a seamless fuel tank made of pressed aluminum, and the addition of a slipper clutch. Conceived as a love letter to Honda’s most loyal home-market customers by executives who yearned for the halcyon days of the company’s 1969 CB750 ur-Superbike, the CB1100 stands out from the retro pack in two significant respects. The only problem is that there aren’t very many of them for sale. With its classic and evocative lines, handsome air-cooled engine and the sort of quality and attention to detail that inspires devotion and real pride of ownership, it was an immediate success. It does look sort of small for a 1.1L though yeah - but I'm not sure that's actually a bad thing as such. Full Honda dealer service history. For 2017, therefore, we have a new version of the CB1100. Plus it's not like the original CB750 was unreliable. The Honda CB1100F is a standard motorcycle that was made only in 1983 by Honda, based on their line of DOHC air-cooled inline four engines.Honda introduced the similar CB1100 in 2010.. History. Still, it’s all for a good cause, which is why I’m riding in it. [3] In North America this model is labeled CB1100 DLX.[4]. When speaking of the men who willingly purchased AMF-era Harley-Davidsons, the word “insane” can also be justifiably added to the above list. Occupying center stage you’ll see nothing but massive tourers, the “ADV” bikes that combine dirt bike and Gold Wing in an odd sort of six-hundred-pound ungainly matrimony, and the Next Big Thing: retro rides. Ridden without consequence for law, safety, or sanity, it still returns 43 miles per gallon. And it’s true for this true-to-form modern successor. I think I'd prefer the real thing TBH. The real problem with the bike, however, and the reason that Honda discontinued the CB1100 at the end of 2014 after just two years in our market, was that it wasn’t retro enough. The first year of production came with a five-speed transmission that wasn’t compatible with today’s freeway speeds. My wife suspects nothing when I take a sportbike across the state for the whole day but if I’m ten minutes late from a lunch meeting on the CB1100 I have to endure a time-and-expenses audit that would make an IRS auditor blush. Honda’s president, Takanobu Ito, commutes on a pearl-white example and made headlines in Japan when he used the bike to examine the damage left behind by the March 11, 2011 earthquake. While the XSR900 and Z900RS simply apply Seventies cosmetics to modern water-cooled mono-shock streetbikes, the CB1100 is a clean-sheet re-engineering of the classic CB750 from the steel frame to the dual rear shocks to the all-new air-cooled engine that somehow meets global emissions and sound requirements. The CB1100, brought to Europe in 2013, met a growing demand for a modern Honda motorcycle that paid homage to the company’s legendary four-cylinder past. In the meantime, solid examples of the 2013 and 2014 model can be had for well under six thousand bucks. But personally, I'd go monoshock, even at the expense of losing some of the older look though; manufacturers have learned a thing or two since the seventies, and ought to apply, This post is not being displayed because the poster is banned. Well into the Eighties the public perception of a motorcyclist was often that of somebody who was mad, bad, and dangerous to know. Honda also released the CB1100 Deluxe, an upgraded variant on the standard CB1100. Stay tuned for our review of the $12,199 retro machine in the coming weeks. But even at the advanced age of forty-five I’m a bit too young to be taken seriously by the manufacturers. These are bikes that fit effortlessly into the elaborate and kinda delightful dress-up game known as the “Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride.” The DGR publishes a “style guide” that specifically excludes machines like my hyperspace-capable Kawasaki ZX-14R or Danger Girl’s swoopy Yamaha R3. Just visit your local motorcycle dealer. market segmentation & all that.. it will sell to the grey hair fraternity collection of wanna be born again bikers.. What said '70s to me was the wheels. 6-speed model. BMW’s got the RnineT. away Chat As of yet there’s been nothing that even remotely suggests a mechanical problem of any type. 2013 Honda® CB1100, 2013 Honda® CB1100 Bike of the New Century Back in 1969, Honda®’s legendary CB750K0 changed the world of motorcycling forever... Cedar Creek Motorsports Cedarburg, WI - 1,533 mi. That kind of money can’t get you a decent Japanese-brand used compact with 75,000 miles on the clock but it will get you this finely-crafted jewel of a traditional aircooled Japanese standard. In many cases, the reality dovetailed nicely with the perception.

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