fitzroy north melbourne merger

However an in-principle' tentative agreement was reached that a company called the "Melbourne Football Club - Fitzroy Football Club Pty Ltd", operating as the "Melbourne Lions" would operate in the AFL for the 1995 season. Peter de Rauch agrees to put that proposal to the North Melbourne board on Monday 1 July. "I think it all contributes to your experience and your understanding of diversity and situations. The club's AFL operations were merged with the ten-year-old Brisbane Football Club to become what is now the Brisbane Lions Football Club. Melbourne president Stuart Spencer then discontinued talks and the proposed merger was off. The Club was $300,000 in debt and the deficit was expected to be $400,000 by the end of the VFL season in September. You'd be better off talking to others rather than me about how that played out, but from a distance it didn't play out well. It was unbelievably significant at the time and I have memories both good and bad of the experience. I still remember Kevin Sheedy's words to me when I was assistant in '92 and [he said]: 'It's very hard to win a premiership in the VFL' and in the AFL it is two or three times as hard with interstate teams and that sort of stuff.". As both club's immediate solvency to trade wasn't seen as threatened, immediate merger talks collapsed by mutual consent, with the two clubs remaining on good terms, and would later recommence merger talks during the 1994 season. The merger would have taken place in 1996 and the club would have debuted in 1997, but the merger didn't eventuate as Fitzroy was placed in administration during the 1996 season and the administrator accepted a merger offer from the Brisbane Bears, forming the Brisbane Lions. The Fitzroy Football Club is an Australian rules football club based in the inner-Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy North. ", Pagan laughs at the prospect of having had a 50-plus list and access to some of Fitzroy's best to coach in 1997 and 1998. "It's hard to say which one of those you'd pick," he says. The man who was caretaker coach at Fitzroy in 1995 and 1996 is not so sure. 20 June 1996 – The Fitzroy board rejects North Melbourne's revised conditions. In 1999-2000, the Fitzroy Football Club sponsored the Coburg Football Club in the VFL who temporarily renamed themselves the Coburg-Fitzroy Lions. Also the Fitzroy Football Club agreed to add "incorporating the Fitzroy Reds" to their logo and name. "I think the previous administration and the current administration should take a lot of credit for that.". [12], On Thursday 4 August 1994, Dyson Hore-Lacy met with Geoff Lord the President of the Hawthorn Football Club and John Lauritz, Hawthorn's Chief Executive Officer to discuss the possibility of a merger between Fitzroy and Hawthorn where a new club would be formed known as the "Hawthorn Lions." The difficulties with operations and maintenance of the stadium, caused by the unwillingness of the cricket club and the local city Council to work with the club in repairing and renovating the venue, saw them never play another VFL match there again at the oval, with the club relocating five times between Princes Park, the Junction Oval, the Western Oval and Victoria Park respectively. In December 2008 the Fitzroy Reds Football Club terminated its membership of the VAFA, transferred all its assets to the Fitzroy Football Club and ceased to exist as an entity. The merger agreement is set to be signed by the AFL on Friday morning (5 July) subject to the AFL clubs' endorsement. The secretive nature of the merger negotiations, and lack of consultation with members, also drove much of the anger from fans. The big names who have been headlining this AFL season with a 6-0 scoreline dribble out onto a pristine training surface under a warming sun. The promising initial findings encouraged some of those on the Fitzroy committee to consider a move was worthy of more investigation. Ian Ridley and John Ridley: Urge to Merge, 2002. And the Kangaroos? 18 June 1996 – A meeting between North and Fitzroy to execute the merger document canceled. It was Round 13 – Saturday 18 June 1983. The North Melbourne contingent after they pulled out of merger talks. There's no doubt that's where he played his best footy. [15], Fitzroy Football Club merged with the Brisbane Bears in 1996 to form the Brisbane Lions, North Fitzroy Kangaroos Football Club (1996). [6] Bibby proposed that Fitzroy relocate to Sydney. Despite the members and officials of Melbourne successfully voting in favour to merge, the AFL Commission was forced to stop the merger, thus resulting in the merged club folding immediately after. Below is a letter posted to North Melbourne Members. This offer is rejected. 13 May 1996 – A Brisbane merger offer is formally rejected by the Fitzroy board. 14 June 1996 – First draft document of the merger was completed. North Melbourne continues to play in the AFL in its original state. Dyson Hore-Lacy: Fitzroy, Lion Productions 2000, "Proposed mergers and relocations of the Fitzroy Football Club", Learn how and when to remove this template message, Proposed mergers and relocations of the Fitzroy Football Club, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Proposed_mergers_and_relocations_of_the_Fitzroy_Football_Club&oldid=927265922, Articles needing additional references from July 2018, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 6 March 1996 – Fitzroy board authorises board members. Following the failure to merge with Footscray, Fitzroy later held merger discussion in the early 1990s with the Richmond, Hawthorn, and St Kilda football clubs, all of which failed. 4 July 1996 – A reconvened AFL presidents' meeting endorses the AFL commission's recommendation of a Brisbane Bears-Fitzroy merger. The Fitzroy Bulldogs was to have been a team made up from the merger of the Footscray Football Club and the Fitzroy Football Club. It's easy to talk in sheer numbers, but there was obviously some talent on Fitzroy's list because a number of players went on to play a lot of footy – Stephen Paxman being one who went to play a lot of football and Rowan Warfe played a lot of footy with Sydney. Jim Main, Shake Down The Thunder, Geoff Slattery Publishing, 2006. This was illustrated by the club accumulating three wooden spoons between the 1963 and 1966 seasons, prior to the stadium difficulties, and the club would further be non-competitive for over a decade later.

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