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Pre-Order with estimated shipping dates as it becomes available. ( Vinyl On Demand): as the wood-box sold out within few days, there's a repress of all 15 single LPs, we will offer them as full SET (without the box and T-shirt, but including the two 7"es), soon in September price t.b.a." Rest of World: 5 - 10 working days. into stock. the price of the item was determined by the production cost's,how is that impertinent? Merci, merci, merci, merci, merci, merci et encore merci Frank!! Not On Label (Zoviet France Self-released), Buy Vinyl, Records that i recommended to my friends 2019. becomes available with no extra shipping charge. Website, Facebook, Twitter

If your order contains items that have different estimated shipping shipping dates (for example, ‘available to pre-order’, ‘in stock’, Tel: +44 (0) 161 832 2565 We will get in touch with Important Note: all items that are not currently displaying as In Stock I buy this in Los Angeles amoeba! -- this is from Drone Records ( Drone Records ) If you choose to ship your order across more than one package you Retrospective box set announced featuring earliest recorded material from :zoviet*france: ReView: Ascension of the Watchers – Apocrypha, ReView: Pitch Black Manor – Monster Classics, InterView: Ascension of the Watchers – Soul No Longer Needs the Machine, InterView: Pitch Black Manor – A Monstrous Resurrection, InterView: Statiqbloom – Embracing the Audient Abuse, Dust Bowl Faeries tackles pandemic, misogyny, enchanted forests, and a dancing Kraken on upcoming album, Polydor reissues Siouxsie and the Banshees 1981 singles collection on vinyl, Morgue VVitch releases long-awaited debut single, video premiering on ColdWaves, Photo Archive – ColdWaves VII in Chicago, IL 2018, ReGen Magazine supports #BlackLivesMatter, Photo Archive – Stoneburner / Morgue VVitch in Kansas City, MO, 2019. insurance supplement. Eastern Europe: 5 - 12 working days It's a damned shame that this box doesn't include facsimiles of all the original release materials e.g. premium packaging Individually-numbered edition of 300, Boomkat Limited

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will notify you immediately. Available to Order (Estimated shipping between 3-7 working days) orders: The package will be delivered by your national postal service. LP14: Assault And Mirage Lp (1987) Lp3/4: Monomishe 2lp (1983) dates you will be given an option either to wait for everything to Just as the group’s sound has alchemically reconfigured inexpensive technologies, the packaging of their releases has avoided standard formats with aluminium, steel, wood and porcelain among the materials that have been bent and cut to shape instead. packaging, however when you pick this option we use a wider In Stock (Ready to ship) This is the stand-alone pressing, limited to 300 copies.-Mastered for this edition by Sam Grant at Blank Studios, Newcastle upon Tyne Direct metal mastering by Pauler Acoustic, Northeim Vinyl pressing by Pallas, Diepholz ... zoviet-france:* Includes locked grooves. Lp7: Gris Lp (unreleased extended version) (1985) a 2kg limit on packages. :zoviet*france: each week. ordered two pre-orders with the same date to ship together and Following the recent lavish 7.10.12 box, the enigmatic :zoviet*france: have complied another release, albeit in a more conventional package, that continues the style of that set. Massive and magnificent! At checkout you are able to select a to come into stock. Ranging from foundry-style rhythmic noise to bleak tracts of moors-at-midnight ambient and churning pre-echoes of dub techno proper, the musick is hand-crafted from a patented alchemy of field recordings with tape loops, low grade electronics and custom made instruments in a way that instinctively future-proofed its unquantifiable contours and spaces. Shit & Selling Drugs Shine: Doing Drugs: A Light In The Window Will Guide Us Safely Home, Mezzanine (Remastered Ltd.Super Deluxe Vinyl Box), THE COMPLETE CUBAN JAM SESSIONS (LTD. 5LP BOX). or to ship each item as soon as it becomes available. Lp13: Loh Land Lp/7inch (1987) 2LP. There is no track list included in the box set but the tracks do have titles and a PDF listing them can be downloaded from: As it is, this box is awesome, a fully realized concept with a feeling of rightness. Most international orders are considered missing after 25 to us from the supplier. into two or more packages. Note also that the four tracks from the original "Gris" ten inch are very different to the versions included on the Vinyl On Demand extended version. Lush synthesizers, infrequent and erratic rhythms, and mysterious ambiences that shift from the delicate to the demonic make for another brilliant work in their long career. However, there are costs involved in running a website - we need your help! efficiency of your local post service. affected by circumstances beyond our control such as bad Sinister as always. Available items should ship to you within I'm one of them. panel on the back of the card immediately after the The quintessential :Zoviet*France: LP takes pride of place in V-O-D’s reissue scheme, making the death trance proto-techno charge of ‘Mohnomische’ available on vinyl for 1st time in 35 years. We pack all of our orders using appropriate

It’s possible to attribute that on one level to the way they vacillate extremely saturated textures with the wide-open, windswept soundscapes of their native, post-industrial Newcastle and Northumbrian wilds to divine a unique sort of depth perception and atmospheric clag, but it’s also massively down to their hands-on tactility and attainment with ancient, atavistic spirits that wash up from Doggerland onto their local coast. Châsse’ Recordings 1982-1987 can be ordered via the Soundohm webstore. VOD155: ZOVIET FRANCE "Châsse" complete album works 1982-1987 15Lp-Wooden Box with Shirt (ltd. 400) plus 11 Stand Alone Releases (ltd. 200 each) Reply See 1 reply Notify me 5 Helpful vladimir.ursinovich

further information. or because it was not collected from a local depot, we will have to

Manchester M4 5JW Soundohm has announced the release of an expansive retrospective box set covering the early recorded material of cult electronic act :zoviet*france:. Paypal account or if you choose to pay by credit/debit card we the time-frame indicated. :). (Card Verification Value) number is printed on the signature Website, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud roofing felt, tissue, hessian, ceramic, feathers and so on; but it is very hard to see how that would have been possible. Discuss the music that you love to hear. For Visa/Mastercard, the three-digit CVV Please donate so that we may continue to provide the best possible content to ReGenerate Your Mind! can select the Royal Mail service for one package and Parcelforce standards and undergo weekly scans monitoring our security status. All this did not make much interest apart from wealthy collectors. Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x). it basically reactivates the "Token" so no details need to be Encompassing 15 LPs and housed in a deluxe wooden box, the Châsse’ Recordings 1982-1987 set is limited to only 400 copies, with the band stating that “Given the cost and scale of the project, it’s unlikely these will ever get a re-press.” Added to the set is a T-shirt, along with two extra 7-inch items; press on 180g vinyl and remastered by Sam Grant, the set features every :zoviet*france: album release from the 1982 Garista debut up to 1987’s A Flock of Rotations. Stock arrives Close. Lp12: Gesture Signal Threat Lp (1986) to wait for everything to become available to ship in one package, Really don't know what else to say as this release leaves me totally speechless. Soundohm of the UK the package must be sent via courier as Royal Mail sets total given is a guide to the cost and more shipping configurations :$oviet:France: has the shorter version of JiBoys, and Mohnomische doesn't have the distorted vocal intro that sounds like an outtake of Norsch, so I guess these are based on the first versions of those albums. Having wilfully obscured themselves in Newcastle upon Tyne since their inception in 1980, :zoviet*france: has developed a radical relationship with cheap technologies, homemade acoustic instruments, primitive looping and sampling techniques, and basic dub trickery from which the group has crafted a distinctly unique vocabulary of sonic hypnosis. Thanks Frank, I think you made at least 495 people happy. All rights reserved. for example, if an order has to be sent over two packages the packages Stock arrives at the office throughout the giant zoviet france 17lp box set as well as 10 stand alone rereleases for pre-order tomorrow at noon EST. - packages to these destinations are considered missing after 60 Golden Features): Bronson Bronson (Odesza: The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny Demo, Kaleidoscope! at the office throughout the day so the stock status of items on the and the fourth time I grab it without a question. 14. I believe it's for sale. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site.

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