parker rollerball refill alternative

The plastic tubed 3mm diameter refills, often found in Japanese multi-pens are what I’ve gone with. But this $2.50-$3 per refill is killing me. Since then I have been expanding the range of adapters that are on offer, with over 30 different refill sizes now having adapters for them. Can someone please tell which refills will fit a Links of London ballpoint pen. This list is, at best, a guide and not a definitive directory. Thanks so much for jumping in here. Neither classic nor slim refill versions fit - both are right length but are too wide at the nib tip and cannot pass through the end section of the pen. Lots of pens available these days accept either a “Parker-Style” G2 refills, a Pilot G2 refill (adds to the confusion for sure) and the Pilot Hi-Tec C style refills. For the love of pens, paper, office supplies and a beautiful place to work. I recommend skimming through that section in the Guide to see if you find anything you prefer better than your Pilot G2. You’d need to go to a vintage pen specialist or directly to Sheaffer for further information on historical models and parts. What's Up with the Platinum Carbon Desk Pen? They do not say “600” anywhere on them. Without any spacer at all, with simply an inch or so of tape (I used clear) wrapped near the bottom of the refill, things are snug, rattle-free, and the extra fine line allows for even small printing. What a GREAT identifier! Then your can order any brand of bottled ink. This is 21st century pen hacking at its finest! They will be able to tell you if this pen is the new or old model based on this. All Lamy rollerballs without a cap take the M66 refill. There appears to be more plastic on the end of most G2 refills that you might be able to sand down to fit into your Darth Vader pen to get it to fit. Does anybody have any recommendations for refills that last slightly longer or should I just write shorter essays? No more smudges. Parker fountain pens refill with Parker ink cartridges or an ink converter and bottled ink.Parker Quink cartridges are designed to fit perfectly in the barrel of your Parker fountain Pen. Most D1 refills have a hole in their tail end, so something like a cocktail stick could be used to make up the extra required length, to allow a D1 to replace the Fisher refill in your pen. I had to stretch the one that came in the uni-ball and it loses strength over time causing a noticeable “tip wiggle” when writing. For each refill, they provide a list of compatible products. More than one person complaining that they are dry when they arrive. Does anyone make ballpoint refills that match Cross Selectip rollerball refills, if so, in what ink colours? You’ll need to file off about 2 mm from the rear of the MB cartridge. Thanks for guide. If the diameter of the barrel is ~8mm, this is the older model and we do not know of any compatible refills which are a finer writing point. The Uni Power Tank refills might be a good substitute. I just forgot about the pen until I saw this article. I wasn’t expecting much but have been very impressed. I am looking for a modestly up-scale pen that fits HI-Tec-C 0.25 or Uni-Signo 0.28 refills. Anyone able to offer any insight on this yet? The Uni-ball Signo is my all time favorite pen and I would love to get it into a nicer pen body than the plastic one it comes in, and I’ve always liked the looks of the Retro 51 Tornado, so I will be thrilled if this hack works. Cross use their own brand specific ink cartridges. Please give me information and also tell about price... Parker Rollerball refills are available in two widths; fine and medium. Hi there. Lamy is the most finicky of all the pens. Medium writing point refills are the standard for this type and most pens will be fitted with this writing point width at purchase. Just use scissors, a craft knife or blade to shorten the length to match the original length. We offer the Parker Quink options in black or blue ink, with a fine or a medium point. There are 3 different refill lengths that I have incorporated: 88mm (Uni SXR-80), 93mm (Pilot Hi-Tec C Coleto) and 98-99mm (Uni Signo UMR-109, Pentel Sliccies XBGRN, Zebra Surari EK, etc). Sorry for the newbie questions, but where I usually buy pens, they just thought it took Pilot refills. Is this a standard issue with the cross rollerball refill and is it possible to get a ballpoint to replace it?

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