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To get the most out of your experience though, it’s important to know what watch party tech exists, and what type is best for you. However, some virtual browsing services such as Tutturu provide free virtual browsers, along with a premium subscription if users want access to extra features. This means any supported website will see your correct location, instead of the location of the virtual browser’s server. Screen share requires the host to access the video on their own computer and then upload a stream to everyone else in the party. Check. And you would be totally correct! Is this basically like rabb.it before it was shut down? Users can invite friends to their room and take turns controlling a shared virtual browser, allowing them to visit any website they desire together. The conventional way of overcoming this problem is to use a VPN service to change locations, however, VPN services are typically blocked by sites for this reason. Virtual Browsers have many benefits compared to screen sharing, but one of the unique challenges they face is a direct result of their primary strength—the fact that they are located on a remote server. Tutturu was a two person project! The party host accidentally disconnects? Movies? The fastest fix is adding screenshare, which will be done first. Check. Many websites (especially subscription-based ones) use location data to determine not only what content is available to the user, but sometimes if the site is available at all!

Who’s It For: Anyone that wants the most dependable, interactive, and hassle-free watch party experience available today. It’s more of a bandaid fix, because we do have other secret plans for the future to allow easy access to those sites using our virtual machine browsers! Tutturu is 100% free to use when server space is available. Tutturu says hi Use Tutturu to effortlessly browse any website at the same time with your friends… The conventional way of overcoming this problem is to use a VPN service to change locations, however, VPN services are typically blocked by sites for this reason.Normally, a VPN works by just creating a new location for you to connect to before connecting to a website. Subscription service websites like that often block certain regions from accessing content, and because our servers are in finland and germany, if they can log in, they wont give you the proper content. Press J to jump to the feed. Virtual browsers keep working, making them the most dependable watch party solution available today. Virtual browsers have become all the rage when it comes to hosting watch parties as they’re easy to use, they offer very precise video synchronization, and they let you pass around control of the browser. There is an optional subscription for $5 a month that gives you priority access to hosting a room. Our Proxy feature has been updated to be better than ever! Most people prefer to use virtual browsers to watch movies and TV shows with friends online because they require the least hassle to set up and use, they let anyone take control if the host wants, and they let you visit any website you want. Screen sharing can be a great option for watch parties when you want to stream videos that are stored locally on your computer, or when the host has a very good internet connection and a fast computer. Nowadays, watching movies and TV shows with friends online can be a super fun way to just kick back and chill, or even spend some quality time with loved ones while apart. Let’s take a look at the most popular options for hosting watch parties and see why most people prefer to use virtual browsers to watch stuff together online. Technically speaking, you could think of the servers that our virtual browsers are hosted on as VPNs, and they are often detected as such even if that is not their purpose. Tutturu uses virtual machines to allow you and your significant other (or your friends) to connect to the same virtual browser, then you can watch videos together as if you were next to each other! Check. With all the extra traffic from places like Tumblr, and everyone staying home in this lock down, we noticed our servers were full nearly all day long! Video sync applications can be great for quickly sharing a short video with a friend, or when all you plan to do is watch a public video on a popular site like YouTube. Some of you may be thinking "This sounds like that website Rabb.it!" While we have a vision for what we want Tutturu to be, we're open to feedback and feature requests.

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