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In May 2018, ahead of the premiere of the series' second season, it was announced that the series has been renewed for a third and final season, which premiered on October 7, 2019.[1]. When their caravan breaks down, Rapunzel and Cassandra wander off, where they eventually meet a couple only known as the Mother and Father, who trick them into drinking a tea that turns them into birds. They pass through the frozen tundra of Krestin Lock where they are shot down and reunite with Calliope who claims to have escaped. Unfortunately, every royal decision she makes to help the people of Corona backfires badly. She discovers there are some things more important than ambition. This page was last edited on 27 September 2020, at 04:43. Rapunzel will not rest until Old Lady Crowley smiles for her. Varian gives Rapunzel the new fourth incantation which the Enchanted Girl was counting on, the clash of energies ending with Cassandra knocked off the crumbling tower as a fragment of the Moonstone chipped off. Rapunzel throws the half-filled potion vial into the river, surprised that something so small could have such an effect; instead of sinking, it floats down to Old Corona and is found by Varian. Vigor, in return, gives Eugene the jewel from his turban. She disguises herself in a magic cloak and takes the form of a handmaiden named Faith in an effort to make amends with Rapunzel. Stream the best of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and more for … Vigor the Visionary reveals he is an ancient sorcerer who has taken refuge in the body of a monkey to keep safe the meaning of the scrolls for Rapunzel. Unfortunately, the Captain of the Guards, who happens to be Cassandra's father, shares Cassandra's loathing of him. Rapunzel takes over the kingdom while her parents are away just as a blizzard strikes. His visions lead them to the family of their young friend and former thief Angry. If you've binged every available episode of the hit Disney Plus series, then we've got three picks to keep you entertained. After performing in a play with Rapunzel (which details their battle), Zhan Tiri strips Cassandra of her cloak, revealing herself to the kingdom and causing the guards to attack. Eventually, Dwayne gets captured by a buzzard and the animals finally work together to get the pendant back. The adventures of Rapunzel, Flynn Rider and their friends in the time between the film, 'Tangled' & the TV-Movie 'Tangled: Before Ever After' to the short film, 'Tangled Ever After'. With the eclipse in full effect, Zhan Tiri steals both the Sundrop and the Moonstone, rendering both Rapunzel and Cassandra powerless and transforming herself into a giant demon while destroying the machine. Created by Shane Prigmore, Chris Sonnenburg. "Rapunzel's Return" is the first and second episode one-hour special in the third season of Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure and the forty-third overall. Pascal discovers a pearl that later turns out to be a dragon's egg. Princess Rapunzel and Cassandra investigate stories of Gothel’s spirit haunting the cottage of Cassandra’s girlhood home. When she discovers that Queen Arianna has an estranged sister, Rapunzel invites her newly discovered Aunt Willow to Corona. They turn to Xavier for his help in reversing their personalities to normal. Luckily, no one is hurt and the test shows some important facts about Rapunzel's hair; it's completely indestructible and doesn't have any healing powers any more, but now can completely cover somebody and protect them. Rapunzel again encounters Madame Zabrina and Vigor the Visionary; Vigor puts a curse on Rapunzel just before she and her friends cross a perilous mountain pass. Unfortunately, his attempts fail, only to realize that the flower's magic exists within Rapunzel. As they are about to leave, they are attacked by a stone monster. Rapunzel wakes up and finds herself in Corona with short brown hair and a seemingly perfect life, as if all the events of the black rocks and Varian never happened. However, Rapunzel notices everyone is more interested in Cassandra's ideas and attempts a reconciliation, but the competitiveness between them further escalates and Rapunzel prepares the final event, featuring both dangers and thrills. The pet starts to multiply and rampage over the countryside. When the Enchanted Girl tells Cassandra she must destroy Rapunzel in order to wield the Moonstone's true power, Cassandra discovers that she can create, with fear, red rock spikes that cause fear and freeze their victims. An old childhood friend and partner-in-crime of Eugene's, Lance Strongbow, comes to Corona to ask him for help. Eugene realizes that Giovanni is a fraud and manages to catch the imposter. Determined to live life on her own terms, she and her tough-as-nails Lady-in-Waiting Cassandra embark on a secret adventure where they encounter mystical rocks that magically cause Rapunzel’s long blonde hair to grow back. As Rapunzel struggles with Cassandra’s betrayal, the princess recounts the story of how she and Cassandra first became friends. In the aftermath of the blizzard, Rapunzel's confidence is shaken. The next day, Monty's Sweet Shoppe is destroyed, and Attila is arrested. Cassandra and Eugene have been arguing a lot. Accidentally sent to the world of the Boiling Isles before a trip to summer camp, a teenage human named Luz longs to become a witch, with the rebellious Eda and pint-sized demon King at her aid.

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