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If you roll at or below your cleric level, your deity intervenes. After all, no matter the domain clerics generally need to max out two attributes.

He fiercely opposes deities dedicated to tyranny, evil, or lawlessness, and bears particularly enmity toward Bane, Cyric, Mask, Talona, and Talos. […], Looking to name your drow character? More of your features will depend on your Domain, discussed later. A Hill Dwarf is a natural fit for most cleric builds, but at level one they pale in comparison to a Level 20 Kobold cleric. Additional languages is also a nice touch for a class that does not get extras. Most adherents do not fight in the field, however, instead seeing to important battles in the courts as bureaucrats, judges, bailiffs, and merchants.

However, this guide is about optimizing your cleric, and these races are far from optimal. Each cleric has Turn Undead and a second effect determined by their Domain. If you also cast a spell as a bonus action, that number increases to three (but the two additional spells must be cantrips). You also see our take on the best and worst options with our Cleric Domain Rankings. You also get proficiency for heavy armor and martial weapons. Max this out. The so-called Maimed God lost his right hand in battle with the ravenous entity known as Kezef the Chaos Hound. The small piece of jewelry could be usable as your holy symbol, though. Tyr’s clerics often multiclass as paladins.

Did we miss anything? Divine Strike (Level 8). In many such cases, Tyrrans attempt to change the laws by working within the system. A Lawful Neutral Cleric of Tyr may select Law, but not Good. Learn more with our complete Nature Cleric 5E Guide. Below we list a few backgrounds we like for a cleric. Domain is not supported in Neverwinter Nights. For clerics, their subclasses are known as domains. Malar is chaotic evil; a lesser deity of the hunt, werewolves, and bloodlust. There are clear themes for the Light Domain. They tend toward intolerance, sometimes violently so, and seldom tolerate mockery, parody, or the questioning of their faith. Your spellcasting depends on wisdom. See Our Complete Trickery Cleric 5E Guide! However, it could be a little tough to tie this background into your cleric’s devotion. There is plenty of evil among his followers, who were known to hunt humans for sport.

They tend to view Tyr as something of a divine constant--they know that Tyr expects fairness, good judgment, and kindness toward the innocent from his followers, and hence afford Tyr’s clerics a great deal of trust.

Instead of rolling to determine the HP you restore with a spell, you get the maximum possible for each die you roll. Feats may not play a big part for many clerics, even when a DM allows them. This might be an OK option. Whether or not multiclassing as Rogue works is situational. Clerics have available ritual spells up to level 6, making them one of the best options for ritual casters. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In 5E, your character is not tied to the alignment of their chosen deity. That said, insight and an extra wisdom skill of your choice is awesome. Having the perfectly optimal character isn’t the most important thing – having fun is.

Before every criminal trial in civilized lands, good-hearted magistrates whisper prayers to Tyr (teer) the Even-Handed, asking that he guide their judgments with temperance and resolve. If the creature fails the saving throw it is instantly destroyed depending on its challenge rating. This isn’t hard to picture, as a good follower of an evil god of death could focus on the natural life cycle as opposed to bloodthirsty murder. This domain has the potential to not only build the best healer in the game, but also provides a sturdy defense as well thanks the proficiencies for heavy armor. Saved by Short John. According to the rules as written, it is a minimum of one hour. Particularly radical Tyrran sects advocate self-mutilation among their adherents, a practice condemned by the large majority of the faithful, who nonetheless ritualistically don gauze eye coverings and an off-colored glove on their right hands to honor the Blind Overlord. The same is true with Revivify at the 5th level.

In our Cleric 5E guide, we take a look at the full list of gods in the Forgotten Realms and provide suggestions for every domain. If you are like me, you enjoying playing with a character build to squeeze the most utility out of them as possible.

At his hip is a longsword and dagger. Tyr's priest is a muscular man in his mid forties. At level 5, turn undead can destroy the targeted creature.

A good example of this is the followers of Malar. If you are a light-armored cleric focusing less of tanking and more on weapons attacks or spellcasting, dexterity should be your second-highest priority. At Level 17, the ability described in Reaper applies for spells level 1 through 5 in addition to necromancy cantrips. Are you a Trickery Cleric serving as the face of your party?

Whatever your motivation, it is important that you find a way to play your character in a way that fits with their domain and god without taking the fun out of it. A subreddit for D&D 5e homebrew. At Level 10, a cleric can ask for direct intervention from their deity.

A Cleric may use a holy symbol as their spellcasting focus. Below is a list of every major deity. For most clerics, constitution is the second-highest priority. The Forge Cleric is my favorite Domain. We have a lot more than a list.

Go in-depth with our Light Cleric 5E Guide! By taking a level of Druid, you give up the Level 20 ability of Divine Intervention succeeding without a role. Learn more about the concept in general with our Multiclassing 5E Guide.

In this regard he is both progressive and regressive, representing a force for cultural development in lands with corrupt or no legal systems and representing a stern defense of the status quo in nations with well-established codes of law. Armor: Light armor, medium armor, shieldsWeapons: Simple weaponsTools: NoneSaving Throws: Wisdom, CharismaSkills: Choose two from History, Insight, Medicine, Persuasion, and Religion. Our Drow Names Guide breaks down naming conventions and drow culture in 5E.

Hermit has some tradeoffs. Tyr’s blindness dates to the Time of Troubles, when Ao himself scoured his eyes for failing to witness the theft of the Tablets of Fate and for allowing discord among the gods of Toril. Supreme Healing (Level 17).

The pain of knowing that his mortal charges cannot hope to initiate and protect a flawless, completely just orderly existence tinges Tyr’s philosophy with an undercurrent of resigned sadness. However, there are certain cleric builds like a Trickery Cleric that could serve as a strong face of your party. That said, there are a few options worth considering if you feel strongly about it. A Lawful Good Cleric of Tyr may select both Good and Law (but need not to). 63.

Fleshing Out Your Cleric. There is a reason for this, because Insight is excellent for most clerics.

Some spells also require you to set a Spell Save DC; you will add your proficiency bonus and your wisdom modifier to the number 8 to set this save DC.

He is wearing a long dark fur cloak, a white tunic and brown breeches. The well-connected, highly organized Church of Tyr sponsors an extensive system of fortified temples throughout Faerun. You gain proficiency in heavy armor and either Intimidation or Persuasion. Check out our Comprehensive Knowledge Cleric Guide! Together with Ilmater, the deities became known as the Triad, by which they are still referred to this day. Learn more about it with our Horizon Walker 5E Guide. In the ensuring battle, Tyr’s host slew Valigan Thirdborn, a lesser deity of anarchy whose rise in -269 DR directly coincided with the ascendance of the bloodthirsty Exarch Thelasan IV, who spurred the Emperor into greater conflict with the elves. Two useful wisdom skills in Animal Handling and Survival make Folk Hero a decent choice. Unsurprisingly, these features and spells center around controlling other creatures. They view the latter as charity, donating their (sometimes lavish) “speaking fees” to the church. You pick up a fighting style, which is helpful. Through the power of magic drawn from the divine power of their deity, clerics can heal their allies and destroy their enemies. However, his followers also abhored poison and were known for providing the young and infirm with meat from their hunts during harsh winters. Cure Wounds as a domain spell is great since you likely would have taken it anyway, and Bless is very helpful. The name of the domain should tip you off to a life cleric’s focus being on healing. Not all characters can use ritual casting, and only spells that are marked as ritual spells can be used in this way. Blessed Healer (Level 6). Bursting from a gate near modern-day Alaghon in Turmish, he led a force of 200 archons across the Vilhon Reach in an effort to pacify the remnants of ancient Jhaamdath, which had fallen to lawlessness and brigandage following that empire’s destruction at the hands of its elven enemies. And while we go into depth below on what races start with an advantage as a cleric, the reality is the different in a +1 or +2 wisdom bonus evaporates at the higher levels. For that domain, intelligence should be a focus but likely still below wisdom and either constitution or dexterity depending on your build. This gives you the possibility of casting two spells in a turn. Like all good adventurers, a cleric needs a backstory. Outlander can work, especially if you are a frontline combat type of cleric. Learn the ins and outs of this mechanic with our guide! For example, Sune is the goddess of both love and beauty. At level 20, this succeeds automatically without a role. You should give yourself enough leeway to play the character the way you want as long as you aren’t blatantly and routinely acting out of character. A Neutral Good Cleric of Tyr may select Good, but not Law. Your email address will not be published. While your choice of background matters, it will rarely make or break your cleric. You also gain proficiency with martial weapons. Turn Undead requires a cleric to present a holy symbol and speak a prayer against an undead creature. Worshipers have allegorized Tyr’s wounds as emblematic of the blindness of justice and the price the truly just must endure on the path of righteousness and stern defense of the law. By using this object to focus divine power, a cleric can cast spells without the need to possess minor necessary components. This should come as no surprise, given that roughly half of all domains offer defensive traits and proficiencies with heavy armor. This powerful domain is a sort of merger between a cleric and wizard. By using this object to focus divine power, a cleric can cast spells without the need to possess minor necessary components.

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