motocross bikes price

At about $8,500 new, the Husqvarna TE 150 is an excellent bike for Enduro racing and trail riding.

TM EN250 Fi ES TWIN PIPE: $11,395 Sherco dirt bikes offer great performance, and this year’s line up is exceptionally lighter than last year’s. This is a company that previously focused on small-bore street bikes. The front suspension is an Xact air fork and the WP shock uses no linkage. The seat foam density has increased in order to give the rider a more comfortable feel in the seated position while out riding. KTM 300XC/250XC TPI OFF-ROAD: $10,199/$9999

The GasGas MC65 two-stroke is a full-blooded race bike featuring a WP Xact air fork with 215mm of travel, a hydraulic clutch, disc brakes and a six-speed gearbox. The used price that I found was honestly a little surprising considering the model is about seven-years-old. Along with that, the overall ergonomics of this model is supreme. AS far as the chassis goes, the 2019 Kawasaki KX450 has an entirely new front brake master cylinder and has a rear brake rotor that’s increased in size from 240mm to 250mm. SUZUKI DR200S: $4649

That speaks to the solid engineering employed when the bike was first designed so long ago. SHERCO SE250 RACING: $9199

The KTM 50SX Mini is a true entry-level motorcycle. It’s a true straight-forward guide for the rest of us. It also got updated suspension and a long list of other changes. TM MX85 14/17 TWO-STROKE: $6495 The price for a used Yamaha is accurate for its age, being a four-year-old bike model.
Technically, it is a Supermini, although in today’s amateur racing scene, that class is dominated by heavily modified bikes that can cost more than twice as much as the KX100. Some pundits criticize Yamaha for ignoring the YZ125 for so long, but we’re delighted that the bike is still offered. Both of these modes coupled with the bike’s lightweight and easy control provide something for everyone for different adventures.

SHERCO SE-F300 FACTORY: $10,699 TM EN144FI/EN125FI OFF-ROAD: $9295/$8795 KTM 300 XC-W TPI TWO-STROKE: $9999 This website uses cookies to improve your experience. 1 Hour 1300 THB or 2 Hrs 2500 THB2-stroke, motocross race bike Must request this bike before you visit (we don't bring it every day), Quick ride 9 laps: 1400 THB The world’s first electric motorcycle, the Redshift, was created by Alta Motors in 2016 as a response to the popularity of Tesla’s innovative vehicles. Find Motocrosser bikes for sale on Auto Trader, today. BETA 390RR: $10,699 Operating in cold weather. KTM 150 XC-W TPI TWO-STROKE: $8799, KTM DUAL-SPORT TM MX100 16/18 TWO-STROKE: $6595 null | Motocrosser | 249cc | Manual | Petrol, 2017 (17 reg) | Motocrosser | 900cc | 8,463 miles | Manual | Petrol, 2010 | Motocrosser | 125cc | 1 miles | Manual | Petrol, 2010 (59 reg) | Motocrosser | 450cc | 10 miles, null | Motocrosser | 250cc | 26 miles | Manual | Petrol, 2020 (20 reg) | Motocrosser | 250cc | 550 miles | Manual | Petrol, 2020 (70 reg) | Motocrosser | Manual | Petrol, 2020 | Motocrosser | 250cc | Manual | Petrol, 2020 | Motocrosser | 450cc | Manual | Petrol, null | Motocrosser | 250cc | Manual | Petrol, null | Motocrosser | 350cc | Manual | Petrol, 2011 | Motocrosser | 125cc | Manual | Petrol. TM MX250 Fi: $10,995 TM MX100/MX85 MOTOCROSS: $6595/$6495 TM MX144 TWO-STROKE: $8695 KAWASAKI KX65: $3699, KAWASAKI OFF-ROAD TM EN450 Fi ES: $11,195 At about $7,800, the Kawasaki KX250 is a great, lightweight bike with great capabilities.

SSR SR150: $2299

It’s populated entirely by European makes, and TM is one of the players. But, if you’re interested in seeing an example of a used bike, you can find one on Cycle Trader’s website here. It’s based very closely on the KTM 85SX with a WP air fork and a Formula hydraulic clutch, but the GasGas will carry a lower price. KTM 50SX MOTOCROSS: $4399 View basket for details.

KAWASAKI KX100: $4599 Like the 150XC-W, it has electric start, an 18-inch rear wheel and a kickstand. It still has the new counterbalancer-equipped motor and comes with a work stand.

BETA 300RR/250RR OFF-ROAD: $9199/$8799

The model’s frame is another impressive feature that is geared to improve the bike’s overall performance. HONDA CRF250F: $4599 BETA 200RR: $8699

SHERCO SE-F300 RACING: $9999 All Rights Reserved.

It’s a milder version of the 300 two-stroke with a lower seat height and a much more attractive price.

The 2018 model of the Honda XR650L bike costs about $7,000 new and about $5,300 used. The 300XC-W and 250XC-W are identical aside from displacement. The RR models also feature oil injection and Sachs suspension. While being extremely responsive to steering due to the cast aluminum parts on the bike, the Kawasaki KX450 is also extremely stable for those rough sections fo the track.

GASGAS EC RANGER 300: $7899 Honda has made some new adjustments to this model, including a new cam profile for better low-end performance, and a shortened right-side exhaust pipe for better top-end performance. YAMAHA YZ125 TWO-STROKE: $6599 Motocross dirt bikes - The term motocross bike is often used to refer to dirt bikes in general, but it actually means bikes specially designed for racing on an off-road circuit. Find a new or used motorcycle in your price range.

It has many of the same features as full-size KTMs, such as a hydraulic clutch, a WP Xact air fork and PDS rear suspension. TM EN300 Fi ES: $11,395 The most significant updates in 2017 were the inclusion of a counterbalancer and the change to the same Belleville-spring clutch used in the four-strokes. The increased chassis flex on this model keeps most of the impact in the lower part of the bike instead of transferring to the rider’s hands. HUSQVARNA TE150i TWO-STROKE: $8899, HUSQVARNA DUAL-SPORT TM EN144 TWO-STROKE: $9195 The Rain mode helps the bike give you the best performance when trail riding because of the lower rpm and short shifting. It does away with the oil injection and has KYB suspension, among other changes. The 2016 model of the Yamaha YZ450F costs about $8,600 new and about $5,000 used depending on how well the previous owner took care of the bike.

KTM 350 EXC-F: $10,999, SHERCO TWO-STROKE OFF-ROAD SHERCO SC300 CROSS COUNTRY: $9699 Both have electronic power valves, Keihin carburetors and KYB suspension. Priced at about $9,300, this bike is a completely new design compared to other Kawasaki bikes. Motorcycle Prices. GasGas has a long history in the off-road world, but has never offered motocross models prior to the pairing with KTM.

The Sherco SE 300 Racing bike can be found at about $9,300. Cobra might dominate the 50 class at the Amateur Nationals, but KTM still has a huge number of rank-and-file mini racers across the U.S. covered with the 50SX.

2021 MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS SCHEDULE ANNOUNCED, SLAVENS RACING KTM 300 TPI PROJECT: TWO STROKE TUESDAY, HAAKER SWEEPS GLEN HELEN DOUBLE HEADER: 2020 ENDUROCROSS ROUND 2 RESULTS, 500CC TWO-STROKE VIDEO INSANITY : 2-STROKE THEATER, 2021 HUSQVARNA TE 300i TWO-STROKE ROCKSTAR EDITION ANNOUNCED, ODI HONDA CR125 PROJECT: TWO-STROKE TUESDAY, 2020 HAWK PLANTATION FULL GAS SPRINT ENDURO: FULL RACE REPORT, 2020 PRIMM NGPC PRO RESULTS: OLIVEIRA DOUBLE JACKPOT WIN, 5 MUST SEE MX 2-STROKE PROJECTS: TWO-STROKE TUESDAY, KTM 250SX-F TROY LEE DESIGNS SPECIAL EDITION FOR 2021. HUSQVARNA TC85 MOTOCROSS: $6199 1600 THB / 2 hours, Must request this bike before you visit (we don't bring it every day), Promo: 4-9 laps 550 THBQuick ride 9-15 laps: 1200 THB1 Hour 1500 THB or 2 Hrs 2900 THB"Quick intro" Add-on: If you are a street motorcycle rider you should add 15 minutes instructor to get you started safely +300 THB, Promo: 5-10 laps 550 THBQuick ride 9-15 laps: 900 THB
The XCs have TPI fuel injection, MX-derived suspension (but with softer settings), six-speed gearboxes, kickstands and 18-inch rear wheels. It has electric start and an electronic power valve. SSR SR189: $2689 The Husqvarna TC50 was introduced in 2017 and has undergone few changes since then. 1 Hour 1300 THB or 2 Hrs 1900 THB"Quick intro" Add-on: If you are a street motorcycle rider you should add 15 minutes instructor to get you started safely +300 THB, 24B/30 Moo 10 Soi Yot Sane 1 HUSQVARNA FC350: $9899 It’s small, easy to master. The bike also includes an improved electric start system, which aids in those rushed moments on the track when your bike stalls. The little Yamaha has enjoyed a record-setting production run, virtually unchanged aside from cosmetics since 1985. The bike also has a re-routed wiring harness for increased flexibility and protection, making the ride easier on you as the rider and on the bike itself. The CX50JR has less travel, a lower seat height and a smaller front wheel. SUZUKI RM-Z450: $8999

The FWE is an upgraded version that is designed to be ready to race at the highest level. Motocross Off-Road Motorcross Motorcycles, Go to previous slide - Shop by Capacity (cc). The suspension, brakes and bodywork have received evolutionary changes in that time, and the YZ is still excellent in the handling department.

There are four different versions: the Super Mini 100 with a 19-inch front wheel and a 16-inch rear wheel ($6595), the standard 85 with a 14-/17-inch wheel size ($6495), and this year there will also be a 112cc Supermini with a stroked motor and new engine cases. This year’s model also includes a resonator, which was previously only available on the 450 bikes, is integrated more fully into the pipe. This bike’s clutch is also super reliable and not likely to give out or stall the bike. TM EN144 Fi TWO-STROKE: $9695

Thumpstar has been working with Josep Pibernat, who was the founder of GasGas, to develop an all-new motor. THUMPSTAR 300/250 OFF-ROAD: TBA The SE300 and 250 are still the mainstay two-stroke off-road bikes for the French company.

TM MX300ES/TM MX250ES MOTOCROSS: $9395/$9195

GASGAS XC250: $8799

GASGAS EC GP 250: $10,299 The 2018 model of the Gas Gas XC 300 bike costs about $8,700 new and $6,700 used depending on the wear and tear on this bike and how well it was taken care of by the previous owner. One of the biggest improvements for this model is the lighter materials and design. These high-quality Alta motorcycles are reliable bikes for woods and trail use and do not require oil changes or air filters.

For years this tiny Michigan company has had wild success making championship bikes and championship riders. It is even declared to be better than 2018’s KX450F by test riders all around. Dirt Bike Magazine - Best selling off road motorcycle magazine. Dirt bikes are available in two-stroke and four-stroke engines, with unique configurations available for different styles of riders. GasGas has done a complete redesign of this bike’s swingarm, and this model includes a progressive linkage system. 126 Used motorcycles. The 2016 model of the Husqvarna TC 125 costs about $7,000 new and about $4,500 used.

The 2016 model of the Kawasaki KX250F is about $7,600 new and around $4,600 used.


The 200RR is based on the 125RR off-road bike but has more displacement and electric start. BETA 250RR: $8799 TM EN125 Fi TWO-STROKE: $9195 Last year Yamaha expanded the “X” cross-country line to include the YZ125X. 2017 and 2018 Redshift models can still be purchased today. Yamaha - Yamaha makes a wide variety of different products. Sherco has outdone itself with the new Sherco SE 300 Racing dirt bike model.

TM MX300 ES: $9395 KTM 350 XCF-W: $10,499 Dirt bikes have long been a favourite of British off-roaders.

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