accurate mag vs aics

I have only had my ax for a few months and it is my first ai. He made a minute change to the mag well (of his bottom metal) and it worked fine. For those wondering about the AI AX338 magazine: Just ran into this old thread. If this is your first visit, be sure to Took of these counter snipe rings that came with it and waiting for my larue lt-104 mount to come in.

As my luck would have it, I have AW mags and they obviously will not fit up to a Model 700 action With a Surgeon Bottom Metal as the feed lips are too long. Looks like it’s adjustment time. Sorta a followup on Svendogg's question. Accurate has been good for me in a KRG Bravo.
Works slick! Belligerents. I understand that one of the advantages of the AI AW .308 is, that you can top load your additional rounds through the action into the AW magazine without having to take the magazine out. Is this a common thing to have a receiver marked AE but it accepts AICS mags? I enjoyed all the pics and trivia you posted over the years.

that can be loaded into the .300WM magazine? I have not yet had an issue with the mag splitting in half though I hear this can be a problem. I sent them (CDI) an AW mag with the rifle and asked them to fit the AW mag, then try the AICS. Kinda surprised they ah ent already made a .223 AICS type mag. I've read about some people modifying their magazines and others that recommend against it - so is there any chance that the feedlips will "break in" and not be so tight? The AICS 5 rnd magazine will fit the JAE 700 stock, but does anyone know if the AICS 10 rnd double stack will fit it as well? This causes the extreme difficulty in chambering, and subsequently blunts the tip of my A-max's and sometimes shaves off a bit of them as well. Does anyone know if a .260rem will feed reliably out of a AICS 300WM magazine? You must log in or register to reply here. Great info with all your posts. I sent them (CDI) an AW mag with the rifle and asked them to fit the AW mag, then try the AICS. Updating with pictures. I'm glad the hide has migrated back o a stand alone site. Used in 2 Orign bolt actions. Not sure about 85gr.

JavaScript is disabled. My first 308 so i got to stock up on some ammo. Understanding there will have to modifications to the feed lips. New features have been added by Accurate Mag to the magazine, including a manufacturing process and a new heat treatment, as well as “.300 WSM” imprinted on the back for better identity of the magazine. Minuteman. Works slick! That's pretty good. If the lips can be modified for the 30-06, the 308 seems like it should work but does the length create feeding issues? 67 Enterprise Dr. Monroe, CT 06468. Is there any real advantage to the single feed (AICS) mag to the double (AIAW)? Accurate Mag .338 Lapua Magnum SSSF Magazine. Just got my AT and still adding to rifle but was loading 10 rd mag and noticed it wanted to accept more then 10.. So i have a question. Looks like it’s adjustment time. About time !! Accurate mag vs. Savage bottom metal Forgive me if this has already been discussed. Founded by Frank Galli in 2014, Sniper’s Hide has been offering informational videos, podcasts, and other support to it’s users in one location. So from what I have been reading is that aw mags will work in my ax is that correct? This site utilizes affiliate programs to generate revenue and as such purchasing a product reached by clicking on a link on this site may earn us a small commission on that sale. The problem is that the feedlips are so tight that they are marring the brass quite a bit, but functionally they aren't allowing the cartridge to angle upwards into the chamber when it hits the feed ramp because the lips seem too long. I know the AT has a dual feed ramp so I don't know if that'll be an issues with the center feed AICS mags. Sweet deal for 4.275 actions. How about a 308 from the AICS 300WM? Phone: 1-203-880-9485. It's been working so far. The only one I would say not to buy is the Alpha mags. I'm sure they'd work much better in a rem style action that isn't so flat on the bottom like the tikka. Magpul shows to have a 223 aics magazine available this summer (2020).

For those of you that have the newer Savage bottom metal that accepts AICS mags and the Mag bottom metal, what is the difference. The AW magazine is a true double stack from start to finish; hence it is quite a bit shorter than the AICS 10rd magazine. My brand new Accurate mag ended up doing this for at least 3 rounds out of every full 10 round mag today, pretty shitty for a brand new mag that’s expensive. 116 action and 3.850 Accurate mag bottom metal? No modifications at all. Just so I'm clear on AICS COAL lengths (as I'm getting different answers on different sites) the 5rd AI mags have a COAL of 2.90 and the 10rd AI mags only offer a COAL of 2.86 or 2.88?

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JavaScript is disabled. Sniper’s Hide is a community of Snipers of all kinds, focusing on long range shooting, accuracy, and ballistics. Apr 20, 2019 #19 My brand new Accurate mag ended up doing this for at least 3 rounds out of every full 10 round mag today, pretty shitty for a brand new mag that’s expensive. Are there any options on modifing them? Works well with AW and AICS mags.

Also, if you don't mind, what is your average velocity with the 80 gr ELD-M? I settled on 23.1gr AR Comp. Thanks. No issues, Accurate mag and plastic mdt has worked for me. Jan 18, 2014 126 55 Kona, Hawaii. for ease of finding and cheapness, I've been using the poly mags that Ruger issues with their scout rifle. You must log in or register to reply here. I have heard that this may become more of an issue in the future as the springs don't do so well over time. I know the AW mags will take 11 and still have some spring. In new to this whole AI stuff and trying to learn. If any AICS will fit, they will both fit. Max is about 2.565 for the mag. My AI works most of the time. Good to see you back ROLEX. Quick view. Then back to sighting in. The case body diameter is similar between the 7WSM and .338LM, and the rifle feeds perfectly. Works well with AW and AICS mags.

FYI, in order to get plenty of OAL on my 7WSM build, I opted to use a LA Rem700 and .338 Lapua AICS mags. Founded by Frank Galli in 2014, Sniper’s Hide has been offering informational videos, podcasts, and other support to it’s users in one location. It goes too far in an AICS and stops the bolt from moving forward. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Any advantage for either one? Sniper’s Hide is a community of Snipers of all kinds, focusing on long range shooting, accuracy, and ballistics. While I plan on purchasing many more AW mags I already have quite a few AICS mags, can I use them in the AT? Should i be worried? Anyone able to load the heavies 80+ in the MDT mags and fit them? You could stick 12 in there, but will not be able to put in the mag with the bolt closed. I have 4 mdt polymer 223 mags.

look forward to spending more time here again! My Mcree works great with the Mcree AICS pattern mag and AICS mags but was wondering if i would have to modify my action to use the AW mag. The receiver is stamped AE MKiii but i noticed from looking at the pics in the beginning of this forum, that the mag i have for the gun is a AICS magazine. This is the 4.275 inch action (stagger) feed action. Attachments. The information and opinions expressed within this site are those of its contributors, and in no way should be viewed as the opinions or recommendations of Savage Arms. So I've been doing a lot of searching and reading about my issue - but I just recently got the XLR Element chassis and a 10rd AICS mag for my .308. Didn't want to mess with modding the mag so used some tactical zip ties to fix the issue. This is 80eld @2.505 coal. They can be found for $25 bucks pretty easily. They are made to work in AICS compatible bottom metals or chassis. The AM looks beefier but the release mechanism looks similar. I’ll likely try to hunt down some MDT poly mags first, and give them a shot.

$78.00 - $80.00. By MTHunt in forum Savage 110-Series Rifles, By PMGO in forum Savage 110-Series Rifles, By Luke45 in forum Savage 110-Series Rifles, By jmccoy in forum Savage 110-Series Rifles. accurate mag (in stock) - 4.0 (1) long action 5rd aics magazine .338 lapua. Sorry, I meant the AX308 mags; I saw the earlier post for the AX338. Z. Zuul Private.

This is the 4.275 inch action (stagger) feed action. Anyone with any info on the PSR .300WM magazine dimensions? And the magwell looks like an AICS or AW. I've got a 700 223 action that I want to build another rifle with, but if I can't load the heavier .224 projectiles and fit the COAL then I would rather open the bolt face and make it 6mm whatever.

Will they feed reliably? The he stuck an AICS 5 rounder into the rifle, and it worked too! WOW, I cant believe this post will be turning 10 this year! I just got my older savage back from CDI precision. My concern/question is will the mag/feed lips hold the .260 in long enough to feed reliably? From left to right. From what I can tell the shorter height of the AW and ability to load rounds directly into the magazine while in the receiver lends to the AW being better. Anyone know if MAGPUL could see the value of producing .223 aics type mags?

Max OAL: 2.950" × Related Products; Customers Also Viewed; Quick view.

Thank you very much. 26" barrel. I just bought a used AI AE MKiii. long action 5rd aics magazine 300 winchester magnum.

Did you have to file the mag? I plan on picking up an at later on and if I can use aw mags with my ax then it will save me from having two different magazines later. I didn't think it would but wanted to know if anyone has used this by making a mod or if it will take. Seeing as how this thread has already been revived, I have a question. 2863ave. These magazines are made of heat-treated steel, right here in the U.S.A. Use with our Area 419 Universal SA Magazine Extensions to add an additional 4-5 rounds of 308 based rounds or 3 extra WSM/SAUM …

I have two of the mdt mags. Thanks for all the info y’all. Did they modify your action any to use the AW mag?? 3EE50BC3-E1CA-4E3A-9F08-61AC8143FD64.jpeg, 988496D3-41FC-4CD7-A0EF-09E6A070B201.jpeg. I just got my older savage back from CDI precision. I would only put in 10, you'll be sure they all feed properly. I sent the rifle for installation of the bottom metal into my McMillan and pillar bedding. What are y’all experiences/opinions? Fax: 1-203-261-8165. Email: Info(at)Accurate-Mag.com Anyone have a contact there? check out the.

The WSM/SAUM magazine from Accurate Mag will work for any short action magnum cartridge with a COAL of 2.950″ or less. Just picked up some hornady 178gr BTHP match superformance. They seem to be sold out everywhere I’ve looked.... guess I’ll just have to keep tryin to track some down. I'm seating the 195gr Berger at 3.170". Yes, but AICS has a double stack 10 also. The sole purpose of this site is to provide an online community for those who wish to interact with other Savage firearm enthusiasts. Anyone with an AI PSR, whats the max C.O.A.L.

Does anyone know the internal dimmensions on the new AX magazines? Accurate mags work well and are almost as much as original AICS mags so unless you want to buy their longer OAL mags with the front plate removed I would stick with the AICS. If they don’t work out, I’ll drop the coin for the accurate mag and hope they work. Great info.

The AICS goes over to a double stack eventually, but starts off single stack and then slowely tapers open. Who makes it? Only occasionally a round wants to pitch down instead of up. Nothing but issues with them and they bulge so you can have issues putting them into mag wells. I have a tikka ctr 6.5 creedmore in a MDT HS3 chassis it came with a MDT llastic magazine.I need another type magazine so I can load longer rounds.What are my options as for as what will fit and work in this chassis and allow me to load longer bullet. Anyone know the score with the nex AICS AX chassis, will it take AW or AX magazines as well or only AICS mags? they feed great and hold 10 down. Texas, the greatest nation in the nation.

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