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Five Mac Apps Worth Checking Out - August 2020, Apple Removes Fortnite, NEW Apple Watch & iPad Coming Very Soon, Apple One Subscription Bundle. Having an extended warranty paid off for my iMac, I had to replace the video card once and the LCD screen another time. Skiped,   please read my whole post before you make a comment on how I'm wrong.

The only people who are going to do component level repair on a laptop are going to be the manufacturer (within or out of their own warranty) or a local repair shop at your own expense. I do agree with you that the $300-$400 cost of AppleCare + has risen to the point where it may be wise to look for alternatives. COSTCO TV's - LEARN FROM A PRO! In short she was telling me that I’m on my own and Costco don’t give a damn. And when it breaks how does warranty stand up. The coverage extends your warranty to 3 years from the date of purchase and includes 2 incidences of accidentally coverage each subject to a $150 (screen, external damage) or $300 (internal damage) deductible. So frustrating. The good news is that you normally only get a one year warranty, but you get the second year for free by buying it with them, and the concierge will help you redeem it. Costco extends the manufacturer's warranty on Televisions, Tuner-Free Displays, Projectors, Desktops, Laptops, All-in-ones* and Major Appliances† to 2 years from the date of purchase. They even reported that back to Costco. Coverage is … The Asurion ExcellencePlus+ Protection Plan covers products purchased exclusively at Costco warehouses in Canada only or at Costco.ca. We value privacy. First year is covered under the manufacturer's warranty so you'd send it in to Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc. 1-866-861-0450 spoke to Ada who was very hostile and was repeating over and over that I have to pay for all repairs or parts; I asked for a list of repair companies, said she had none or knew of any. If for some reason the manufacturer doesn't fix it and it's a legitimate hardware failure that should be covered, then you'll have a concierge support/reference number that you can bring to the store. Best bet in all cases is to call concierge. You’ll find a list of eligible items here . Find a great collection of 2-in-1 Laptops & Notebook Computers at Costco. If you've gone through the proper steps, then they normally will take care of you, but they won't normally do it unless you've at least tried to get it resolved through the concierge and warranty. As an avid Costco fan, I've never heard of anyone "using" Costco's 2-year warranty on a Mac computer (2 years from date of purchase). The TV broke — dark spots all over the UHD screen. Costco Concierge does not do warranty work directly but they do help facilitate warranty work on the member's behalf.

And don’t fall for those 10 yr compressor warranties on frig’s offered by LG & Samsung – they do NOT include labor – that’s where they’ll get you and you will cave-in and buy a new frig.

Find a great collection of PC Laptops at Costco. How Much Should you Spend on an Engagement Ring? Best Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Features That Apple Should Adopt! they will help diagnose.. you probably have to spend 50-70 minutes on the phone before they will even consider doing a replacement for you. I bought a stove from COSTCO 2 years ago for $2000, as soon as the 2 years was up the stove started shorting out, caught on fire. Consumers should know that we should not purchase Electronics from COSTCO. Although you might be able to upgrade it and extend it for a short time after ordering/receiving the unit, but I'm not totaly sure about that. However, that's likely only going to cover a replacement, not a repair (but I would check with them to be sure). But Costco arranges to have it fixed. I would have been better off paying a higher premium for the product with a more reputable retailer that specializes in electronics. We’ve spent hours on hold with Costco concierge. Costco reserves the right to fulfill the second-year warranty obligation through a refund up to the purchase price.”, Major appliances includes “Refrigerators (above 10 cu. Kid Friday Podcast Recommended for you

I'm pretty sure my dad made the purchase with a costco card.

They just extend the same terms as the manufacturer. After this and dealing with terrible communications on an ongoing appliance delivery/install, my previously glowing thoughts regarding Costco is going downhill in a hurry! What's New in iOS 14 Beta 5: Bigger Apple News Widget, Hidden Photo Album Changes and More! If costco can't fix it, do I get my money back? Nothing. Why don’t I just fix the TV myself? See the manufacturer's warranty for specific coverage terms.

Costco concierge refused to help, dropping our calls and continually transferring us to person after person, and each one saying they can’t do anything. Parts & labour.

Follow These 10 Tips, Where to Find the Best Appliance Deals & Get at Least 25% Off Every Time, How to Pay Taxes with a Credit Card (and Profit), The U.S. is the Most Overworked Nation in the World. Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brand PC Laptops. We have bought extended warranty from Lowe’s in the past and it took 4 weeks to get our washing machine that was only a few months old diagnosed and repaired.

How old is the unit? Kelly we have been 20+ years members with Costco. Really bad. See the manufacturer’s warranty for specific coverage terms. Costco Concierge does not do warranty work directly but they do help facilitate warranty work on the member's behalf. We’ve been trying to get our broken refrigerator fixed through Costco’s extended warranty for over 3 months. I am not able to find any terms online. It's serviced by the manufacturer, but the concierge service makes sure they fix it. My work laptop died and to get the warranty I have to send in pictures to show them there isn’t any obvious accidental damage to it. WHY is it so impossible today to get anything from autos to appliances that are truly BUILT BETTER TO LAST, not to mention affordable?!! But with the complexity of the newer MacBook Pros and non-repairability, some form of a warranty is a must in my opinion. Your email address won't be sold or shared. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. They refused to accept the email receipt from costco.com. Yes you can extend your currect type of warranty but you can not upgrade the service.

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Will they fix it at all? Once I do no telling how long it will take to get them to service it and return it back to me. Still no experiences with the Costco warranty for an Apple computer? When I say you can't upgrade I mean if you now have the standard 1 year mail in warranty you can't upgrade it to onsite or complete care. The Costco Liquor Cabinet: A Costco Alcohol, Wine, Beer, & Spirits Price List, Costco Kirkland Dog Food & Cat Food Review, Shopping for New Appliances? Since you can transfer the warranty if you sell your notebook, it also adds to the notebook's resale value. It does not include accidental coverage as that is a separate purchase. I was planning on buying some appliances from Costco until I read your review – THANKS for the heads up!

Note: most Costco appliance purchases are available to members only, so if you intend to shop without a membership, you’re probably out of luck. I was told Costco does NOT cover the battery as part of the extended warranty. It also comes with 24/7 technical support during that 3 years. Return to Warehouse: For an immediate refund, simply return your purchase to any Costco location. It's serviced by the manufacturer, but the concierge service makes sure they fix it. This “functional obsolescence” by mfg’s has to stop! We have a 90 day return policy and that comes with a 2 year warranty. It was on sale at the time ($250 off) and the total price with tax was $1,440. ft), freezers, ranges, cooktops, over-the-range microwaves, dishwashers, washers and dryers.”. My next step was to try to troubleshoot the issue and even replace a key part that was often cited for breaking down.

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