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Consult your vehicle repair manual to get the specific values for your particular vehicle make and model. A worn or loose drive belt is a common issue in the chagrining system. Many of these problems are not difficult to repair either and often require a few tools. Watch the next video to see how you can do a simple fusible link test, a common problem that can trigger the battery or alternator light. This outline can help you speed up your diagnostic and repair the charging system in your car. Ask an assistant to start the engine and hold engine speed at around 2000 rpm. The check charging system light comes on randomly, along with red battery icon lighting up. They’re certainly more convenient than manual windows, but there are a few things you’ll need to know about operating the system. Start the engine. Any abnormal voltage changes will indicate an electrical problem in that part of the circuit. If you have a maintenance free battery, look at the charge indicator (hydrometer). The center console compartment provides extra storage inside your vehicle. If alternator voltage is equal to or higher than 13.2 or 13.8 volts, head over to the Voltage Drop test section. Keep in mind that different manufacturers may use different electrical values specifications than those shown here because of the different charging system configurations in use today. This is followed by a visual inspection and charging system tests sections. A couple times at autocrosses, I've had a 'Check Charging System' message pop up in the cluster when restarting for my next run. Some come with a message center that can warn about problems in a particular system. On the other hand, a voltage reading over 15 indicates an overcharging problem. First, make sure wiring connections are clean and tight. Any change will indicate a problem with the particular wire you wiggled during your test. Consult your vehicle repair manual to check the system bypassing the voltage regulator. Disconnect the negative battery cable and connect one of the meter probes to the battery post and the other probe to the battery cable terminal. If you don't have the repair manual yet, get a relatively inexpensive copy from Amazon like a Haynes manual. To fix performance issues, check the intake air temperature (IAT) sensor in your car using a few simple tests. If the indicator light doesn't come on when the ignition key is turned to the On position (engine off), there could be problems in the indicator light circuit. Unusual voltmeter readings may indicate charging system problems. Turn on the high beams for ten seconds to remove any surface charge. This time, your voltage reading across the battery should be no more than 2 volts higher than your base voltage. The compartment is located in between the armrests of the driver’s seat and the front passenger’s seat. It is available in heavy duty and half ton models. Answer: Make sure the battery is fully charged. Remember, a charging system still has to do two basic functions: Even more, newer charging systems can trigger diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) that you can retrieve with a scanner tool to help you troubleshoot potential problems. If so, continue with the next steps; otherwise, one or more diodes are bad. Some come with a message center that can warn about problems in a particular system. Repeat the previous test on the negative side of the charging system circuit; however, meter connections should be as follows: Doing a charging system check on your vehicle is not difficult, if you know how to diagnose common problems that affect most charging systems. Compare your results to your manufacturer's specifications in the vehicle repair manual. If your battery has removable caps, clean the battery top and carefully remove the caps. I have replaced the camper battery, and relay 37. still have issue. It's easy to confuse problems in other areas, like the starting system, with problems in the charging system. owners, Our mechanics make house calls in over 2,000 cities, Fleet Maintenance with certified mobile mechanics, The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Our certified mechanics come to you ・Backed by 12-month, 12,000-mile guarantee・Fair and transparent pricing. Set your DMM to AC voltage and connect the meter black probe to chassis ground, and touch the positive meter terminal to the B+ terminal on the alternator. Usually, any current draw above 50 milliamps (.05 amps), with the engine and all accessories turned off, is considered a harmful drain on the battery. Compare your reading to specs. If it continues have a mechanic scan for codes for a can/bus problem, one module may not be talking to other and he will have to find It with a scanner. If necessary, have the battery tested. It’s designed to activate during certain situations, such as during an accident. You may still need to have the charging system checked. Thanks for you help. Do you think the p m is bad? If 12.6 is what you are getting with the engine running, then there's a problem. corrosion and loose terminals can act as resistance against electrical current, preventing the alternator to charge the battery, and eventually preventing your battery from starting the engine. Learn how to jump-start a car and how to charge a car battery to restore battery power and increase its service life. Temporarily disconnect the negative battery cable. If you have installed aftermarket accessories, probably the electrical system demand is too much for the alternator to handle; or this could mean alternator or regulator problems. Question: I am now having a charging system fail when I put it all back together without figuring out the problem to send it to a shop. Answer: You can use a load tester for this. Has slight hesitation when accelerating occasionally. You may need to remove a drive belt to manually spin and check pulleys. Connect the meter's positive (red) probe to the B+ terminal connector on the back of the alternator. Charging System Warning Light . check the belt for wear or damage like cracks, glazing or contamination. I installed a new (not rebuilt) alternator. Still, you can use a digital multimeter to get an indication of the condition of the charging system by testing for charging output and an overall charging system condition. Your dash is information central – gauges and warning lights provide you with a great deal of important information. Disconnect the wire from the B+ connector on the back of the alternator. If the light comes on while driving, stop and check to see if the alternator belt is loose or broken. Your car may have a fuel pump shut-off switch. Many charging problems come from an apparently good battery. Next, you'll find a section dealing with charging system symptoms and possible causes to help you narrow down potential problems. Hope this helps. Consult your vehicle repair manual. Question: What would cause the gauge in the dash to show undercharge when the alternator is good? I Tested My Fuses In The Cbj And The Passenger Panel With A Circuit Tester. Then, increase and hold engine speed to about 2000 rpm's. A yellow indicator means your battery needs to be replaced. Any ideas? What does it mean when the Charging System light comes on in the dash? costs, Hand-picked, community-rated professionals, Explore nationwide job opportunities for automotive You may need to have an assistant watching the indicator lights or the voltage gauge for any changes. Answer: Sometimes these type of problems come from bad grounds. I had Auto Zone check the battery and alternator. Turn on all the electrical accessories like wipers, air conditioning, blower motor, headlights, and radio. Set the controls as manufacturer recommendation and switch the key to run. Before you start your test, make sure your battery is in good condition and properly charged. He has certifications in automation and control technology. On some models, this may cause problems with the charging system. You can do the previous test using a voltmeter connected across the battery terminals and the engine running at idle. Most vehicles come with one or more system warning indicators like an ammeter, a voltmeter, an alternator or battery indicator light. Recharge the battery after the engine has started or while the engine is running, if necessary. However, depending on your particular system, the electrical value specifications may vary among vehicle makes and models. Your meter should read no more than 0.5 milliamps. Learn how to test an EGR valve in a few minutes to confirm you actually need a new replacement. It should come on and then go off immediately after cranking the engine. Overcharging problems usually are caused by a bad voltage regulator or its control circuit. You can use a mechanics stethoscope or a small length of hose. Your voltage reading should be about 0.5 volts higher than your base voltage. If there's too much resistance in the charging circuit, most likely it'll force the new alternator to overcharge to compensate the voltage drop in the circuit. This test will check if the charging system can service the different electrical systems in your vehicle while still being able to recharge the battery. Always use premium gas. I've been told that the alert does not require an error system reset. Turn them off and wait for 2 minutes without turning any electrical accessory on. If you’ve been... Hi there. Voltage drop test points on the positive side of the circuit. I only get the warning when I am towing my TT. II. Bad connections introduce unwanted resistance into the circuit and prevent a charging system from operating properly. The main valve could be off aligned causing the vehicle to not drive in the D and D3 selections.... Hi Diavon. Make sure all accessories are turned off. This manuals come with step-by-step procedures to troubleshoot and repair many systems, and general maintenance procedures as well. Now it doesn't want to start. Look for corrosion around the battery cables and make sure the terminals are tight. With the engine running, check the alternator for abnormal noises.

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