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As these are technically a normal morph, snakes can be bought for a cheaper price most of the time. Over time, the Dodoma Kenyan sand boa may not only remain a morph, but evolve into a whole new subspecies. Anerythristic Kenyan sand boas can be found frequently and for an affordable price. This coloring really makes the characteristic paradox speckles stand out even more. Albino Kenyan Sand Boa. Lava het. Spiderschwein Supposedly, this morph was actually a result of crossbreeding a Kenyan sand boa, Gongylophis colubrinus, with a closely-related subspecies, Eryx colubrinus rufescens. rezessiv: het. This is a very new morph that resembles hypomelanism. Anerythristic Motley Ultramel Are Kenyan Sand Boas Good Snakes for Beginners? Physical attributes are not altered in any way. The Dodoma morph would have developed due to geographic and genetic isolation. Albino Boa. VPI T+ Snow. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. Normal Kenyan sand boas are found with dark brown saddles, dusky orange scales, and a pale white belly. Anerythristic stripe Kenyan sand boas are beautiful, dark snakes with a pale stripe along the spine. All Kenyan sand boas in the U.S. will almost certainly be captive-bred snakes. Cost will fluctuate depending on how clean the colors are and how bright the stripe is. Coral Ghost Kenyan sand boa morphs are often interbred for how beautifully they complement each other. Meaning that other genes influence how this morph manifests. Similar to the albino paradox morph is the snow paradox morph. Pepper (Granite) Instead of randomly-shaped blotches, the saddles become circular. Crossbreeding Kenyan sand boa morphs has resulted in an attractive, although relatively small, range of affordable snakes. Palmetto Amelanistic The paradox morph, sometimes also called the pied morph or piebald morph, results in random black speckles and splotches. Breeders are working with this new trait, of white scales and pale, reddish-brown saddles, to refine it into a true morph that can be replicated. This is because females are viviparous, meaning they give live birth. The attractiveness of the speckles may determine the price. het. There are currently dozens of different boa constrictor morphs with thousands of combinations between all of them. Using the Calculator Enter in one or more traits for each parents and click the calculate button. Aztec. het. VPI T+ Sunglow. Strawberry Which is what is so attractive about this beautiful morph. Orange scales border the white belly scales, and the main body is brown. Bloodred Anery Striped This is a popular morph due to how well the dark and light scales complement each other. Amelanistic oder Dom. Caramel To breed a snake to a normal Ball Python, just dont add any genes to male or female and wizard will treat it as a normal. imperatormorph.s_world. Sunglow (T-) Sunglow Leopard. A stunning feature of this morph is their dark red eyes, almost ruby-like in their luminescence. This is actually three individual morphs bred into a single snake. Topaz het. Motley We imagine that a triple morph such as a snow slash paradox would cost anywhere between $250 -$350. Diamond Albino Leopard. Check back here regularly as we are constantly working to improve the wizard. Curiously, an albino Kenyan sand boa with the paradox morph will have dark speckles, even if the rest of its body lacks pigment. Anery. Mandarin Citrine Unlike the other morphs, the yellow snow gene is polygenic. Dilute Quartz Anerythristic Willkommen beim Genetic Calculator. We imagine they would sell for a few hundred dollars. Strawberry Red Dragon. Anerythristic stripe Kenyan sand boas tend to cost a little more. VPI T+ Aztec. Note that the prices listed here are simply estimates. Today, there are specific laws that prevent wild-caught snakes from being exported. To get this morph, a breeder must crossbreed a snow splash with a snow paradox. Kenyan sand boa breeders have carefully curated a stunning array of morphs. An Albino boa is absent or deficient in melanin (also known as amelanistic). Auratum Cinder This snake’s pattern is unique. The calico morph is beautiful in how very random the saddles appear. The albino morph, the paradox morph, and the splash morph. het. Striped Sulfur Snake’s with particularly vivid markings or clean colors may also cost more. Key West Motley. As said in the Journal of Heredity, this gene results in an animal being unable to produce black pigments. Coral Snow There is some debate about whether this is a true morph or a hybrid animal. Hypo Lavender In normal colors, a stripe morph produces a brown-bodied Kenyan sand boa with a vivid orange stripe running from nose to tail. Lavender Bloodred (Plasma) Kastanie Obviously, breeders aren’t ready to sell any of these beauties quite yet. Hypo Leopard. I’ve always been fascinated by snakes and reptiles. We were only able to find prices for paradox snow morphs, which cost $200. One lot of these reptiles were imported to the U.S. before the exportation of wild-caught snakes was made illegal in Tanzania. The rest of its body is a very pale pink or cream. Even the more exotic snows and anerythristic stripes can be purchased for a few hundred dollars. het. Pale pinks and sunset orange scales are interrupted by ink-like speckles of black. There isn’t much information available about the yellow snow morph, although it appears to be the result of albino morphs crossbreeding with snow morphs. Albino. The snow splash paradox Kenyan sand boa is another triple morph snake. Curiously, while Dodoma Kenyan sand boas are difficult to come by, they remain affordable. There is little information about the calico morph, however, pictures are surfacing of snakes with a surplus of orange, white, and black splotches. Motley-x-Striped Here you can select any basic gene for both male and female, calculate and then see what the possible outcome will be. Wir bieten Ihnen auf unseren Seiten die Möglichkeit, Verpaarungen verschiedener Farbmutationen zu berechnen. Snow Snopal Start by clicking in the field and start typing a morph name - select by click in the list or press enter to pick the selected morph. Nuclear morphs pop up at random. There are MANY more boa morphs out there than what we have listed here, and more are being added every year! Paradox morphs can have very few speckles, or very many. Snow morphs are quite rare and pricey. Terrazzo Dilute Snakesforpets.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Still, snow Kenyan sand boas can be found for a much lower price than snows of the more popular pet snakes. I hope that you find this website useful! A very visually interesting morph. Butter Striped A line-bred morph has resulted in the nuclear morph, where these natural colors are incredibly bright and vivid. Amber Tessera (hom.) On a whole, Kenyan sand boa morphs are on the more affordable side. Enter two parent morphs to be paired in breeding and calculator will display genetic possibilities. A common occurrence when a population of one species becomes isolated from the rest. Charcoal Boa Morphs. Cinder As such, it is one of the cheapest morphs. Physical attributes are not altered in any way. Curiously, the splash morph only ever disrupts saddling on the lower third of a snake’s body. het. Its belly scales are pale, usually white or cream-colored. Moonstone (Anery Lavender) Here are descriptions of some of the more popular boa morphs available today. This species is also one of the smallest boas in the world, so feeding them is not overly expensive. Start by clicking in the field and start typing a morph name - select by click in the list or press enter to pick the selected morph. het. Breeders don’t have to incubate eggs for months, and within a few weeks of being born, baby Kenyan sand boas can be sold. Kenyan sand boas are one of the easier snakes to breed in captivity. Blizzard An anerythristic Kenyan sand boa will have no yellow or orange pigment. No one can seem to identify if this is a recessive, dominant, or line bred trait. An isolated population of Kenyan sand boas was discovered in Dodoma, the capital of Tanzania. het. Calculate. Ice het. Boa Constrictor Imperator vs. Red-Tailed Boa Constrictor, 10 Rare and Common Rosy Boa Morphs (with Pictures + Prices), 10 Most Popular Green Tree Python Morphs (with Price Guide), Natural selection due to different environments, predators, and prey. As such, this morph is quite rare and demands a higher price. Orchid Scaleless As explained in The American Naturalist, isolated populations diversify for two reasons. Amel Bloodred (Fire) het. These morphs are often interbred to enhance one another, which usually results in a higher price. For this reason, stripe morphs are widely available. Sunkissed het. Labyrinth ️ our websit . het. Meaning that the bottom third of the snake will be blank of saddles. There were no Kenyan sand boas with this morph for sale at the time of writing. Toffee Hi, I'm Lou. Ultra Any morph made by breeding a snow will therefore also be pricey. This is a recessive trait, meaning that both parents must carry the gene for albinism for a baby to be albino. Lava Volle Liste: keine Designer Morphe: nur Designer Morphe: nur Homozygot: het. Albinism in Kenyan sand boas presents itself as yellow, orange, cream, and pinkish-lavender scales and saddles. Peppermint het. This is a line-bred trait. This results in a white or grey snake with dark brown or black saddles. Christmas To breed a snake to a normal Ball Python, just dont add any genes to male or female and wizard will treat it as a normal. Hypomelanistic The orange scales are incredibly stark against the black saddles, giving a molten lava glow to the snake. When bred in captivity, Kenyan sand boas make good pets. Clicking on the pictures below will display larger versions. het. The albino stripe morph presents as a single jagged white, cream, yellow, or orange stripe running down the length of the snake’s spine. No two snakes have an identical pattern. Other morphs alter the saddles of this snake. Pewter Bloodred Lavamel Genetic Wizard - Calculate odds and results of your breedings. Butter VPI T+ Snowglow. Another lesson in contradiction is the albino paradox Kenyan sand boa morph. Here you can select any basic gene for both male and female, calculate and then see what the possible outcome will be. Anerythrism is the opposite of albinism, and it is also a recessive trait. Co.Dom. As such, it is widely bred and readily available. Kastanie

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