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van zijn vrouw ook zien te voorkomen dat zijn hele gezin uit elkaar Interesting turn of events. But I still wasn’t sure why. But her reporting the Oslo murder felt like it was sidelined a bit in these two episodes in favour of her hooking up with an old flame. This was a bit of a relief, not least because I really couldn’t see how they could stretch that Line story out for so long. Het eerste seizoen van Wisting is eigenlijk ‘twee (verhalen) voor de prijs van één’. With her parents naturally frantic and angry with Benjamin, it was down to him to feel the burn of guilt and try to put things right by finding her. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. What an annoying character! However, a third case emerged in these two episodes. (Although the question has to be asked, aren’t all teenagers messy?). Just before Christmas, we saw that Sarah Phelps had melded two Tana French novels into one, eight-part series (Dublin Murders), and I just automatically assumed this was going to be the case with Wisting because Dublin Murders was so fresh in my mind. Mijn hemel. It was all a bit of a mess and the links between the two men seemed very tenuous, but thankfully the sheer pace and momentum carried you through. In het bezit van een NPO Start Plus account? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Normale mensen gaan toch gewoon een midweekje legionella snuiven in Center Parcs? But something smelled fishy about the Haglund conviction, and Wisting was also beginning to think that someone in his team (or some people) might have acted unlawfully. Learn how your comment data is processed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Wisting: Scandinavisch speurwerk vanaf 23 november op NPO3, Zerozerozero: broertje van Gomorra op NPO 3, The Loudest Voice: drama met Russell Crowe op NPO Plus en NPO 2, Raised By Wolves: Ridley 'Alien" Scott zoals we hem kennen. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Elsewhere, Line was back in Oslo and was furious at her newspaper’s treatment of her father. Manisch seriekijken bleek het juiste medicijn en de overlever nam zich voor om voortaan alles te kijken wat los en vast zit en dit te delen met de wereld. Vergeleken met haar was de labiele zus van Dexter het toonbeeld van rationaliteit en zelfbeheersing. The young woman who came into the police station in the first story complaining of a stalker – lifestyle blogger Linnea Kaupang – and who had been almost laughed out of his office by Benjamin (not his finest moment it has to be said) went missing. Is this the way he restores his reputation? With Torunn now back in the hospital, I do wonder if Wisting, suspension and all, will be called back in to help and finish the case. Despite all the plot stuff, it was a good watch. luistert naar de naam Wisting en William – zo heet ie aan de voorkant – kenmerken van de licht getormenteerde detective. Which is fine. I’d like a cabin too :). They do have connective threads, though, and throughout these next two episodes, we saw the development of the Haglund case that Wisting was trying to comes to terms with and clear his name over, and the murder case Line was working in Oslo. Deze website maakt gebruik van cookies om de ervaring te optimaliseren. They do have connective threads, though, and throughout these next two episodes, we saw the development of the Haglund case that Wisting was trying to comes to terms with and clear his name over, and the murder case Line was working in Oslo. Dinosaur crime series. I did like how they blended that case into the new one, despite the hilarity of the initial set up (man goes on national television to call a cop negligent, doesn’t supply any evidence in the world’s shortest interview). De grootste streamingdienst van Scandinavië, Viaplay, heeft Delete Me, een Noorse serie over het leven van jongvolwassenen, besteld. So far, Wisting has been a big ‘ole bag full of contradictions. No team work, no communication skills – the way he bungled the TV interview trap: his sense of own worth…. The first five episodes were given over to one story, and this next five episodes – of which we saw the first last week – presents another. It is difficult to keep track of the Female characters in this Series…. Season 1 Review: Superbly layered drama. It is not, as I at first thought, the name for the thing that happens after an unsuccessful sexting experience. Viggo Hansen had died on his sofa, and his death was being investigated by Line. READ MORE: OUR EPISODES ONE AND TWO REVIEW, READ MORE: OUR EPISODES THREE AND FOUR REVIEW. I agree, the whole Ole thing was pretty implausible and the finale was really OTT. In that first story, we were briefly introduced to Vidar Haglund, who had just got out of prison for, what he claimed,  a murder he didn’t commit (ex-copper and now full-time stalker Frank Robekk was on his trail, and still was). This episode was all about showing how Wisting went from hero to (almost) zero. eens gehad over de emotionele puinhoop die Marcella (okay, een voornaam, maar toch…) heet. Learn how your comment data is processed. Als het dan toch zijn tijd was om te gaan, dan niet voordat hij één van de beste series ooit keek. On the other hand, Wisting has been a bit all over the place in terms of the cases themselves, sometimes confoundingly so. sodemietert. ( Log Out /  I was about to give up on the whole thing, but decided to stick with the ‘new’ story line. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I wondered last week whether Wisting – the 10-part Norwegian series – will spin the Line kidnap storyline out for another 10 episodes, or whether, because there were a full six episodes left, she would shuffle off this mortal coil quite quickly. BBC Four’s latest Scandi drama Wisting has started promisingly even if early indications are that it’s going to be merely a good – rather than a great – addition to the genre. And then there was Line’s strand: her investigation had brought her back to Larvik (now surely becoming the Norwegian equivalent of Midsomer). In the cabin (I want to own a cabin like that someday, I’ve decided), he had set up a mobile incident room, with the case notes from the evidently flawed and corrupt Cecilia Linde investigation he had lifted from the station on his way out. Change ). 20 feb 2020. I was wondering when the “Instagram” model was going to turn up again, I assume she’s in the firing line as she was being stalked earlier. Kun je nagaan. ( Log Out /  Lees meer. krijgen. allemaal voortreffelijk speurwerk af, terwijl de boel thuis – in meer Dissecting the best crime drama on television and radio from around the world. En dan hebben we het nog niet The episode finished on an interesting note, and a bit of a twist: Wisting, gathering evidence from the Cecilia Linde case before he was chucked out of the building, more or less admitted to his boss Andrea that he had tampered the evidence to make the case ‘go away’ after she had put out a dodgy statement. He was also quite a nimble lad for a pensioner. 9.5. Wisting – Episodes 1 to 4 – Recap (SPOILERS) Dave Beattie BBC Four, Norway Jan 8, 2020 Jan 9, 2020 7 Minutes. Dissecting the best crime drama on television and radio from around the world. So William Wisting, that impassive policeman who seems like a decent guy is suddenly thrust into a corruption case. Ook in Scandinavië hebben ze – op basis van de boeken van Jørn Lier ( Log Out /  Except that on the same show, Haglund’s lawyer was also invited on and blindsided Wisting, accusing him and the police of planting evidence during the investigation into the murder of Cecilia Linde and wrongfully convicting his client. Felt the end of this was a bit rushed and like you say the plot made no sense in some parts just to keep the action moving. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  Eventually, Wisting did locate and rescue his daughter after a bit of jump from a helicopter and a punch-up in front of a burning barn, almost action hero style. The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 13th – Sunday 19th January), REVIEW: Wisting (S1 E7&8/10) – The Killing Times, REVIEW: Wisting (S1 E9&10/10) – The Killing Times, The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 2nd – Sunday 8th November), NORDIC NOIR BBC Four acquires The Valhalla Murders, NORDIC NOIR Darkness: Those Who Kill to return for a second series in 2021. On the one hand we have a perfectly solid Scandi Noir, propelled by procedural fun and games, often with two investigations in play simultaneously; one by William Wisting himself and the other by his daughter, journalist Line. So she was sent out to investigate a murder case – a dog walker was found clubbed to death in one of the city’s parks – and, as ever, she got into some scrapes. Haglund’s conviction, it seemed, hinged on the DNA found on three cigarette butts found at the scene of the crime, which was now being disputed by everyone. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Cecilia’s case – which was giving him more and more food for thought, especially Nils’s involvement – bore resemblances to Linnea’s. The opening two episodes of Norwegian series, Wisting, was a welcome to return to form for the BBC Four, Saturday-night slot, and a very welcome slice of new Nordic Noir on these winter nights. and with not a lot of time – five episodes at 45 minutes each just is not enough time for such a complicated storyline. He refused, of course, but what they didn’t know was that he had already been thinking about it. Viggo, it was established, had been watching a programme on serial killers when he died and, previously, had been hospitalised because of delusions – he maintained that someone he went to school with, Ole Ling, had somehow changed into someone else… and Ole Ling had been identified as the man whose identity Robert Godwin took. The denouement to that story was all tense and enjoyable, but once it was all over I had to take a step back and ask myself: what actually just happened there? 19 nov 2019. I had to consult Our Charlotte to discuss it, and she confirmed that Crabb had visited Viggo one summer. About Audience Score. Je raadt het waarschijnlijk al, dat gaat nog een hele klus Vanaf zaterdag 23 november is het weer zover: een Scandinavische speurneus gaat op onderzoek uit. I wrote in my initial review of Wisting that William Wisting – the series’ lead character no less – was a bit on the dreary side, but here, with real jeopardy hanging over him, he really kicked into action – he was desperate, anxious, and angry, stomping around from one place to the other and kicking down doors searching for this daughter (who was locked away in Godwin’s boot). Episode five, the final episode of the first story, was fast-paced and very watchable. probeert niet alleen wat moorden op te lossen, hij moet na het verlies In this 10-part series, every episode lives. ( Log Out /  When they got to the lake, they found her mobile phone in the water and her neatly folded-up jumper in a boat. So poor Viggo was right all along – he wasn’t having delusions.

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