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The original campaign was directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, whereas later executions (using the "No battery is stronger, longer" claim) were helmed by David Kellogg.[1]. Our video team shot and edited content packaged up for both social media and publishers. Miller). That’s #TheGoodStuff! they have made the old toy the main point on the ad because it shows the “power” of Duracell batteries. We also ensured the project made an impact on social media, with the social edit achieving 270K views, and 1M reach, highlighting our multi-platform approach to the campaign with content spanning video, news copy and highly-engaging photographs of the elephant to accompany the press release. Site by our. also all of the techniques draw your attention to the product without you realizing it. The image of the battery (easily recognisable as Duracell from the colours of the brand, further links us to the product. Please include at least one social/website link containing a recent photo of the actor. Over seventy percent of consumers say they now find the batteries, quote, 'creepy and disturbing'. RESULTS. ( Log Out /  The powerful visual image of the elephant was central to the campaign. ( Log Out /  The family parrot is running low on batteries, Herb gives him a long lasting Duracell battery and he talks so much they take his cage outside. A visual technique is also used in this advertisement. Change ). [citation needed], On the December 3, 1994 episode of the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live, as part of Weekend Update, anchor Norm Macdonald joked, "The new ad campaign for Duracell batteries is already having a dramatic effect. At the time, the actor identities were not revealed to preserve the family's mystique. Family, rich food, and that ONE annoying present… Cheers Gran. Throughout the entire ad there is only one piece of text “some toys never die” which is out of the way in a corner. The key elements in this ad are humor/caricature, lighting and visual. home | about | contact | privacy policy | terms and conditions, 72Point is a trading style of 72 Point Limited. Yes, I am happy for 72Point to contact me with updates and offers via email or phone. The lighting is dark, which creates the gloomy, gothic atmosphere of a horror film. The high modality of “never” emphasises how the batteries won’t run out. Spiriva TV Spot For COPD With Elephant. This ad is about Duracell batteries and was made by Duracell. This was a good post, very informative about the techniques used. The this ad is aimed at an audience of teenagers and older as generally smaller kids are not able to change batteries. Yes. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. This ad would persuade many people to buy its product and all in all it is an effective ad. The this ad is aimed at an audience of teenagers and older as generally smaller kids are not able to change batteries. [Journal Task #6] Broken Flight: Prologue, Discuss how the film The Breakfast Club has constructed ideas about stereotypes in society, Much ado about nothing – modern adaptation, Is studying Shakespeare is a complete waste of time? The Puttermans are a fictional family that appeared in a series of advertisements for Duracell from 1994 to 1996. What does Christmas mean to you? Some of the commercial plots included the following: Halloween costumes of Herb and Flo, complete with latex masks, were released in North America. Remember humour has a u – even if WordPress tries to correct it, and rather than “visual”, say “graphics” in the intro. Duracell’s Big Battery Hunt 2019 is a pro-recycling initiative launched with the National Schools Partnership, encouraging pupils across the UK to collect used batteries for recycling. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Through their battery recycling initiative, Duracell aim to collect a total of 250 tonnes of batteries by June, and wanted this to be reflected within the key messaging of the campaign. The actors were made up to look as if they were claymation or computer animation characters. The main point of the ad, that your toys will never run out of batteries, is effectively made through the humorous allusion to a horror film. The characters were developed by special effects guru Steve Johnson and his company XFX, Inc. "[4], Battery-driven family gives comedic charge to Duracell, The Atlanta Journal and The Atlanta Constitution, Power Players: Duracell and Eveready do battle -- The two battery companies compete with commercials featuring the Energizer Bunny and the Puttermans. Copyright 2020 72 Point Limited. The costumes consisted of boxy modular units of stiff foam rubber coated with urethane. Yes, the old toy is silhouetted in the window. The ad campaign was created by New York-based advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather. To bring the Big Battery Hunt to the nation’s attention, we collaborated with Hill & Knowlton Strategies to create a life-sized elephant – made up of 30,000 used batteries – showcasing the number dumped in landfill every year. Environmental Disaster :o -Lockie Leonard Review, Deconstructing an advertisement- L’oreal Paris, Ew! The Puttermans were a family of plastic robots who outlasted others, thanks to their Duracell brand batteries (a playful reference to their deadpan 1970s ad campaign which featured head-to-head competition between toys). “”THE RESULTS OF THE PR STUNT WE COLLABORATED WITH 72POINT ON WERE AMAZING AND THE ”ICING ON THE CAKE” FOR OUR NATIONAL DURACELL CAMPAIGN. Sorryy, The Environment’s a Disaster- Lockie Leonard Review, International Agency for Research on Cancer. You could discuss the positioning – the old toy is in a position of power – we view it from a low angle, and it sits above the boy. The Big Battery Hunt as an educational and inclusive initiative to inspire a more eco-friendly generation. How does the breakfast club depict the separation of social groups in high school?

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