benchmade autocrat vs microtech

The infidel feels better in the hand and has maybe a slightly tighter lockout, but the ultras are preferable in every other way. -Longueur totale 226mm, Couteau à ouverture automatique, simple tranchant, Mécanisme d'ouverture par bouton-poussoir

This legendary model, while expensive, is also offered in plenty of different variants — ranging in color, finish, and even materials.

Mécanisme de verrouillage

In fact, Microtech is the OTF brand – arguably the most well-known name when it comes to high end automatics and OTF knives.

-Longueur totale 172mm. les délais peuvent être rallongés et la liste des points relais est réduite aux commerces encore autorisés à ouvrir. As such, there are quite a few sub-categories well-suited to a number of uses, styles, and even levels of convenience. Blade: CPM-S30V

All rights reserved. -Manche 105mm + brise vitre

Ne recevant pas de public, Couteaux Center continue de traiter et d'expédier vos commandes. Lubrifie, prévient la rouille et la corrosion.

All Rights Reserved. Couteau automatique, lame inox, manche 12 cm camouflé, mitre basculante, Couteau automatique, lame inox, manche 12 cm décor Ninja rouge ou jaune selon arrivage, mitre basculante, Lame inox, manche corne blonde 11,5 cm, ouverture automatique à languette, Lame inox, manche palissandre 11,5 cm, ouverture automatique à languette, Lame inox, manche bois de cerf 11,5 cm, ouverture automatique à languette. Of course, it also has plenty of exceptional features that you can’t see, like an innovative friction-eliminating deployment mechanism, a steel and ceramic ball bearing thumb slider system, and more. Microtech is the superior otf hands down. Mechanism: There are two things to look for in regards to the deployment mechanism of OTF knives. Poignards/Dagues Fantastiques à PRIX FOUS, Poignards et Dagues Fantastiques UNITED CUTLERY et GIL HIBBEN. ©2020 Hiconsumption LLC. Edge Type: Obviously, you’d want to keep an eye on the edges of any knife in which you’re interested. Clip-ceinture Learn more.

Typically ships from KnifeCenter within 2-3 weeks.

Blade: 154CM Total Length: 5.625″.

For instance, while the blade of the Autocrat is also crafted from raw or black DLC-finished S30V steel, this one features a distinctly-different double-edged dagger shape — making it just a bit more tactical than practical.

Like its Phaeton brethren, Benchmade’s Autocrat family of OTF knives were made entirely in the USA from high-grade materials.

Double Action, button slide action for blade deployment. Le coffret sert à la fois de boîte de transport (avec clip ceinture) et de poignée sur laquelle se fixe l'embout

Handle: Aluminum However, in the case of OTF knives, we’re specifically looking for whether a given knife features a single-edge or a double-edge (alternatively: S/E or D/E). Prenez bien soin de vous et de vos proches. The Autocrat is the first OTF offering from Benchmade featuring a milled composite G-10 handle. Ne recevant pas de public, Couteaux Center continue de traiter et d'expédier vos commandes. Thanks for the information/feedback. Stiffer springs, more reliable mechanism, higher quality steel, way more color/finish options, and more for your money. That means its the smaller details that have to serve to set noteworthy ones apart — at least visually. In fact, they craft several that are amongst the best out there. Lame lisse spear point en acier 440C de 9 cm, dès 100€ d’achat pour tout règlement par chèque, 2001-2020 © Couteaux Center - tous droits réservés - Conception Graphique G2MS. Microtech’s Exocet, however, jumps through the legal loopholes by being exceptionally small. Blade: CTS-204P It’s time to add an OTF knife to your collection. -Lame 70mm Blade: CPM-S30V Mécanisme d'ouverture automatique par bouton poussoir I find the phaeton to be a solid knife but the blade is too small for me. 3123 - Manche en palissandre mitre inox - 37.70 €, Lame inox, manche 12 cm façon Fibre de Carbone, mitre basculante.

The term “pocket knife,” especially in this day and age, is exceedingly expansive.

Third, the G10 handle boasts a unique hexagonal geometric handle that does double duty — serving both to look interesting but also offering up some extra grip. Blade: CPM-S30V That means learning whether you can carry automatic knives at all, if the length is a determining factor, and/or the legality of any other defining features.

Qty: Add to Cart: Part #: BM3400BK2 | Benchmade Knives. Second, you’ll want to look for the position of the deployment mechanism. Furthermore, the high-end Elmax drop point blade has a unique black-and-silver finish that gives it an almost sci-fi appearance. Clip-ceinture The ergonomic handle successfully blends the durability and wear resistance of G-10, with the flashy style of blue sapphire titanium coated hardware and components. It can mean anything from a simple, utilitarian, Boy Scout-friendly Swiss Army Knife to an ultra-high-end Damascus steel and titanium cutting tool that’s more of a showpiece than a utilitarian blade. The best advice I can give is to find a store that has them so you can truly get a feel for both of them.
However, D/E daggers are better for penetration and slashing — making them more aligned with fighting and combat knives and serving better for self-defense usage. The first is whether or not a given knife features a “double-action” mechanism — meaning the button or slider will both deploy the blade into the open position as well as retract the blade to the closed position when you’re done using it. Poignards/Dagues Fantastiques à PRIX FOUS, Poignards et Dagues Fantastiques UNITED CUTLERY et GIL HIBBEN.

Take the Rated-R, for example.

-Manche 132mm + brise vitre

Finished off with a titanium pocket clip, this quick-deploying samurai sword is sure to serve you well day-in and day-out. Ships for Free! Model Number: 3400; Overall Length: 8.75"

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It also features a double-action mechanism with a spine-mounted slider, a bit of handle jimping for better grip, and more. -Lame 98mm

If that’s not an option for you, then I would say order from BladeHQ be their customer service is excellent.

Couteau  poing américain 1918 à ouverture automatique double action OTF. This double-action OTF knife also comes with a reversible pocket clip that does double-duty as a money clip and is has a double-edge on its dagger blade. Orifice pour lanière

If you’re looking for an out-the-front knife that’s both sturdy and discreet, you can’t go wrong with the Microtech Exocet and its many color options.

Satin Double Edge Plain Edge With Blue Hardware. Thankfully, in the case of the Guardia Tactical RECON-035, there are plenty of those little details to enjoy. Lame simple tranchant, mi lisse, mi dentelée, Dimensions: If there’s a Holy Grail of the OTF knife world, it would have to be the fabled Microtech Combat Troodon. Total Length: 8.75″. Total Length: 9.5″. A hand-picked selection of quality goods made in the US of A. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Benchmade Autocrat Double Edge OTF Auto Black G-10 With Satin Plain Edge Blue HW 3400. Total Length: 8.50″. Single-edged OTF knives are more well-suited to EDC usage, as users can place a thumb on the spine of the blade to increase pressure at the edge, which is helpful for utilitarian cutting tasks.

An offshoot of automatic switchblades, these knives (when well made) are quick, convenient, and frankly pretty cool. Best of all, however, these knives are made entirely in the USA.

Couteau OTF automatique Golgoth G6CF avec une lame en acier D2 et manche en aluminium noir avec insert en fibre de carbone, Lame en acier CPM-S30V de 9,4 cm et de 2,66 mm d'épaisseur, Lame de 6,4 cm en acier CPM-154 finition stonewashed.

As far as we’re concerned, that is not a risk worth taking, so stay informed before you try to purchase and carry an OTF knife. Total Length: 9.75″. HiConsumption is reader-supported. However, having owned just about every otf Microtech makes, the ultratech is the way to go.

For starters, though the bulk of the handle is crafted from black-anodized aluminum, it also has carbon fiber inlays for a little modern tactical touch. Lame inox, manche 12 cm, mitre basculante.

Ne recevant pas de public, Couteaux Center continue de traiter et d'expédier vos commandes.

Blade: CTS-204P

They also just have a very nice feel and have the benefit of being refined over it’s almost 10-year life.

Lame inox, manche corne, mitre basculante.

I know allot about Benchmade as a company and own some of their knives, on the other hand I have never owned anything by Microtech but they do seem like a very popular choice for OTF. For starters and like all Hogue offerings, it’s made entirely in the USA. You will find, however, that the majority of OTF knives feature a spine-mounted slider. Handle: G10

GIZMOMAN Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Champions Platinum Member. Lame de 8,2 cm en acier 440A Epaisseur de lame 2,7 mm Ouverture automatique Manche bois noir Longueur totale 19,4 cm Poids 181 gr

For starters, the long-and-thin tanto-style blade — crafted from 154CM steel — mated to a black-finished aluminum handle somewhat resembles a samurai sword, which is a fact we can’t imagine was unintentional.

best otf knives. Orifice pour lanière, Dimensions:

-Lame 66mm

Couteau OTF automatique Golgoth G6T avec une lame en acier D2 et un manche en aluminium anodisé noir avec insert en Titane anodisé finition Crazy.

If you choose to ignore the seriousness therein, you could face fines, confiscations, and even jail time.

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