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Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. We have another animation project in the offing together, a project with no established funding, a project taking up time and energy when we should both probably be doing more sensible paid things… So, why are we doing it?

If my Instagram had to have a ‘theme’ and my content all had to go out a certain time I think I’d fall out of love with it fairly quickly. At the moment though I have my notebook, my laptop, my charger, my phone, headphones, glasses, lipstick, house keys, poo bags, bank card, perfume, lip balm, a million pens and a lot of stuff knocking around at the bottom that I’m not proud of at all!!

The story is built around an original song, and you might say my eureka moment came when I realised I could happily make the name Malala (Yousafzai) rhyme with Brian De Palma! I am not a vegan. Gertie’s school disco outfit development sketches / Emily Clarkson, Emily and I will be updating our progress on Gertie here at Red’s Kingdom as-and-when we make some. My experience at school was it was mostly about how someone looked, so their red hair, or a big mole, or too short trousers – or a strange smell – oh yeah, and being a virgin or not being a virgin.

Phil: So I’ve got the song to finish arranging, which is taking me longer than I hoped. It’s fun and honest and feminist and has been a dream come true to write and publish. My original plan to take a month off before school started back has somehow turned into what now feels like full-time home school. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Your email address will not be published. You’ve already made a start on character designs for Gertie and her tormentors. I think about that boy to this day (I’m thinking about him as I write this) and I was thinking about him when I was writing the script. Phil: Haha! I’ve actually written a letter to the million and one things that live in my handbag in my book which was so fun to write, mostly because there is so much in there!

Ultimately I just want to be happy, in whatever way I can be. But to sit with bricks around youWhile the winds of heaven bawlWeighing what you should or can doLeaves no doubt of it at all.

Emily may not be following in her father’s footsteps into the world of cars, but instead pursuing her own career as a writer with her blog … Ta very much – and judging by your recent output on social media, can I suspect a return visit to Red’s Kingdom from you in the near future? Hi, I’m Vicki Broadbent, a writer, filmmaker, TV broadcaster and mum of two. Emily and I are both freelancers and grimly aware things are not going to be getting any easier for creatives any time soon. Emily: Your script pays homage to Brian De Palma’s horror film, Carrie. I am very proud of myself for lots of things to be honest, not least of all admitting that- why are we women are so bad at being proud of ourselves?! Fairy Frogs, Toads, a Lizard, and Humans create up this batch of characters, Then it sounds like you’ve been putting ‘one brick upon the other’ very effectively too , Lovely to see you both keeping the creative juices flowing! At some point in the middle of the lock-down, Emily Clarkson and I had a heart-to-heart on the phone. You made Gertie a young traveller/Gypsy girl. Phil: There’s no overt identity politics agenda about that, no – likewise the decision to make the bullies themselves a mix of ethnicity. I know this sounds so daft, mostly because none of us have the first clue who we really are, but it is SO important. Every community makes targets out of people considered different to them, that’s all. Blog Design by Little Blue Deer But it’s more than just having a book published, I’m very proud of myself for my entire career.

Hard work will pay off and if you’re truly passionate you will be successful, I wish I’d known that!

Emily Clarkson is the daughter of Jeremy Clarkson and his ex-wife Frances Cain. Arranging the song Gappy Gertie on Sibelius / Phil Gomm. In terms of drama within my class, we were fairly low key! That works for a LOT of people but it does not work for me and it might not work for you. Instagram: @prettynormalme Music goes in really quick and I think there’s some fun to be had with the form of the musical short. Again – don’t know, but to make something at a time when lots of other things feel as if they’re coming unglued seemed like a plan as sane as any other.

I never share your personal data with third parties. It’s such a competitive industry and I was feeling very lost and like I would never find my way, I think I still feel like that a lot, but the minute I took a step back and looked at myself and worked out what I really wanted to achieve was when I fell into my stride. Phil: Absolutely! I started my blog, Pretty Normal Me in 2014 aged 20 – I didn’t know a huge amount about blogging then (still don’t really!)

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