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Among those Devons imported were Annelida Sunset Gleam of Anglo-Tex, Redcliffe Pegasus of Bob ‘N Shir, Hadrian Blue Angel of Anglo-Tex, and Toby Touchstone of Van Dol. Cat Fanciers’ Almanac. Kirlee then left the county of Devon and at the request of Mr. Stirling-Webb, went to live at Darby House with Agnes and Susan Watts. Hodowla Kotów Maine Coon i Devon Rex Two lovely cats, Annelida Aubretia and Wigmel Black Witch, winged their way across the great ocean and came to live with the Whites in their home in Austin, Texas. Best Devon Rex Alter Of The Year RW BW SGC FACEHUGGERS … This kitten was named “Kallibunker,” and a group of interested breeders had been working diligently to try to establish the Rex cat as a breed. It has a slightly denser texture and is thus responsible for the more open, billowing wave and the looser curl of the Devon coat. The popularity of the house cat as the favored domestic pet has soared over the past several years. A. The History of the Cornish and Devon Rex Cats. Cat World Annual, Part Eight. Lochmaere3 Devon Rex. The interest in the Devon Rex in North America continued to grow.

A kitten whose color is point restricted, as in the Siamese, sometimes appears and surprises Devon breeders. All in all, it seems that the only things that these two breeds do actually have in common is that they both have lovely, silky, luxurious curly coats with kinky little whiskers that are short, curly and brittle. Outcrossing is still actively done to insure a healthy breed with a wide and diverse gene pool, and it is working!

That rascal “Kirlee,” father to all Devons, is thought to have carried the gene for it. The Devon has all three types of coat hair; however, the guard hair is very sparse, short and rexed. Hay, V., (1984, July). Alison Ashford, of Annelida Cattery, one of the early pioneers in Britain’s Devon breeding, tells of her first Devon acquisition: “I visited Mrs. Sedgefield of Esher one day in 1962 and saw Du-Bu-Debbie, a young tortoiseshell female, with her litter of Rex and plain kittens. Since the Devon Rex had such an intertwined beginning with the Cornish Rex, it is interesting to take a step back and really look at the differences between these two breeds. privacy policy. She named him Kirlee.
It was a large discouragement to all.

Both were born from tortoiseshell and white feral cats, both had fathers that could not be positively identified above rumor, and both were single curly-coated kittens in litters of all straight-coated siblings. All of their hard work paid off, and in 1983 the Devon Rex gained Championship status in CFA. Kirlee lived out a long and productive life and even continued to preside at cat shows until 1970 as the much admired original Devon.

Ashford, A, (1970, November). 7. Breedings were repeated and still no curly kittens. flamepoint111419. By 1967, the Devon Rex was accepted for competition in Europe (GCCF) and Mrs. Gentry’s Amharic Kurly Katie, bred by a Mrs. Knight, became the first Devon Rex Champion in any association. In 1979 this wish was granted, and CFA accepted the Devon Rex as a breed unto its own with registration rights. Since all Devons evolved out of Kirlee, the first genetic mutation, the gene pool remained dreadfully small even though the numbers of Devons were increasing dramatically.

They are driven to be with people from the moment they first toddle out of the kitten box at around three weeks of age.

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