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I wouldn't be surprised to see the record broken.". Haataja and fellow angler Adam Wisowaty of Kenosha had caught and released more than two dozen brown trout from late morning to early afternoon. Table 2 also summarizes the effectiveness of anti-bullying programs across 21 different countries for bullying victimization outcomes. Easterbrook, P. J., Gopalan, R., Berlin, J. Aggressive Behavior, 42(2), 194–206. Regardless of international variation, bullying behaviors remain very frequent. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10802-011-9551-1. Specifically, higher income inequality was associated with more reports of school bullying amongst adolescents. School rules against bullying are implemented at the whole-school and classroom levels, and a school-wide “kick off” event is held to launch the start of the intervention. 2018). (2018) conducted an extensive meta-analysis across 21 countries to examine the relationship between childhood violence and educational outcomes. We included roughly 65 different programs, as there was quite a bit of overlap in some of the intervention strategies included. Washington, DC: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The majority of anti-bullying programs were evaluated in regions where the prevalence of bullying is already comparatively low, for example, Europe and North America. program in Italian secondary schools using quasi-experimental designs with before and after measures of school- and cyberbullying. Weapon carrying in and out of school among pure bullies, pure victims and bully-victims: a systematic review and meta-analysis of cross-sectional and longitudinal studies. When comparing the effectiveness of anti-bullying programs in a meta-analysis such as this, other moderators need to be considered. A., Llor-Zaragoza, L., Pérez-García, M., & Llor-Esteban, B. https://doi.org/10.4073/csr.2009.6. Gaffney et al. However, the relationship between income inequality and school-bullying victimization was not consistent across each of the countries included in the analysis. Cyberbullying: approaches, consequences, and interventions. For example, the cross-national Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children (HBSC) study showed that greater income inequality predicted higher levels of bullying perpetration and victimization (Elgar et al. We also explored the effectiveness of the four most widely disseminated anti-bullying programs that were included in our review (i.e., KiVA, NoTrap!, OBPP, ViSC). Examining the Effectiveness of School-Bullying Intervention Programs Globally: a Meta-analysis. A., Ruiz Hernández, J. Comparing factors related to school-bullying and cyber-bullying. Its main aim is to explore the results of this meta-analysis specifically in regard to variations in the effectiveness of school-bullying programs globally and the effectiveness of specific anti-bullying programs. Human-Computer Interaction, 25(1), 1–24. Lessons one to eight focus on bullying behaviors and require students to actively work together to develop ways to prevent aggressive behavior in their respective classes. PubMed  For example, previous analyses have found that anti-bullying programs are more effective with older participants (i.e., over age 11) than they are with participants aged 10 years old and younger (Farrington and Ttofi 2009). This report identified that evaluations conducted in Norway were significantly more likely to report desirable results in comparison to evaluations conducted in other locations (Farrington and Ttofi 2009). We use the data collected for the aforementioned review and evaluated the effectiveness of anti-bullying programs according to moderator variables. Smith, P. K., Salmivalli, C., & Cowie, H. (2012). Following screening, 83 studies published after 2009 were eligible for inclusion in the systematic review. It may be the case that, by raising awareness, and focusing on highlighting bullying issues amongst students, the effect sizes may be influenced by a social desirability bias. Williford, A., Boulton, A., Noland, B., Little, T. D., Kärnä, A., & Salmivalli, C. (2012). Therefore, an anti-bullying program that is designed to reduce these behaviors should reflect these differences. Other programs (i.e., KiVa or ViSC) have implemented this approach and applied a socio-ecological theoretical framework to explain any potential changes that occur as a result of the implementation. (2010) implemented the program with secondary school students. program was the most effective, reducing victimization by around 37%. Gaffney et al. In J. Binder (Ed. Palladino, B. E., Nocentini, A., & Menesini, E. (2016). International Journal of Behavioral Development, 35(5), 405–411. The few studies included in our meta-analysis that did conduct a cost-benefit analysis found desirable results (e.g., Bonell et al. The OBPP intervention program was the third most effective anti-bullying program for reducing victimization. With respect to these programs, it is not surprising that three of the four adopted a “whole-school” approach (i.e., KiVA, the OBPP, and ViSC). 2012). Implementation of anti-bullying lessons in primary classrooms: how important is head teacher support? Effectiveness of antibullying school programmes: a systematic review by evidence levels. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.avb.2015.10.001. Correspondence to In the past, an angler had to have a fish weighed on a certified scale to have it qualify for a world record. And he was aware of the new IGFA catch-and-release division, as well as the standing record, a 28-inch (71 cm) fish entered by James Schmid of Fort Collins, Colo. That fish, too, had been caught in the Milwaukee harbor. Based on titles and abstracts, 474 of these results were retained for further screening. Palladino, B. E., Nocentini, A., & Menesini, E. (2012). Gefällt 40.650 Mal. 2014; Jiménez-Barbero et al. In relation to school-bullying perpetration outcomes, overall the OBPP was the most effective intervention program. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 794, 399–400. (2019b). Aggressive Behavior, 38, 422–455. The NoTrap! While this intervention focused on peer-led online forums (in conjunction with peer-led offline anti-bullying activities), the OBPP, KiVa, and ViSC programs each included the involvement of both parents and teachers. Bullying at school: what we know and what we can do. Sixty-five different school-based bullying intervention and prevention programs were included in our meta-analysis, but only eight were repeatedly evaluated (i.e., Bully Proofing Your School; the fairplayer.manual; KiVa; NoTrap! The NoTrap! Predictors included school-bullying perpetration and victimization, as well as cyberbullying and peer-to-peer victimization (Fry et al. Hawker, D. S. J., & Boulton, M. J. We also systematically review the core components of the intervention programs and make recommendations for researchers, practitioners, and policy makers. At the individual level, intervention components include “hot-spot” supervision (i.e., increased staff presence at locations around the school where bullying is known to occur). Pediatrics, 135(2), e496–e509. Anglers are required to photograph the fish on a special IGFA tape measure. https://doi.org/10.1080/13811118.2010..494133. 2012; Williford et al. Bullying and symptoms among school-aged children: international comparative cross-sectional study in 28 countries. Palladino et al. Two fish, according to Haataja's estimates, were over 20 pounds. In J. Mora-Merchán & T. Jäger (Eds. ), Cyberpsychology, pp. Both the country and regional information of all was coded all except one country. This number includes 83 studies identified in the searches described here, five studies identified after searches were completed, and 53 studies that were included in the previous systematic review by Farrington and Ttofi (2009). Bullying and cyberbullying in adulthood and the workplace. Hannah Gaffney. 2009); Czechoslovakia (modern day Czech Republic and Slovakia; Rican, Ondrova, and Svatos 1996); Hong Kong (Wong et al. Salmivalli, C. (2010). Going to scale: a nonrandomized nationwide trial of the KiVa antibullying program for grades 1–9. Effectiveness of the KiVa antibullying programme on bully-victims, bullies and victims. Previous studies have shown that the greatest risk factor for cyberbullying is school bullying (Baldry et al. https://doi.org/10.1080/17405629.2015.1136618. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.tate.2012.03.006. After controlling for income inequality, family and school support were associated with lower levels of school-bullying perpetration (Elgar et al. Meyer, N., & Lesch, E. (2000). Article  This paper presents key findings and further analyses of a large-scale meta-analysis that explores the effectiveness of school-based anti-bullying programs (i.e., Gaffney et al. The KiVA program significantly reduced school-bullying perpetration by approximately 9% and school-bullying victimization by approximately 11%. Specifically, the KiVA, OBPP, and ViSC programs are very similar in practice, with the NoTrap! There have been many previous attempts to establish what works in bullying intervention and prevention. (2016). 2012; Jiménez-Barbero et al. A recent report published by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO 2018) proposes that creating educational spaces that are free from violence and safe learning environments for all children remains a global priority. Haataja is owner of Big Fish Guide Service of West Allis and co-host of "Big Fish 365," a fishing show that airs on Fox Sports Wisconsin. In order to locate studies for our review, we conducted a series of extensive systematic searches of the literature. Of these 16 studies, only four met our inclusion criteria and were included in our meta-analysis (i.e., Kärnä et al. 2012, 2013; Garandeau et al. For the present report, the results will be presented only using the multiplicative variance adjustment model (MVA; Farrington and Welsh 2013). ), Principles of cyberbullying research: definitions, measures, and methodology (pp. The intervention also targets specific individuals who are recognized as bullies and victims, and their respective parents. Comparatively, anti-bullying programs that were implemented and evaluated in Scandinavia and Europe reduced victimization by a larger percentage, 18% and 15% respectively. https://doi.org/10.1080/00131881.2013.844941. This program was originally designed and implemented in Norway, and it is therefore not surprising that the OBPP program was more effective in reducing both perpetration and victimization when evaluated in Norway, compared to evaluations in the USA (see Table 4). Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 55(5), 282–288. Therefore, the aim of the present report is to explore variations in the effectiveness of intervention programs between countries and regions and specific anti-bullying programs. Holt, M. K., Vivolo-Kantor, A. M., Polanin, J. R., Holland, K. M., DeGue, S., Matjasko, J. L., Wolfe, M., & Reid, G. (2015). 2016). Request PDF | Bullying Victimization at School and Headache: A Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies | Background and objectives. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. Center City: Hazelden. Evaluation of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program: a large scale study of U.S. students in grades 3–11. Please note, if special baits such as suckers are used, a small fee may occur. School bullying as a predictor of violence later in life: a systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective longitudinal studies. In the four most widely disseminated programs, the peer group was involved in intervention activities in various ways.

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