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I was right to suspect a breakup wasn’t imminent. I think Evan killed her. 4.LAWYER: When Evan and Ellen meet up with the lawyer Evan asks him if he thinks he’s capable of dealing with this case as his area of expertise is family law. This movie lends itself for many interpretations because it has tons of plot holes — not because of a particularly clever plot. 2. Evan snaps, and pushes Anna out of the car, she hits the pavement on the back of her neck, and she flips out and leaves. Is it greed? She feared losing him to an even younger woman and suspected him of affairs. That he probably did kill Joyce but because of that memory lapse when he was late picking his daughter. eventAction: 'render' LIPGLOSS: Zelda finds Joyce’s lipgloss in the back of her Dad’s car when they washed it. However, for us true psychopaths out there… we realize that neither Evan’s conclusion of his guilt through memory or detective Malloy’s conclusion of Evan’s innocence through scientific method can ascertain the true circumstances regarding the teens untimely death. Evan is a fantasist and probably did park by the lake and watch the girl but if Ellen followed him and saw this theres a sort of motive . Is it all about the sex with young woman but he feels guilty when thinking about love? 8. I like the way the movie got me thinking. (10) Bombshell – that last scene with Anna wasn’t real everyone. He was 40 minutes late. (14) Bombshell – their daughter wasn’t Evan’s rather the product of one of Ellen’s affairs. Then we see Evan start pounding the garbage as if he was aware that he had lost control. This little theory right here is why you guys keep coming back to THiNC. All rational beings were able to posit and test for truth. Then with the pressure of the investigation and finger pointing he has warped that memory into a memory of hurting Anna? It was an affair, and it was wrong, and he accidentally shoved her and she hit her head. So if this was already mentioned, I apologize. Detective Malloy’s response? That’s one of the more puzzling bits of the film for me…. The writer wanted us to draw all of the conclusions that we are drawing from the movie so that we can become AWARE of how many different opinions and perceptions exist in this world and that all of them are useful in some kind of way. Maybe they find their way back to each other by the end. (6) The comment Ellen made to a neighbor about leaving teaching. One girl off a cliff after he drove her to the other side of the lake, the other hit her head. Suge Knight Net Worth 2020, So, as we push through to the end, we learn a number of critical things to the case. Cheb Slang, Many questions still unanswered. And with that? Joe and Love. And there is one scene heading into the ending, that opened my eyes wider than saucers. So he creates a confession that suggests an unstable/insane mind ( he has memory loss). And what it means for who killed Joyce. What happened at the end of You season 2? This is out of the ordinary for him to take such care of his car. Oculus Game Stuck Installing, The way he talks to Evan strongly suggests he’s on to him, but that he must let him go. even went to extent of putting up flyers of missing bunny. Leicester City Away Kit 18/19, I think Ellen was Gaslighting Evan. Veronica Netflix, What I find most significant is that the very final scene comes directly after Malloy has just given his account of all the reasons he believes Evan to be innocent while following up by telling us it’s now case closed. This is unbiased and truly scientific, detective Malloy says at the end of the movie that he is not capable of proving Evan guilty despite his best efforts. Norah convinces a panicking Emily not to mentally break down or give up, promising to get them to safety. The movie opens with a missing teenager and an intense investigation into where she’s gone. Even when the economy and the news advertising market recovers, your support will be a critical part of sustaining our resource-intensive work. eventAction: 'click_adunit' window.googletag.pubads().addEventListener('impressionViewable', function(event) { This is a major plot point of the film. Evan is a spinning professor surrounded by philosophic thoughts. His time at the lake with Joyce. DI Denton (Keeley Hawes) is the only one left alive from the attack and is immediately placed under suspicion. document.querySelector("#adunit").addEventListener('click',function(){ Netflix's YOU season 2 ends in a way audiences may not have expected, with the future looking different than viewers - and Joe Goldberg, for that matter - assumed going into the season finale. Think about it for a millisecond. Meanwhile, one of the characters in that section of the film is under suspicion of being a spy. Was the suspicion that fell on The Counselor really a coincidence? Was is the Detective ? Deceive Synonym Crossword, She has her “mug shot” of criminality. Where Do Tarantulas Live, Don’t Brosnan and Pierce care anymore about their reputations? Your comments helped me understand the movie better.Thank you very much. However, the evidence gathered by the police shows that he is not the murderer, and the detective tells him that he is free. All the references to the green monster of jealousy, her refusal at any intimacy with him after the episode with his neice (where his version certainly seemed more likely for once), Morgan Freeman's very brief but intentional comparison of the photo of Hackman's wife and the two dead girls, and so on. eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), 2. Saying The Opposite Of What You Mean Literary Term, If we take the very final scene to be factual then it’s really showing us exactly what most likely happened the second time too except that this time a student really did die. Observations plot and narrative have been highly praised, earning it an ‘Amazing’ score from IGN. Evan knows he’s done a bad thing, if he’d stuck with the humane trap the pet would still be alive but he shows no real remorse and in fact he’s putting on the nice guy act again, posting missing rabbit posters for a rabbit he already knows is dead in an eerie parallel to the missing posters already up for Joyce. The philosophical viewer will likely believe Evan is guilty because of the method Evan used to reach his conclusion.

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