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Team Jang-hoon! His voice made a dynasty weep, now Lee Bong-geun takes his classic pansori performance to class. Im Won-hee throws his voice. Let the gossiping start! Special Guest: Baek Yoon Sik, Special EP: "Question Solving Picnic" Namkoong Min, Jang Hyun-sung and Lee Jun-hyueok surprise with their musical skill and quick wit. Is this class or a club? For JYP Entertainment's TWICE, by ONCE. Superman has transferred! Kang Jiyeong surprises everyone with her candid expressions. [Special appearances by Shindong (Super Junior), Jang Sung Kyu, Jeong Se Woon, (G)I-DLE (Soojin, Yuqi, Shuhua)], Guests: Bae Jeong Nam, Choi Yeo Jin. Heechul is close to loads of female idols, I really don't think too much should be read in to this. Will they inspire loyalty or create chaos in the classroom? Time marches on, but AOA kept the passion alive. The members do battle with 100-second "superpower" missions of strange and hilarious physical feats.

They are 'Very Nice" from the start.

She sheds her evil goddess image in class to show off her sweet and funny side. Zero room for timid students when the titans of comedy clash! Lee Yuri is here!

Guests: Park Ha Na, Ahn Bo Hyun, Lee Hak Joo. But only one can win. Song So-hee—a veritable gugak fairy—and MC Gree, now a hip-hop artist, entertain the class. These transfers brighten up a gloomy classroom. Boy idol group EXO attends class to perform a new song. A duet battle with the trot men might be too much! Heechul and Momo are like a running joke on Knowing Brothers though. Wrestling star Lee Man-gi, Ssireum champ-turned-comic Kang Ho-dong, hot comedian Hong Yun-hwa, and zany Sayuri trade jokes and barbs. Don't miss the steamy dance-off finale! Iconic rocker Yoon Do-hyun and Ha Hyun-woo of Guckkasten mix it up with vocals and comedy. Four big stars fill the classroom with laughter. Special Guest: Kim Sun Jin, Guests: Eun Ji Won, Kang Kyun Sung (Noel) [Special appearances by Eunhyuk, Shindong (Super Junior), Jang Sung Kyu, Jeong Se Woon, Sleepy], Guests: Han Hye Yeon, Heo Ji Woong. These rising stars shine even brighter in the new year. Tough guys Gwon Sang-woo, Kim Hee-won, Kim Sung-kyun and Heo Sung-tae take over the classroom.

SOMI pulls a prank and also sings a song. Who will be elected 2020 class president? Spoiler alert! Format change: Mental Victory Battle, Guest: Joo Young Hoon, Kim Su Ro, Cosmic Girls, Guests: Sol Bi, Hong Jin-young, Hello Venus (Except: Yooyoung) Yun Kyun-sang and Kim You-jung co-star in an upcoming romantic drama.

Veteran stars Lee Hee-jin (Baby V.O.X.) An impromptu musical and a fast-paced language game add to the fun. Lee Elijah sings the blues. Guests: Jang Hang Jun, Jung Hyung Jin The men partner up with the girls from AOA by answering questions about each member. allkpop® is a registered trademark of 6Theory Media, LLC.

It's a field day for the mega sports star transfer students. Then, NU’EST singer JR and comedian Sung-Kwang Park, from the TV show Night Goblin, lighten the mood. We may be young, but we can still be friends!

Everyone gets cozy with a mini-concert of 'Top Five Songs You Want to Listen to on a Snowy Day.'. Koo Hara (from the now-defunct Kara) reveals her wish to be an "Ambassador of Happiness." Substitute for Kim Young Chul: K Jun Oh My Girl joins the Men to help answer another burning question: Who are the brains of this operation? Guests: Song Eun Yi, Lee Ji Hye, Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls), Yoyomi, LOONA (Yves, Chuu, Heejin) . Girls’ Generation returns and performs in the skit "Where’s Snow White?" Veteran entertainer Noh Sa-yeon might be strong and outspoken, but can she withstand the sharp wit of Haha? The best moments of 2018 are shown along with unaired celebrity outtakes, special performances and an awards ceremony.

The classroom has gotten Oscar fever! Renowned group Girls' Generation engages in a tell-all battle at a fever pitch. After, they break into a spirited dance routine that demands precision teamwork. Hong Jin-kyeong appears with extreme hair and makeup to lead the ambitious comedic trio of Nam Chang-hee, Kim In-suk and Youn Seong-ho in a classroom takeover.

Did Sung-kyu lose his dance moves after two years in the military? Back after last year’s appearance, the it-girl group Twice reveals secrets, including their quirky nicknames. 'Can't Live Without U'—a hip-hop update of a Patti Kim classic—is debuted. Ji Seok-jin rides the K-wave and Park Jeong-a keeps them laughing. Hur Jae, Lee Hyung-taik and Kim Byung-hyun are playing defense. They celebrate with a high school reunion sketch, a ssireum competition, and a performance by megastar Kim Yonja. They charm everyone with "Signal," their new song. After displaying her boxing skills, actress Lee Si-young plays a woman with seven boyfriends, played by the men, in a sketch comedy. ", Kim Bumsoo and Gummy disrupt class with their beautiful voices. But it isn’t long before her villainous tendencies surface. A fourth term for Seo Jang-hoon or a new dark horse? [Special video appearances by Jo Jung Suk, Yoona (Girls' Generation), Hwang Je Sung, Lee Yong Jin, Lee Jin Ho, Celeb…, Guests: Kim Hye Yoon, SF9 (Rowoon, Chani), Bona (Cosmic Girls), Kim Kang Hoon. Famed for performing K-pop for audiences in Pyongyang, North Korea, Red Velvet returns to the classroom with a new single. Uhm Jung-hwa, Park Sung-woong, Lee Sun-bin and Lee Sang-yun pump up the volume with jaw-dropping stories, superb acting and a little nostalgia. Special MC: Henry, Guests: Park Mi Sun, Jo Hye Ryun, Lee Ji Hye, Shin Bong Sun, Park Seul Gi, Guests: Lee Guk Joo, Kim Ji Min, Lady Jane, Jo Young Gu, Guests: Oh Sang Jin, Lee Chun Soo, Lee Sang Min Park Ju-mi, the heartthrob from "Rainshower," is joined by Park Seong-kwang, now appearing on "Reveal My Star's Life: The Manager." They have a chatty, fun style. From "Women on a Mission" high school, seven "sisters on a mission" test the men on how much they know about women in this Chuseok holiday special. A Holocaust survivor running a daycare business forms an unlikely friendship with a bitter street kid when she takes him in after he robs her. The classroom has mad respect for these two transfers. Plus, the Men and guests record songs and prepare to shoot music videos. Heo Ji-woong gives them a sharp dressing down with his pointed tongue. How’s life outside the classroom? Kwak Do-won, Kim Dae-myeong and Kim Hee-won try not to hurt anyone with their killer dance moves. Superstar girl group Twice return to debut the title track from their new EP "Yes or Yes." Special video appearances by Uhm Jung Hwa, IU, Moon Se Yoon, Guests: Park Sung Woong, Ra Mi Ran, Jinyoung (B1A4), Guests: Don Spike, Sam Hammington, Moon Hee Joon (H.O.T), Tae Hang Ho, Guests: Don Spike, Sam Hammington, Tae Hang-ho, Park Mi-sun, Yoon Jung-soo, Hong Hyun-hee, Hong Yoon-hwa, Guest: Koyote (Kim Jong-min, Shin Ji, Bbaek Ga), Guests: Hong Kyung Min, Cha Tae Hyun, Samuel, Guests: Lee Hee Jin (Baby V.O.X), Hyomin (T-ARA), Seunghee (Oh My Girl), Sejeong (Gugudan), Guests: Kim Wan Sun, Bada (S.E.S. Watch trailers & learn more. Go Ara and Kim Myungsoo, starring as judges in "Miss Hammurabi," attend class in judicial garb. Tak Jae-hoon transfers with everyone's mom. The singing and dancing transfer students from Fairy High School. Members of the boy band INFINITE are the men's class partners in this episode where the pairs compete in lunch-eating and friendship quiz contests. Kings of TV Hong Kyung-min and Cha Tae-hyun team up with the fresh-faced Samuel for a new recording project. These transfers trade notes from in and out of class. The classroom is bursting with testosterone!

'The Fiery Priest's' Jeong Youngju, Ahn Chang-hwan, and Ko Jun are ready for a rematch. AKMU is back! Jang Yun-jung delivers a history lesson in trot music. Knowing Bros Episode 53. The girl group Apink returns, all grown up and in girl crush territory. After gracing Cannes, actress Kim Ok-bin hits the classroom to showcase her skills at martial arts and stunt falls. Will the power of their love soften up divorcee Seo Jang-hoon? Jun-sang Yoo does musical theater and shows off his abs. "Queen of ballads" Baek Z-young and comedian Kim Jun-ho (aka Charlie Kim) quiz the class about themselves, interspersed with slapstick and word games. Zico, Sunmi, Shownu and Joohoney of Monsta X show 'em how it's done! The class welcomes transfer students: international star Rain and girl group EXID's Hani. Beauty queen Kim Sung Ryoung, who has never had "an unpretty moment," pairs with K.Will (who says he is only handsome in his vocals) to beat the Men at trivia. Everlasting friends SUPER JUNIOR dance back into the classroom with their newest song and more. No! Supermodel Yoon-ju Jang and singer Sunmi join the Men, fitting right in with their new classmates as they tell one hilarious story after another. Kim Hwan wants to learn what makes people laugh. These transfer students are in top shape! Veteran singers Baek Z Young and Son Hoyoung of g.o.d visit the class and perform a medley of hits.

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