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6. For instance, Chris Darby, the current CEO of the CIA’s In-Q-Tel, who is also on the NSCAI, told CBS News last year that China is the U.S.’ main competitor in terms of technology and that U.S. privacy laws were hampering the U.S.’ capacity to counter China in this regard, stating that: “[D]ata is the new oil. In any case, I have no doubt this hoax is a cover for several things….an economic reset, covert 5G installations, a psychological operation to gather information for the next false flag…on and on and on. Members may receive compensation. This is all over social media now – and people are beginning to call the place “home despot”. https://www.haaretz.com/the-history-of-holocaust-remembrance-day-1.5246317. On August 13, 2018, Section 1051 of the Fiscal Year 2019 John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act (P.L. Last year, a U.S. government body dedicated to examining how artificial intelligence can “address the national security and defense needs of the United States” discussed in detail the “structural” changes that the American economy and society must undergo in order to ensure a technological advantage over China, according to a recent document acquired through a FOIA request. The document also points to another glaring difference between the U.S. and its rival, stating that: “In the press and politics of America and Europe, Al is painted as something to be feared that is eroding privacy and stealing jobs. Any other matters the Commission deems relevant to the common defense of the Nation. More troubling, it argues that “the potential impact of government supplied data is even more significant in biology and healthcare,” and says it is likely that “the Chinese government [will] require every single citizen to have their DNA sequenced and stored in government databases, something nearly impossible to imagine in places as privacy conscious as the U.S. and Europe.” It continues by saying that “the Chinese apparatus is well-equipped to take advantage” and calls these civilian DNA databases a “logical next step.”. The Secretary of Commerce shall appoint 1 member. by Joseph Mercola, Roots of Antifa: This ‘Idea’ Has Violent Consequences, by Mark Hemingway, Utopia Envisioned: Welcome to the Socialist States of Amerika, by Vasko Kohlmayer, Follow STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC on WordPress.com, Everything I Know About Business I Learned From The Godfather: Amazon Paperback-Link, Everything I Know About Business I Learned From The Godfather: Kindle Ebook-Link, The Golden Pinnacle: Amazon Paperback-Link, Robert Prechter's Elliott Wave International. Billy Boy appointed himself supreme commander of the Planned-Demic and says nothing will go back to normal until we have 7 billion vaccines doses. This is always the way of tyrants. So far, it is not happening at Lowes. Like the changes to in-person shopping in the age of coronavirus, other reports assert that self-driving vehicles are here to stay. Kiss it good-bye…. The full text of Section 1051 of P.L. The idea that the term 5G was censored from that interview with Buttar (is that his name?) the others wait obediently outside with masks on at least 10 feet apart. How else can they justify their criminal actions? This is because including live links multiplies the chance of poor delivery and bounces. The Ranking Member of the Committee on Energy and Commerce of the House of Representatives shall appoint 1 member. According to the FY2019 NDAA, the Commission is an independent establishment of the Federal Government as defined by section 104 of title 5, United States Code, and a temporary organization under section 3161 of such title. They don’t even need an actual new plague, just fear inducement by every network and newspaper and a lockstep march off a financial cliff by the willing and the duped. 9. I should mention this has happened several times lately…including on the Raw Deal this past Sunday.They definitely seem to be monitoring my activity in real time. Few news organizations have noted that these classified response plans, which are set to be triggered if and when the U.S. reaches a certain number of coronavirus cases, has been created largely by elements of the national security state (i.e. It is indeed striking how the coronavirus crisis has seemingly fulfilled the NSCAI’s entire wishlist and removed many of the obstacles to the mass adoption of AI technologies in the United States. Menards will likely come out the winner. In addition to the alleged shortcomings of the U.S.’ “legacy systems” and lack of “extreme urban density,” the NSCAI also calls for more “explicit government support and involvement” as a means to speed up the adoption of these systems in the U.S. Billy knows what’s best for you. As previously mentioned, the May 2019 NSCAI document argues that moving away from in-person shopping is necessary to mitigate China’s “adoption advantage” and also argued that “when buying online is literally the only way to get what you want, consumers go online.”, Reports have also argued that these changes in shopping will last far beyond coronavirus, such as an article by Business Insider entitled “The coronavirus pandemic is pushing more people online and will forever change how Americans shop for groceries, experts say.” Those cited in the piece argue that this shift away from in-person shopping will be “permanent” and also states that “More people are trying these services than otherwise would have without this catalyst and gives online players a greater chance to acquire and keep a new customer base.” A similar article in Yahoo! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The American public were not warned, but elite members of the business and political classes were apparently informed, given the record numbers of CEO resignations in January and several high-profile insider trading allegations that preceded the current crisis by a matter of weeks. How about not seeing any guns displayed in a gun store? So far, the charge has not appeared on my credit card……so I just present this as a warning if you decide to contribute…be careful. The aforementioned move away from cash, which is taking place not just in the U.S. Reports have also argued that these changes in shopping will last far beyond coronavirus, such as an article by, The coronavirus pandemic is pushing more people online and will forever change how Americans shop for groceries, experts say, In addition, the push towards the mass use of self-driving cars has also gotten a boost thanks to coronavirus, with driverless cars now making, California isn’t the only state to start using self-driving cars, as the Mayo Clinic of Florida is now also using them. As previously mentioned, the chairman of the NSCAI is Eric Schmidt, the former head of Alphabet (Google’s parent company) who has also, the controversial start-up “incubator” Team8, Steve Chien, supervisor of the Artificial Intelligence Group at Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Lab, Mignon Clyburn, Open Society Foundation fellow and former FCC commissioner, Chris Darby, CEO of In-Q-Tel (CIA’s venture capital arm), Ken Ford, CEO of the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, Jose-Marie Griffiths, president of Dakota State University and former National Science Board member, Eric Horvitz, director of Microsoft Research Labs, Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services (CIA contractor), Gilman Louie, partner at Alsop Louie Partners and former CEO of In-Q-Tel, William Mark, director of SRI International and former Lockheed Martin director, Jason Matheny, director of the Center for Security and Emerging Technology, former Assistant director of National Intelligence and former director of IARPA (Intelligence Advanced Research Project Agency), Katharina McFarland, consultant at Cypress International and former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, As can be seen in the list above, there is a considerable amount of overlap between the NSCAI and the companies currently advising the White House on, with deep ties to Google and the U.S. national security state, directly into their smartphone operating systems, Also notable is the fact that In-Q-Tel and the U.S. intelligence community has considerable representation on the NSCAI and that they also boast close ties with Google, Palantir and other Silicon Valley giants, having been early investors in those companies.

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