is zozo a boy

That’s some of my experiences with zozo! Go over to witness their “event”. (I know I did at first). This created enough of a commotion that a priest came to perform an exorcism on her. Sometimes, people will meet the Zozo demon on an Ouija app or even just after scribbling a makeshift board on a piece of paper. I told her we would leave and be back. Darren recalled one particular encounter with Zozo as being “extremely evil.” He had entered his bathroom only to find his one-year-old daughter nearly drowned. I looked for the stories on the internet, so scary!

I asked ” what is my grandpa’s name?” The planchette spelled out S-A-L. To my horror, the board was correct , my grandpa’s name is Sal. I took a minute and said good and asked who it was again.

Our muscles make small, subconscious movements without our realizing them, and when we see those movements shift the light piece of plastic on the board, we become convinced that it’s happening supernaturally. My experience started with friendly spirit/spirits correctly answering questions and giving charming details of past lives. Remember if you summoned anything evil it can feed only from your fear. Wow! “Is there anyone there?” April asked. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Abi in Malam rem, ambulat ad mortu s. I will be releasing a book called The Zozo Phenomenon in June that will include the latest research on this mystery. He explained how the first time he had an encounter with the demon, the Ouija board went wild and flew between the “Z” and the “O”, frantically spelling: Z-O-Z-O-Z-O-Z-O-Z-O-Z-O.

In some cases whole new phenomena are described here, and one of the more remarkable and pervasive of these is the story of a malicious demon who purportedly comes through Ouija boards to harass and torment. I did some research on zo and found a bunch of pages like this one, all saying that zozo was some type of harmful spirit or demon and freaked out, called a priest, and burned the board in the next bonfire I had. face up….

They will all have a negative effect on your life in some way, even if you think otherwise.

The first reported appearance of this entity occurred in 1816, when a young girl in Picardy, France fell victim to a severe demonic possession (this according to the Dictionnaire Infernal, published in 1818 by Jacques Collin de Plancy).

As usual, we asked if someone was there and it went to yes. It sounds like something from out of a horror story – and it may well be.

We asked it what it wanted and it said nothing.

I’ve had a lot of experiences I can’t explain away easily and most of them took place in that same house. A lot of my friends did ouija quite often. Look for all you scared people, the spirit board does not work, science proves so. It was about 30 years ago when this happened to me.

Most after that.

We again encountered the spirit that was acting as if it was him.

Never touch a Ouija board again, and avoid demonic and occult things as if your life depended on it. Im not sure if you are aware how those demons became demons, but let me fill you in.

zozo once told my mums best friend how she was gonna die, my mums best friend ended up dying the exact same way. Thank you for sharing this nd i dont want to come off as belittling you or your story but this is dangerous nd upsetting to me. Pray to your God.

Thank you for sharing. (THAT DEMON MAY HAVE ALREADY HAVE COME INTO YOUR BODY, AS THAT MIGHT BE WHY YOU FELT ALL YOUR JOINT ACHE WHEN YOU WERE USING IT!!!) After a while, she started going still for a few minutes and then waking up, and so we asked her if she was ready to end and we did. They are as real as you can possibly get and are the people you want to go to, especially if you want to know more about these kinds of things or want to dispel negative energy, so i made my own ouija board and it wasnt working well… i put it under my bed …. But it was a freaky experience.

The next 2 or 3 usages the same name and board behavior occurred. We were so certain we had contacted something truly evil. It isn’t a toy at all. When Darren Evans wrote about his horrifying experience with the Ouija Board demon named Zozo in 2009, hundreds of people claimed that the same thing had happened to them.

I have only heard story’s and I am conviced it is real.

It needed to stop messing with me, I only wish to talk to my grandfather, I’m stronger than it thinks and I won’t let anything happen to me or my family. where can i get a ouija board in canada!?!?!? My mood then turned to hatred again and I turned to look at my friend (the one the demon wanted) with the most evil smile.

Then it tried to escape really quickly then left.

No one was there, later that night my friend told me she heard someone whispering baby over and over again. But when I was older, (college age), and married, during a party with friends I was enticed into trying it once again. Another Internet-goer, this one found while perusing the always-reliable Yahoo Answers, shared her own experience with the mischievous demon. shared her own experience with the mischievous demon, shared his story on March 24, 2009 at the website, the blog of paranormal researcher Darren Evans, Ghost News: Phantasmal Breakups & Ouija Board Chaos, Talking Board Historical Society Unveils World’s Largest Ouija Board, Zozo Unchained: Tales of the Ouija Entity Beyond the Board, What Does “Ouija” Mean?

These things lie and will PRETEND to be dead people or aliens or even angels. But biblical god doesn’t really exist and bible is not true, it was written by men who wanted to control the masses. Im still pretty creeped out years later. After we started talking for quite a while all of a sudden it started spelling out ouch.

I then asked if I made myself clear it said yes. I asked it to say something only me and him knew and it said his wife ran away from the nut house.

for a few years.

Most terrifying moment ever. Any suggestions on getting him out of my board?

ほっとした。会えてよかった! Boy, haven’t you grown young man. Zozo pops up everywhere in discussions, articles, books, TV shows, and film, and it has become a sensation. Only the divine has any of the “omni” characteristics.

And that is a curious thing — in most communications with Zozo, the planchette on the Ouija board makes a repetitive movement through the alphabet, from Z to O and back again, over and over, as shared in the experience quoted above. After all, there’s no reason to believe that ghosts and other strange entities must tell the truth. Well, I suppose your first question would be, “Is Zozo even real?” But for now I’d rather concentrate on the stories as told and leave the skepticism to others. Cats provide a way for demons to see into (but not enter) our dimension. You see, it is said that you shouldn’t go backwards in the alphabet (or in the numbers) on a Ouija board. We were done right then and there and never touched it again. so, he has a spirit in his house, he can only really call a priest to bless his house or he can try to do it himself which is a bad idea, because if he does it wrong the spirit will get worst. Like the Philip Experiment on a much grander scale, or the countless stories (and real life delusions) shared about the Slender Man, Zozo could be our own creation. And that was all; nothing else happened. This is NOT a game. So we asked if she died by horse reins and she said yes. Anyway, he was no fun and just plain mean. It wasn’t until they finally researched their plight on the Internet that they learned of the infamous Ouija demon. They asked the spirit what it wanted.

All of the stories regarding the Zozo demon are more or less the same.

I don’t know if they really have any relation and can’t find anything on the internet about aj, if anyone has any info on aj please please me know: (. You cannot encounter “good” spirits. It became a daily thing. I then pushed it to goodbye and threw the board away.

That was enough to keep me from using a ouija board again for many years. Ask Him for help to not be tempted to use the Ouija board. Each time the planchette moved to “No”. Me and my fiancé just recently used the Ouija board and communicated with zozo.

Then we asked its name and it spelled out my cousin’s name who was playing it. She claims that she had had some friends over for a party one evening in 2012, and at some point they all thought it would be fun to play with a Ouija board, something she says she had done on many occasions before without ever having any negative or paranormal experience, but this time would be different. I left the house the next day only to get a call that night telling me she had been found hung, police thought murder but after months of investigations it was ruled a suicide. I have been researching Zozo for a few years now and one of my more frustrating inquiries is information about the possession of 1816 in Picardy France that is always vaguely referenced in pages such as this.


This time it used my grandfathers full name. We even went to the library to see if we could find anything with that name.

What if he posseses you and then he has all power and control over you? It could just as easily be a ghost or some other type of spirit.

tonight a friend and i were playing with a home made ouija board and contacted zozo i heavaly believe in this stuff but she doesn’t it said zozo was male though not female and it also said my friend was going to die a day after her birthday due to paracetamol and sleeping tablet overdose it talked about both of her children then all of a sudden changed to someone else named F E or FE im so confused am an not sure if zozo is still with us or that was her?his way of saying goodbye either way soon we said goodbye to FE and went my friend went for a smoke and as soon as she left the room i had to go with her because i felt that there was something else with me what do i do.

In 1972, psychologists tested whether people can communicate with the paranormal through only persuasion or human will in what’s known as “The Philip Experiment”. The comment section was haywire with idiots spewing all sorts of BS.

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