om amitabha hrih

( Log Out /  Khenpo Thubten Lodru Nyima has a rather unsatisfactory translation here (PDF). According to my friend Jayarava over at Visible Mantra — who knows way more about mantras than I do — the correct Tibetan and Sanskrit forms of that mantra are: oṃ ā ma ra ṇi dzi wa na te ye svā hā (Tibetan — but svāhā would be pronounced so-hā in Tibetan). Amitayus (a form of Amitabha) “Infinite life” and long life instead of “infinite light”, Pandaravasini (Amitabha’s precious wisdom consort), Avalokiteshvara (Chenrezig, Kuanyin, Guan Yin, Kannon) (, Manjushri (the Buddha of Wisdom) is normally associated with Padma family, Heruka Hayagriva (heroic or wrathful form of Amitabha) (, Vajrayayogini / Guhyajnana, the Secret Wisdom Deity (, Vajradharma (a highest yoga Tantra deity representing Enlightened Speech), Padmasambhava (according to Tantra, he is an emanation of Amitabha and Avalokiteshvara) (, Kurukulla (sometimes spelled Kurukulle): an enlightened form of discerning wisdom, a fierce form of Tara, Green Tara (She is actually part of Amoghisiddi’s Karma (action) family as consort, but she is an aspect/emanation of Avaolokiteshvara and her teacher is Amitabha, making her a member of “both” families: Padma and Karma). I surmise that we can use this mantra for both Amitayus and Amitabha? He sits on a lotus throne decorated with his sacred animal, the peacock. Among them is a multitude of beings bound to one birth only; and their number, being extremely large, cannot be expressed by (ordinary) calculation. Amitabha is synonymous with Pureland Buddhism because of his great vow. I just accept that Amitayus is a Buddha of long-life, etc. Presumably the did so because there was some psychological/spiritual need for them. We use the mantra to connect with the respective body parts, identify with our role model and become a buddha of light. Amitabha is one of the so-called Dhyani-Buddhas, a set of five non-historical, symbolic figures who are arranged in a mandala. meaning “possessing happiness.”) Because of his meritorious vow, anyone who calls out his name will be reborn into this happy paradise. But there are various ancient Tibetan stories about ignorant people (like myself) doing things somewhat wrongly, but with faith, and reaching a desired goal. Buddha | Buddhist Practices | Buddhist Sutras and Sutta English | Dharma | Mahayana | Mantra | Tantra | Vajrayana. What of the medicine Buddha? I’d been told that Amideva was Sanskrit, rather than a Tibetan pronunciation of Sanskrit. Light – We make big circles with the arms and visualize the whole cosmos around us full of light. MAHA PUNYE ‘Shariputra, if there be a good man or a good woman, who, on hearing of Buddha Amitayus, keeps his name (in mind) with thoughts undisturbed for one day, two days, three days, four days, five days, six days, or seven days, that person, when about to die, (will see) Amitayus Buddha accompanied by his holy host appear before him; and immediately after his death, he with his mind undisturbed can be born into the Sukhavati land of Buddha Amitayus.

The Five Buddhas: from left to right Ratnasambhava (gold), Akshobya (blue), Vairochana (white), Amitabha (red), and Amoghisiddi (green). One of his vows was that the faithful who recite his name would be reborn into his land and live in bliss until achieving enlightenment.

‘Again, Shariputra, the beings born in the land Sukhavati are all Avinivartaniya. Or you’d be concerned someone else would? I’ll no doubt add more material later. PUNYE / MAHA PUNYE / AYUR JÑANA / SARVA RUPA SIDDHI The living beings in that country have no pains, but receive pleasures only. He launched the Wildmind website on November 11, 2000. In Tibetan, the letter chosen to encode a sanskrit “Bha” is the “Wa”, and also in Tibetan the syllable “Tab” would be said by a native as “De” because those kind of a’s get ‘umlauted’ in Tibetan. This chant is also known as “Dharani for pulling out karmic obstructions by the roots and obtaining birth in the Pure Land” or ” Rebirth Mantra ”. Shariputra, if there be a good man or a good woman who listens to those Buddhas’ invocation of the name (of Buddha Amitayus) and the name of this Sutra, that good man or woman will be protected by all the Buddhas and never fail to attain Anuttara-samyaksambodhi. You should concentrate your thoughts upon and visualize that Buddha-land which is the result of pure actions.

In Chinese Amitabha is rendered as something like A-mi-t’o-p’o or O-mi-t’o-fo — the transliterations seem to vary widely! or. We look at the head, the upper body, the arms, the hands, the lower body, the legs and the Lotus of Amitabha. You’re correct in thinking that Amitabha is the head of the Lotus family that includes Shakyamuni. It does not mean “infinite God” (as amita+deva would imply). There are also sounds in Sanskrit that we simply don’t have — all of those letters with dots below them involve turning the tip of the tongue backwards on the roof of the mouth, for example — and so most of us are never going to pronounce Sanskrit correctly. Amitabha’s poison is rāga, which is commonly translated as greed (or passion). His main focuses as a writer are mindfulness techniques, meditation, Dharma and Sutra commentaries, Buddhist practices, international perspectives and traditions, Vajrayana, Mahayana, Zen. TATHAGATAYA Does anybody know what it is? I    The Meaning of the Mantra “Om Ah Hum” is the all-encompassing mantra of the Buddhas of the Three Times. 1. The colour of the Buddhas is significant: white (body), red (speech), blue (mind), green (action or karma) — Amitabha and his family are red. You don’t have to worry about earning a living or finding the time to meditate. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Prayer hands – Palms of the hands together in front of the chest frown emotion “Om Buddha Amitabha. It’s not about my sensitiveness. Note – the sound of reciting Buddha Amitabha mantra should be quiet and harmonious, graceful and noble if they are from practitioners who have a true, trustworthy, and pure mind.

My grateful thanks to you and to Jayarava for your input.

I was looking on the Internet for the mantra of Buddha Amitabha, and found this: OM AMARANI ZEWÄNTEYE SÖHA (Tibetan), Now I should really be confused. It’s not impossible, just a huge amount of effort.

This aspiration is the central theme of what is known as Pure Land Buddhism. This was established in his great sutra vows. So there was always more than one Buddha, although the past ones seemed to be seen as gone and out of reach, while Maitreya, the coming Buddha was prayed to.

Please feel free to excerpt stories with full credit and a link to. There are several sutras devoted to him. In Indian folklore it is said that the peacock’s brilliant colors come from the poison of the snakes they eat. Amitabha in his pureland in the Chinese style.

As a symbol, Amitabha is associated with the West in all traditions. It starts

In some traditions Amitabha and Amitayus are seen as being essentially the same being, while in other traditions they are distinct. Shariputra, why is that country named Sukhavati?

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. One figure simply isn’t enough to represent all the different qualities of Enlightenment, and so you end up with a variety of Buddhas. Amitabha’s bija is Hrih and his mantra is Om Amitabha Hrih. Your methaphor is not offensive to me. Mantras are very mutable, and of course “amitabha” is the actual name.

M    His merits are so vast, the very name of Amitabha is a practice — and synonymous with compassion and happiness, Amitabha: merits so vast, all can benefit, All Rights Reserved. Other Buddha forms might represent “wisdom” or “healing” or “protection”, but Amitabha is best known as “compassion” and “love.” Of course, Amitabha stands for wisdom, heals and protects — and other Buddhas are equally compassionate — but his “label” is defined by compassion. Your “Harii-hiih” is just a more-or-less phonetic rendering of the pronunciation of Hrih (see the pronunciation guide on this page for details). Thank you also for the comment about pronunciation. Bodhipaksa is a Buddhist practitioner and teacher, a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order, and a published author. We massage our bodies. It’s not impossible, just a huge amount of effort. He represents compassion and love, and he is pictured as being the rich, warm color of the setting sun.

It’s not impossible, just a huge amount of effort. Lama Zopa Rinpoche had a sign placed in front of the large Amitabha statue at Buddha Amitabha Pure Land in Washington State, US.

To help you bring attention to your doshas and to identify what your predominant dosha is, we created the following quiz.

This video certainly boosts my motivation to do the Amitabha practice with all the energy I can muster. I have chanted the Amitayur Dhyana Sutra, which is an Amitabha visualization. on the mp3 version mentioned here, the monk is chanting something before the actual beginning of the “NAMO RATNA TRAYAYA Isn’t it pronounced in Tibetan as Ami Deva Zay? “We are the smart ones, unlike you, poor ignorant non-buddhist”… That’s the message, isn’t it? We will be greatly obliged.

Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Second only to Amitabha in popularity would be his spiritual son in the Lotus (Padma) family, Avalokiteshvara (or Guan Yin, Kuanyin, Kannon). Im wondering if the mantras of related figures are ever used together? Amitabha Buddha is normally visulized as a glowing red body of light. Oṃ amitābha hrīḥ saparivāra e hye hi vajra samājaḥ | padma kamālaya stvam. And then again, the pronunciation of Sanskrit has undoubtedly changed over the millennia, so perhaps no one pronounces mantras exactly the way they used to be pronounced in the early days. This powerful mantra improves your loving and compassionate nature bringing incredible blessings each time you recite the mantra. My reasoning is laid out on the Amitābha Mantra page on my website. Is meditation about making your mind go blank?

At certain times and in certain places they’re regarded as the same figure, while sometimes they’re seen as separate. Amitabha is one of the so-called Dhyani-Buddhas, a set of five non-historical, symbolic figures who are arranged in a mandala.

Amitabha Buddha is the head of the Lotus family.

What is the Meaning of Pavan Guru Mantra (Pran Bandha Mantra)? I’m sure Westerners’ pronunciation of Tibetan is frequently hilarious.

== We relax. Again, Shariputra, the life of that Buddha and of his people is endless and boundless in Asamkhya-kalpas, so he is named Amita(-ayus). I think you’re being a tad over-sensitive. I’d side with Sangharakshita’s “Guide to the Buddhist Path” and guess that the arising of new Buddhas was more to do with the need to represent enlightenment iconographically. Privacy Policy

We look at the head, the upper body, the arms, the hands, the lower body, the legs and the Lotus of Amitabha. “Namo Amitabha” is a praise chanted in different forms by millions — as a complete practice in itself. The seed syllable hrih in various scripts inclusing Siddham, Tibetan, and Lantsa.

It’s likely that the other Buddhas like Amitabha, who are non-historical and dwell in a mythic dimension, first arose in meditators’ visionary experiences.

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