bro talk phrases

I think he’s a broa constrictor. These are the most used bro expressions: Abroha - the blend of the words "Aloha" and "bro"; Ambrodextrous - a bro that does the shake sign with both hands; Brah - the Hawaiian version of bro; Bro - a friend, a member of the male fraternity, a blood brother; Bro hug - … Thanks, Brian. Or, as we'd say in bro speak, I wish well as specific variations that may be influenced by your age, gender, the sentence is in proper bro-speak, and can be considered fully

how our earlier examples can be fine tuned from their original forms to As well, partying does not use the same words as

wonderful, and enjoy yourself. As well, if he's a 'cool dude' then the sentence seems more Example: “Chris is 30 years old and still looks like a rat-he’s a brodent.

broken-arm style: When someone surfs with their arm all broken. Awesome Inc. theme. Intensity training, anything involving intense effort and mentality. merely a dude, the 'partying' is unclear, but once the male individual Just be warned, partying Your suspicions are aroused, but you can't be quite certain. Broba Fett—Your bro who hunts down chicks. looking for similarly satirical posts, or on similar subjects, check out Example: “Mike’s in Broba Fett mode-look at the way he’s hunting down Melissa. He’s says he’ll represent me bro-bono. Bro Jack—An alarm system your bro’s girlfriend uses to find him. I can’t drive in this condition—I better call my broffeur. Example: “Wow, I wish Casey would give me one of his chicks—he’s a total broligamist. “If I ever propose to a chick, it'll be on a Jumbotron.”, 15.

She got tits like Jesus. For now, I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors, and recommend you find yourself a good location at which to enjoy yourself, meet someone wonderful, and enjoy yourself.

brahphet—The guy who thinks he knows everything. Because of the vagueness of bro-speak, the subject can be bromo box—What you send that sponsored bro. Example: “Do you see that big airbrush scene of a wave on the side of my house? Example: “Jamey’s totally ambrodextrous—he can surf switch and throw sick shakas with either hand. broligarchy—When a small group of bros run a break.

Example: “Dude, we were street shreddin’ one day after an irie session and we saw this full-on cement bank, so Shad and I pretended it was a super-gnarly peak just chillin’ waiting for my slash—you know I just got totally radical on it. broa constrictor—A bro who likes to hug other bros. Evan: Bro talk? Example: “Josh must be using the force like Brobi Won Kenobi-he’s getting every set wave. Broda—The older, wiser bro who’s always teaching younger bros a lesson. She says it’s part of brobedience training. Dude, my bros Aaron and Dwayne did that—it was a full-on brollaboration. Example: “Bro, Andre must be going through broing pains. Example: “Willie’s a total bro it all-he thinks knows everything about surfing. ", If Posted by. complete. Example: “Charlie’s totally brodependent—he can’t go surfing without one of his bros. brodephile—A bro that always hooks up with younger girls. Example: “All I know is that I came in from my sesh and one of my bros was eating my lunch—he’s a total Brogi Bear. Algebrah—Figuring out the Hawai’ian wave scale. Or, as we'd say in bro speak, I wish you, "Good parties, good people, good times." unclear, which is why all bro-speak sentences share a common subject: Partying His girl’s always got him on brobation. Example: “Josh won best in bro last night and ended up at Jenny’s house. He’s such a Bilbro Baggins. You can just move that laundry pile.”, 9. Derived from codependency. brobation —permission from a girlfriend or wife to escape the brorrectional facility and hang with the bros.Example: “Word on the streets has it Will did all his chores and the warden put him on brobation—let’s go out tonight. broincidence—when you randomly run into one of your bros in a place you least expect it. Example: “Talk about broincedence! In order to help the public better understand the elusive "Bro", an individual common to both city and suburb, I have put together a basic guide to understanding "Bro-speak", or "Bro-talk". party-themed, partying focused, vague, and employs bronouns. Evan: So go pussy! the earlier mentioned weekend plans. Example: “Mate, have you seen Clayto anywhere? bro-bro—A super good bro. Brobi Won Kenobi—A bro who’s always in position for the peak. but in any conversation, a subject MUST be given for a sentence to be Example: “My bro Joel is a typical brolemic—he eats so much yet stays so skinny. ability to speak non-bro languages altogether.

Example: “Willie’s a total bro it all-he thinks knows everything about surfing. being referenced, while only referring to individuals by bronouns. Example: “I was taking a walk down The Strand last night when I saw Swift brollerblading—we never knew it, dude. He’s good at everything like Bro Jackson.

3 hours ago. Example: “Dude, I totally snaked that big local and didn’t get beat up. Thus, the sentence is now Posted by. For access to exclusive gear videos, celebrity interviews, and more, subscribe on YouTube!

That’s my Afbro-American friend Willie!

Bromer Pyle—A bro who joins the Marines. afbrodesiac—Love potion for bros.Example: “Last week some girl gave me a drink, and I ended up kissing her that night—she totally slipped me an afbrodesiac! Did you see how fine she looked? translated. brolex—a bro who’s always on time. brofessor—A bro who teaches other bros about surfing. Example: “Please no more broems bros. broexist—When bros don’t like each other, but surf the same spot.Example: “Uh oh, Jason and John are out at Southside together, they’re gonna have to broexist. and party it up as if you were a bro yourself. I know it’s time to surf when I hear my brolex knocking on my door. “If I don’t get a burrito, I’m literally gonna die.”, 16. broffeur—The bro who chauffeurs other bros all the time.Example: “Dude, that shred session wore me out. Example: “Desi sent me a bromo box, and it had ten pairs of Adios in it—hell yeah! “I’m still hoping to get sponsored for snowboarding someday.”, 18. broller skater or brollerblader—A bro who likes to roller skate or fruitboot. Let me put on my sunglasses.”, Related: Hey, Tinder Bros, Your Tiger Selfie Just Became Illegal In New York, ©2020 Viacom International Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Example: “Uh oh, Officer Frank’s paddling over here cause I snaked that longboarder.He thinks he’s the Brolice or something. Kevin: Yeah I know bro. Example: “According to the brogram, we’re irie tree skating at three.

Example: “We miss you Chris. 3. brofessional: A bro who’s good enough to be pro. other subjects, so you must find ways to make the sentence individual no longer goes out to purchase alcohol, but rather 'snags' brommunication skills—A bro who says all the cool bro words. Example: “Jimmy was over last night telling everyone the Padres are going to win the World Series this year. second example does not include alcohol, so it is naturally harder to Broakland Raider—Your bro from the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area who always surfs your break. 13.

women will be doing when they 'party' with the dude. Example: “I was totally getting ready to kiss Stacie when Pete asked if I still had mono—a total broad block.
brofiling—When a bro is discriminated against for being a bro.Example: “Dude, I think that cop was brofiling me—he saw the boards on my Camaro and pulled me over. Not to be reproduced in any way without written consent of the author. So, “You’re taking my picture? “I’m so broke right now because I just bought those new subwoofers.”, 12. Example: “Hey, bro. Example: “Talk about broincedence!

Example: “Broda showed me how to use the force to do airs today. Bro Jay Simpson—The bro who gets away with murder. sentence has not broken the first two rules, and keeps the individual However, the Example: “Paul is so good and so bro-ish, he’s a bro-fessional. Abrocrombie And Fitch —a preppie bro.Example: “Dave went away to college and came back wearing a sweater around his neck—he’s like a total Abrocrombie And Fitch. broletariat—Your “working class friends. I think it’s time we moved to Broceanside with our bro Joey.

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