what is your magic power fairy tail

The strength in this magic comes from the variety of keys available to the user. Often, these devil slayers are associated with an element. With that said and done, it's time for me to depart once more to the forbidden world, my waifus await. It can instantly adapt to new circumstances, take on a new challenge, or to repair itself all by itself. Description: this magic allows you to bring the forces of nature so that you have control over all the elements and even your opponent, this is a magic lost given by the ancient dragons-gods say who possess this spell becomes invincible and allows become a dragon, this magic is a fusion of the dragon slayer magic and god slayer magic). And unlike Fairy Law, it doesn’t discriminate. The energy can break apart or recombine and when they break apart their sensors enable the energy masses to work together like a well oiled machine or an excellent team. Please tell us what your favourite magic in the series is down below! This magic can only conjure verbs and adverbs, if any other type of word is used, like a noun or an adjective, the user takes damage accordingly. The more ethernano particles also makes enables the user to perform more complex tasks because they have more to work with. Really, as long as they can imagine it, they can do what they want with the element. An Energy Mage creating their demonic morality energy. It can also like a plasma or liquid by adjusting the magical links properly. What would be the best thing about being a fairy? The energy can act like an air current by widely spreading-out the ethernano and making the magic power that links the ethernano particles together. Yet, the comrades in Fairy Tail are left unharmed. Or if there’s a large amount of kinetic force headed her way, she Requips the Adamantine Armour. Fairy Law can be considered an Armageddon level magic with such a wide scale attack, yet it is not discriminatory. She can use healing spells and also enchantments like Arms,Arms Vernier and Re-Raise. She has the power to use Sky Dragon Slaying Magic taught to her by her foster mother Grandeeney. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This is what makes Energy Magic different from other Elemental Magics. When he does so he is able to blow away the opposition. Although it acts like a single substance it is still a system of thousands of ethernano particles connected by magical links. While it doesn’t have the awe inspiring power of most other magic, it’s sheer versatility and uses in the right user places it on this list.

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