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The G-Men effectively shows just how amoral the heroes are, although one can’t overlook just how mean-spirited Ennis was when he set his sights on Marvel’s school of mutants. Warning: Spoilers ahead for Season 1 of The Boys. The Boys is published by Dynamite Entertainment. Parody of Aquaman. Top New Games Out On PS5, Series X/S, Switch, And PC This Month -- November 2020, The PS5 And Xbox Series X Launch Lineups Are Weak, But That's Not The Whole Story, PS5 Console Preview: An Un-PlayStation Look That's Stark And Striking, By Marvel Counterpart: Quicksilver, Speed, Speed Demon, DC Counterpart: Barry Allen, Bart Allen, Wally West, Jay Garrick. Believes that Samuel L.Jackson is the greatest actor on earth and misses video stores. Comic Vine users. Vision, however, can turn invisible and change his density, making his "skin" so dense that it's as hard as diamond. Current price per issue is $3.99. Used as a weapon from an early age the violent life of The Boys is the only one she is suited for. RELATED: The Boys: 5 Ways It's Nothing Like A Classic Superhero Series (& 5 Ways It Is). A one-stop shop for all things video games. He's most like Marvel's Professor X or Emma Frost--even though they don't need physical contact to read your mind. The Frenchman is one of the original team members of The Boys. Harry Potter: What Subjects Would Hogwarts Professors Teach In Regular School? However, Marvel has its own character that is extremely similar, the Squadron Supreme version of Nighthawk. This week, our artists drew your suggestions for comic book characters taking on either the Boys or the superhumans of the Boys TV series. on August 29, 2019 at 1:01PM PDT. That, and bringing Jack in would kill the joke about Translucent’s death never being addressed, since Vaught can get away with it by filming air. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. The Boys – Amazon Prime Video’s edgy superhero satire – opened to rave reviews and fan approval, all but guaranteeing its second season and possibly more to come.With new-found interest in the comics, newcomers and old fans alike are revisiting them – only to find out that some of the crazier characters are only mentioned in passing or don’t exist at all. The man that knows everything dirty secret that the supes are involved in. Child star The Mesmerizer needs to come in contact with you in order to read your thoughts or see your past. Over at DC, both Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian have those same two powers as Vision. Starlight has super-strength and can control light, turning it into a weapon. The comic series, The Boys, recently had its small screen debut on Amazon Prime Video. An original member of The Boys. The series has done a good job of showing the questionable side of the superhero lifestyle, and there’s no better time than now to show that world’s polar opposite. He is trained to perform a certain act on command. While Black Noir may look a lot like Black Panther, he has a lot more in common with Nighthawk. A jerk, like the others on his team. RELATED: The Boys: 11 Differences Between The Comics And The Show. Member of the Seven. However, digging into The Boys comic, where Lamplighter is briefly around, before dying then turning into a zombie who plays with his own feces, Lamplighter is most like DC's original Green Lantern, Alan Scott. Shockwave is another speedster like A-Train, so there are plenty of characters at Marvel and DC who run fast, which we've already discussed. The leader of the Boys and a man that every superhero in the world fears. This is because the show is a pragmatic adaptation, meaning it took many liberties with the source material by omitting a lot of the story’s original heroes and humans. The closest thing Marvel has to this character are the mythological characters Thor, Sif, and Valkyrie. He's exactly like Batman in many ways, but more violent, and he spends a lot of his time beating the hell out of white supremacists. Amalgam: 5 Characters That Need Minor Tweaks (& 5 That Need Overhauls), 10 Most Hilarious Superboy Memes Of All Time, New Girl Meets The Big Bang Theory: 5 Couples That Would Work (& 5 That Wouldn't), Constantine: 10 Most Hilarious Memes Of All Time, 90 Day Fiancé: Anfisa's 10 Best Quotes, Ranked, How To Get Away With Murder: Bonnie's 5 Best Episodes (& Worst), Ranked, How Ego The Living Planet Is Comics-Accurate (& How He Isn't), 10 Horrifying Movies From The 90s (That Everyone Forgot About), The Lord Of The Rings: 10 Times Sauron Didn't Make Any Sense, 10 Guardians Of The Galaxy Trivia Bits From The Comics You Never Knew, 5 Things From Resident Evil 4 We Want To See in The Netflix Series (& 5 From RE 7), 5 Best And 5 Worst Lovecraftian Horror Movies (According To IMDb). The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. And because of this relationship, sometimes the things the superheroes have to do aren't for the betterment of mankind as it could interfere with the corporation's interests. Resurrected member of Teenage Kix. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Previously, The Boys teased Terror’s presence in a single flashback. The leader of The Seven has the powers of Superman and the over-patriotic mindset of a deranged Captain America. Sure, Namor is Marvel's "Underwater superhero," but The Deep is exactly like DC's Aquaman. Butcher is a brutal and cunning fighter, and never does anything that does not benefit himself or his team. A former Russian superhero, ex-police officer and good friend to the Boys. Black Noir is obviously a darker and more violent take on DC's Batman. This is an extremely common superpower in both universes. He has powers similar to Superman and an image like Captain America - however, in truth, he's an amoral jerk and sexual predator. 0. Billy Butcher - Leader. Not a lot is known about Lamplighter from The Boys TV series. Funnily enough, though, Stormfront has been confirmed for Season Two and will reportedly be a heroine this time, paving the way for a truly menacing and brand new take on the character. Although this eye-laser firing baby is seen very briefly during one episode, it does remind us of a few characters from Marvel and DC comics. Without spoiling the comics’ biggest twists, here are some characters from The Boys that we want to see in Season Two, along with some we really don't. He accidentally caused the death of Wee Hughie's girlfriend. He has a personal vendetta against all supers. Part-time artist and writer, full-time overthinker. The Boys may be irreverent at times, but it doesn’t have go this low. The leader of the Boys and a man that every superhero in the world fears. The comic series, The Boys, ... the characters that appear will undoubtedly be inspired by or total parodies of well-known Marvel and DC characters. Susan Raynor is one of the characters who is most similar between the books and the show, although unlike in the show, comics Raynor can't … Share Share Tweet Email. Built up as the strongest foe Butcher and company faced, Stormfront is quickly killed after everyone gangs up on him. The Boys is an American comic book series, written by Garth Ennis and co-created, designed, and illustrated by Darick Robertson. Doppelganger feels a lot more like Marvel's Morph or Mystique than Martian Manhunter, as The Boys character is used in a couple nefarious moments in the series. Marvel Counterpart: Wolverine, X-23, Daken. Since Lamplighter's powers emanate from his torch, much like how Scott's powers come from his lantern. Unlike the others, Tek-Knight’s debauchery was caused by a fist-sized brain tumor, not his immaturity or unchecked lust. Both Marvel and DC have plenty of characters that run at super-speeds. By Brian Cronin 2 days ago. This can be said for The Boys, so we're taking a look at every super-powered character in Season 1 and checking out their comic book counterpart. None of these characters have laser-eye powers, but there aren't too many Marvel and DC babies with superpowers. While Richards has his noise buried in science books, trying to better mankind, Ezekiel has his buried in religious ones and is a self-hating homophobe. Mysterious figure & the original leader of The Boys. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. It seems like Homelander Jr. gained some of the powers of his dad, which is a lot like Daken--whose father is Wolverine. Wee Hughie was recruited into the Boys when his girlfriend was killed in a superhero battle. Granted, he deserved a humiliating defeat, but it was still anti-climactic. While Terror’s signature attack wouldn’t feel misplaced in the show, it may be end up being toned down a notch or omitted it altogether. They look so similar to each other. This guy isn't being used for good at all. Director of the CIA and gives the Boys their orders. Invisible superheroes of note at Marvel and DC are few and far-between, even though it's a popular power. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. She is friends with Wee Hughie although neither realizes what the other's "day job" is. The Legend’s only purpose in the story was to narrate Ennis’ opinions, bested only by Butcher’s (read: Ennis’) tiresome one-sided tirades. Leader of The Seven. He left to raise his daughter because her mother abused drugs. The series follows a world where superheroes work for a corporation--Vought Industries. However, since Homelander is a whole lot like Superman, we're going to say he's a lot more like Jon Kent, Superman's son. Butcher is a brutal and cunning fighter, and never does anything that does not benefit himself or his team. Disclosure: ViacomCBS is GameSpot's parent company. The Boys: Dear Becky #4: 26 Aug 2020 The Boys: Dear Becky #5: 30 Sep 2020 The Boys: Dear Becky #6: 28 Oct 2020 A new mini-series, Dear Becky, started June 2020. Popclaw has super-strength and some claws that pop out of her wrists. Has a high rank in Vought-American and is a background antagonist of the Boys. A pastiche of Stan Lee is a must for the Amazon series, but only if The Legend is an improvement of the printed counterpart. Said giant genitalia is something Rogen and Goldberg wouldn’t be able to resist adding in their show, making Vas’ live-action debut all but inevitable. They're exactly the same in that aspect. Comment. Black Noir is the enigmatic, silent member of the Seven. One major criticism of the comics was their choice to tell rather than show. It's revealed at the end that Homelander has a son, and his kid has super-powers too. Butcher has recently convinced him to return to the team. With new-found interest in the comics, newcomers and old fans alike are revisiting them – only to find out that some of the crazier characters are only mentioned in passing or don’t exist at all. Despite this, Tek-Knight is actually one of the few heroes in The Boys who was actually heroic. We sure wouldn't have wanted to see him on the show as we knew him then. Their petty annoyances and apathetic outlook would make an appropriately silly addition to the series and serve as a contrast to the worse teams. However, it doesn't entirely steer away from adult content. Fantastic and Invisible Woman) developed superhuman powers very early in his life, and at DC, there's the campy '60s character, Aquababy, the son of Aquaman and Mera who is a toddler with both his parent's powers. They also have Gumchum, whose power is... offering chewing gum to people. Previously accidentally killed by Wee Hughie. Recruited by the Butcher (leader of the Boys) he is the most "normal" member of the group. send you an email once approved. Pick one of these characters. While some could appear in the future, others may not be so lucky. He doesn't talk, he wears all black, and he is an amazing hand-to-hand fighter, beating people up in the dark. 10 Asian Superheroes You Didn't Know About, The Boys: 5 Characters From The Comics We Want To See In Season 2 (& 5 We Don’t), The Boys: 11 Differences Between The Comics And The Show, The Boys: 5 Ways It's Nothing Like A Classic Superhero Series (& 5 Ways It Is), The Boys: 10 Of The Series' Most Unflinching & Grittiest Moments, Stormfront has been confirmed for Season Two and will reportedly be a heroine this time, Star Wars: 5 Reasons The Dark Horse Comics Are Best (& 5 Why Marvel's Are Better), Sex And The City: 10 Saddest Things About Samantha, 10 Classic Thanksgiving Sitcom Episodes To Stream On Netflix Or Hulu, Ranked By IMDb, New Mutants: 10 LGBTQ+ Couples From Other Comics Fans Want To See On Film, The Boys: 5 Things We Want For Homelander In Season 3 (& 5 We Don't).

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