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Would they stop at every tourist destination in sight or head straight to their end destination? Plenty of fluffy options, or options you can turn to fluff with enough ingenuity ;), This is my favorite OTP prompt blog on Tumblr, you can search for fluffy prompts on there. but it isn’t as easy as it seems, much to your amusement. Your OTP is fighting. Someone who had been a co... (Reader's gender is never specified, interpret as you will) A domestic Frerard, with mentions of abuse, so triggers. One time while helping B clean they find a stash of every single note A ever gave them (possibly from before they even started dating), - Person A is out of town for their job and Person B is having trouble sleeping so Person A Skypes/calls Person B to help soothe them to sleep even though Person A has to get up early the next day, - Person A loves to doodle and whenever they don’t have any paper they use Person B’s arm to draw on. This is a writing prompt blog that I love to heck and back, they have a ton of dialogue prompts and plenty of those can be manipulated into fluff. Things to never picture your otp doing unless you want to melt into a puddle of feels. Team has a new pet, at least temporarily. Color Headcanons: Red. Simple, what if he had someone beside him even before the start of his grand adventure? Poke the button and it gives you a single sentence to start your story, because we all know the first ten words are so tend to be the hardest. Here’s a cute prompt idea: Character A is planning on spending Valentine’s Day alone, and Character B won’t let them. [Yu-Gi-Oh! Yellow: Person A and B go to a field of flowers to take photos but end up laying in the field together and picking beautiful flowers for each other. :D. 3 notes. When the argument gets heated, person A moves their hand to make a gesture, and person B flinches and covers their face. A booklet filled with stories about you and everyone's favourite metal eater. #Casual #Cute #Domestic #Fluff. Skyless Town Sideblog Fandoms for Prompts etc~ Reblogging Sideblog AO3. tweets. Main Pokemon: Pidgeot. Fourth of July Prompts to get you prepared. Are they the type to stick to small country roads or do they enjoy big cities? Some here are some mini fluff/one shot prompts. melonmachinery. - Late night Skype dates that end with both of them falling asleep and being able to wake up looking at their significant other (although their laptops/phones are on low battery the next day), - Person A being so excited about getting snow for the first time in years where they live while Person B pretending that they haven’t gotten annoyed by the overwhelming amount of snow they get, - Person A making a schedule to get plenty of sleep for the first part of the week and having nothing important on Saturday so that they can stay up extra late to talk to Person B all night because they live in different time zones, - Person A panicking because they got the perfect birthday gift for Person B but the package might not arrive on time for their birthday, - “Why won’t you just leave me alone?” “Because I love you, and having you disappearing doesn’t help that love.”, - “Are you real?” “Uh… I believe so.” “Good, can’t having you just being imaginary.”, - “You can’t just leave me.” “I’ll be back soon, I promise.” “Pinkie promise?”, - “Are you a-” “I’m gonna stop you before you finish what I assume is a poorly done pick-up line. To top it off A leaves a note saying “You are my moon, my sun, and all of the stars. Prompt Fic Romantic Fluff Randall Carpio Randall X Oc Studying is important, but sometimes Randall just wants Emily all to himself. Four years after giving a relationship with a sand wielding heroine another shot, pro hero Shōto sneaks into her place after a long day and enjoys some much needed loving. (Shōto x Reader, both Pro Heroes, hella fluff... A simple healthy relationship. Can be used for romantic ships, bro-ships, friendships, etc, though some may be more exclusive to romantic ships. - You keep making jokes about me being super tall but when I tried to get back at you and called you short you just chewed me out, how is this not hypocritical? ... #request #Cute #Fluff. Danhy Mikaelson was only sixteen when his grandmother turned his entire family into vampires, at first, he was scared of the things he could do, scared of the horrible evil his family was committing at every turn but as time dragged on throughout the centuries he picked up a few unsavoury tricks fro... (Saitama X Wife!Reader) [One Punch Man] {WANTED:Heroine Book 1}

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