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Basinger picked up the road-killed bobcat Monday while traveling through the area. Adult females have extremely low tolerance for other adults females in their home range. Stark County, OH > backhoe rental in Stark County, OH | 53 results Sort: Best Match; A to Z; Rating; Distance 1; 2; 3 » Bobcat. machinery dealers in STARK County, Ohio Bobcat at 1534 Shepler Church Ave SW. 1. ODNR has recorded several verified sightings of the animal in recent years, said Jamey Emmert, a spokeswoman for the agency. A dead bobcat found along Hudson Drive SW, east of Navarre, is believed to be the first documented sighting of the cat in Stark County, according to Wildlife Officer Mark Basinger of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. ODNR biologists have proposed taking the bobcat off the state's threatened-species list. To request a modification or deletion of a listing, please fill out our Listing Change Request Form. Between 1970 and 2009, bobcats were spotted 359 verifiable times, with 92 sightings coming in 2009. It moved to the threatened-species list in 2012. Before Basinger's finding, ODNR had verified bobcat sightings in 31 of Ohio's 88 counties but not Stark.It is most widely seen in southeastern Ohio, Basinger said. Bobcat sightings are concentrated in the southern part of the county — from Stone Creek on south, Dunlap said. Equipment for Sale in Ohio. Anyone who spots a bobcat is encouraged to call ODNR at 800-WILDLIFE (800-9453-5433) or at the District 2 office at 330-644-2293.BobcatsLife Expectancy: 10-12 yearsWeight and Length: Adult males weigh about 28 pounds and range from 32 and 37 inches in length. They eat rabbits, rodents, reptiles, fish and sometimes deer. when I saw a very large black cat moving along a tree line about 40 yards to my left. Standard carrier rates are applied according to users' wireless plan. Columbus Equipment Co. 1900 Cleveland Ave Sw. Canton, OH 44707-3655Map (330) … Bobcat in 44706 Zip Code; Best construction equipment rental services. © Gannett Co., Inc. 2020. They are not a threat to humans and are most commonly spotted in brushy or swampy habitats. View our entire inventory of New Or Used Equipment in Ohio and even a few new, non-current models on EquipmentTrader.com. Automotive Tools,Carpet / Ceramic Tile / Marble / Vinyl Flooring,Circuit Breakers,Cutting Tools,Drills & Drill Presses,Filters,Hand Tools / Power Too... Weatherproofing,Wood Staining / Deck Staining,Brush Painting / Roller Painting / Airless Spray Painting,Vinyl Siding Painted,Abrasives,Bird Feeders,B... Canton-Massillon, OH Metropolitan Statistical Area, OH. Website; Quick Info. Our directory has detailed information about the Bobcat in Canton, OH. Basinger picked up the road-killed bobcat Monday while traveling through the area. B, Canton, OH 44702 ~ Do Not Sell My Personal Information ~ Cookie Policy ~ Do Not Sell My Personal Information ~ Privacy Policy ~ Terms Of Service ~ Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. For more information, please read our Copyright and Trademark Disclaimer. Car Dealerships; Shoe Stores; Supermarkets; Fast Food Restaurants; Cell Phone Dealers; Insurance Agencies; Furniture Outlets ; Machinery » Bobcat in 44706 Zip Code; Best construction equipment rental services » Canton, OH. "The bobcat is one of just a few native felines - along with the mountain lion and lynx - that are native to Ohio," she said. "No Division of Wildlife personnel has seen it (in Stark County)," Basinger said. "...I was very surprised to find it. All rights reserved. We take pride in our work & go above and beyond to satisfy the customer. It was far bigger than any domestic cat or bobcat ( closer to the size of a black lab) and had a long black tail. Our directory has detailed information about the Bobcat in Canton, OH. Send Email Excavating equipment,Contractors' equipment & supplies rental Equipment Training. We also do lawn/mulch installation, Bobcat work, fencing, and hauling. Yellowbook recognizes the importance of protecting your privacy. Description: One of seven species of cat native to Ohio, the bobcat has short, dense and soft fur that varies in color from light gray, yellowish brown, buff, brown and reddish brown. The department is encouraging people, especially hunters who may pick up images of a bobcat on trail cameras, to report their sightings.Basinger's finding comes as ODNR biologists have proposed removing the bobcat from Ohio's threatened-species list. View Cities | View New | View Used | Find Equipment Dealers in Ohio. Females average 15 pounds and are typically 29 to 34 inches long. It was one of 71 species placed on the state's endangered species list in 1974. There were between six and 10 unverified sightings in Stark County during that time. The 12-pound male, likely under 1 year old, was distinguishable from a house cat because of its spotted belly and white patches behind the ear. To claim your listing, please go to your business profile page on YellowBook.com. LHR, I am in rural eastern Union County, Ohio and saw exactly what you described roughly 5 years ago. A dead bobcat found along Hudson Drive SW, east of Navarre, is believed to be the first documented sighting of the cat in Stark County, according to Wildlife Officer Mark Basinger of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. "Basinger said many people have reported spotting bobcats, which in Ohio typically grow to 35 pounds, but have not provided proof. It has distinguishable white spots on the back of its ears, the tips of which are black. DISCLAIMER: We do not own, nor are we officially associated with any of the trademarked brand names that are listed on this site. This service is free of charge and is for US calls or text messages only. I was driving down Moore Rd. That period was followed by three-straight years of 100 or more sightings, including 169 in 2012. Excavating equipment,Contractors' equipment & supplies rental, Concrete Mix,Plumbing Supplies,Rent by the Month. The Ohio Wildlife Council will vote in March on the proposal. Its tail is also black.Habitat: It is solitary, territorial and elusive. 1534 Shepler Church Ave Sw. Canton, OH 44706-3017Map (330) 456-6800. View their street address hours of operation below: Learn about crane rental, heavy equipment repair and the best heavy machinery dealers in STARK County, OH. Thank you. If you'd like to add your business to our directory, please contact us. See our Privacy Policy. Fur on the middle of the back is darker than the sides. Its underbelly is white with dark spots or bars. Top Cities (295) Boardman (320) Cincinnati (402) Columbus (604) Covington (222) Jeffersonville (320) London (733) North Jackson (358) Orrville (292) Solon. Bobcats prey on small animals, like rabbits, squirrels and mice and, like a house cats, attack quickly. Danger level: They are not a threat to humans.SOURCE: Ohio Department of Natural Resources. View All machinery Locations in Canton, OH. Original content available for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license, except where noted. Machinery. The Suburbanite ~ 500 Market Ave. S., Ste. They lie in wait for their prey and pounce when it comes near.

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