who were the last 5 republican presidents

Bush's one-term presidency was defined by the fall of communism and the Gulf War. ", "Iowa Congressman Steve King plans powerbroker role in 2016 GOP presidential campaign", "Steve King not on 2016 presidential trail yet, but not ruling it out", "Susana Martinez's strong Latino support bolsters NM governor's 2016 appeal", "Susana Martinez Is Going to Win Big, and Get a Lot of 2016 Buzz", "Has Bob McDonnell doomed his 2016 chances? Entering office in 1993, Clinton presided over a period of prosperity and relative stability in American history. That’s basically what happened in 2016. In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected as the first Republican President. States are allotted electoral votes based on the number of representatives they have in the House plus their two senators. 1 2 3. After helping preserve the Union in the American Civil War, the Republican Party would come to dominate much of the national political scene until the early 1930s. Since most states (48 plus Washington, D.C.) award all of their electoral votes to the person who wins the statewide popular vote, it’s mathematically possible to win more electoral votes while still losing the popular vote. While most Americans have a sense for […], (Last Updated On: June 1, 2018) You probably learned your ZIP code in kindergarten when you learned your address, how to tie your shoes, and how to tell time. After Roe V. Wade in 1973, and the party’s opposition to abortion, the Republicans would find increasing support among evangelical Christians. Donald Trump assumed office in 2017. His first term was from 1969 to 1973 with Vice President Spiro T. Agnew. Nixon resigned in 1974 before completion of his second term, largely due to the Watergate scandal, at which point Ford resumed office until 1977. Rutherford B. Hayes – 1877 to 1881 (19th President) 4. 12 of these recessions took place while a Republican held the White House. For example, if one candidate wins by large percentages in a handful of very populous states, for example, they’ll probably win the popular vote. Scott Walker officially enters 2016 presidential race", "Republican Walker exits 2016 presidential race", "Perennial candidate back for another race", "10 Repubs, 1 Constitution Candidate File for Idaho Presidential Primary", "The Republican field's 16th candidate is ending his longest-shot campaign", "Long shot 2016 candidate launches campaign with emotional 16-page letter", "Jimmy McMillan, Rent Is Too Damn High Candidate, Is Retiring From Politics", "N.H. Sen. Kelly Ayotte's chances in N.H. for 2016", "Rep. Marsha Blackburn joins the wish list of GOP women contenders for 2016", "Michele Bachmann strives to be the ‘anti-Hillary’ ", "Rep. Michele Bachmann retiring, but says ‘I'm not going to go home and put a sock in my mouth’ ", Today in Unlikely News: Jan Brewer, 2016 Presidential Contender, Jan Brewer Western Governors Association Keynote Speech Draws Only Two Colleagues, "Return visit to Iowa stirs more Brown 2016 speculation", "Former Mass. Roosevelt pulled supporters away from the Republican Party, leading to a win for Democrat Woodrow Wilson. Why did the Commission decide to hand the election to Hayes, who had lost both the popular and electoral vote? In its early years, the Republican Party had almost no presence in the southern United States. Democratic President Jimmy Carter served one term from 1977 to 1981 with Vice President Walter Mondale. After former President Theodore Roosevelt became frustrated by the conservative policies of his friend, President William Howard Taft, he ran unsuccessfully as a third-party candidate of the “Bull Moose” Party in 1912. The House voted to make Adams president, even though Jackson had beaten Adams by 99 electoral votes to 84. French, Lauren; Bresnahan, John (October 2, 2014), Republican Party presidential candidates, 2016, Russia investigation origins counter-narrative, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, 2016 United States presidential election timeline, Democratic Party presidential candidates, 2016, United States third party and independent presidential candidates, 2016, Democratic Party presidential primaries, 2016, Republican Party presidential primaries, 2016, Nationwide opinion polling for the United States presidential election, 2016, Statewide opinion polling for the United States presidential election, 2016, Statewide opinion polling for the Democratic Party presidential primaries, 2016, Nationwide opinion polling for the Democratic Party 2016 presidential primaries, Statewide opinion polling for the Republican Party presidential primaries, 2016, Nationwide opinion polling for the Republican Party 2016 presidential primaries, Republican Party presidential debates, 2016, Democratic Party presidential debates, 2016, "Donald Trump announces presidential bid", "John Kasich Enters Crowded 2016 Race Facing Job of Catch-Up", "Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz Launches Presidential Bid", "Ted Cruz drops out of the Republican presidential race", "Marco Rubio Announces 2016 Presidential Bid", "Ben Carson announces presidential campaign", "Jeb Bush Suspends Presidential Campaign", "Jim Gilmore formally joins GOP presidential race", "Jim Gilmore ends campaign for president", "Chris Christie Announces Run, Pledging 'Truth' About Nation's Woes", "Chris Christie drops out of GOP presidential race", "Carly Fiorina: 'Yes, I am running for president, "Santorum officially begins 2016 presidential campaign", "Rick Santorum dropping presidential bid", "Rand Paul Is Suspending His Presidential Campaign", "Mike Huckabee Joins Republican Presidential Race", "Mike Huckabee ends 2016 presidential bid", "George Pataki announces presidential campaign", "George Pataki Drops Out of 2016 Presidential Race", "Graham bets on foreign experience in White House bid announcement", "Lindsey Graham Drops Out of 2016 Republican Presidential Race", "Bobby Jindal announces entry into 2016 presidential race", "Republican Bobby Jindal Drops Out of Presidential Race", "Wisconsin Gov. Asked by Wiki User. A Look At The Potential Candidates: Cathy McMorris Rodgers", "Five women who could run for president in 2016", "Gun rights proponent Ted Nugent spares no indictment of the liberal left during Harrisburg visit", "Sarah Palin: ‘Of course’ interested in 2016 White House bid", "Palin says she's 'seriously interested' in 2016 campaign", "Rep. Mike Rogers Leaves Door Open To Running For President In 2016", "Rogers retiring, doesn't rule out 2016 presidential bid", "Chris Christie, Brian Sandoval, Mitt Romney and Thomas Jefferson: One size does not fit all", "Rick Scott Really Does Want to Run for President", "Ben Carson and Allen West Look to Rally Conservatives as 2016 Beckons", "Allen West Keeps His Own Political Future Alive by Shaping National GOP's", "GOP Congresswoman Denies Report She's 'Testing The Waters' For A Presidential Run", "Former UN Ambassador John Bolton Won't Run for President", "DYCHE | A Daniels-Rice 2016 Republican Dream Ticket", "TBangert: Governor run for Purdue's Mitch Daniels? Four years later, Cleveland came back and beat Harrison, becoming the first and only U.S. president to serve two non-consecutive terms. Senator from Ohio since 2011[101]Endorsed John Kasich, Condoleezza RiceUnited States Secretary of State 2005–09[102], Buddy RoemerGovernor of Louisiana 1988–92; presidential candidate in 2012, Mitt RomneyGovernor of Massachusetts 2003–07; presidential candidate in 2008; presidential nominee in 2012[103], Paul RyanFormer U.S. Representative from Wisconsin and former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, vice presidential nominee in 2012[104], Joe Scarboroughcable news and talk radio host, U.S. Representative from Florida 1995–2001[105][106]Endorsed Jeb Bush, Rick SnyderGovernor of Michigan 2011-2019[107], John ThuneU.S. William McKinley – 1897 to 1901 (25th President), 8. Is the Coronavirus Crisis Increasing America's Drug Overdoses? George W. Bush served two terms as a Republican from 2001 to 2009 with Dick Cheney as vice president. Electors are apportioned according to the population of each state, but even the least populous states are constitutionally guaranteed a minimum of three electors (one representative and two senators). READ MORE: What Is the Electoral College and Why Was It Created? 3 of which had no economic recession under their tenure. Marsha BlackburnU.S. 3 Capital Cities? Let Freedom Ring | Who Cracked the Liberty Bell? Individuals included in this section have their own Wikipedia page and either formally announced their candidacy or filed as a candidate with Federal Election Commission (FEC) (for other than exploratory purposes). Johnson won a second term from 1965 to 1969, along with Vice President Hubert M. Humphrey. Carter was followed by Republican Ronald Reagan, who served two terms from 1981 to 1989 with Vice President George H.W. Today, the Republican Party draws much of its support from the South, the Great Plains, the Mountain States, and rural northern areas. Senator from South Carolina 2005–13[60][61][62], Mary FallinGovernor of Oklahoma 2011-2019[63][64], Nikki HaleyGovernor of South Carolina from 2011 - 2017, former U.S. Rutherford B. Hayes (1876) Similar to 1824, the election of 1876 wasn’t decided by the voters, but … ", "2016 Election: Could South Asians Bobby Jindal Or Nikki Haley Get Big-Ticket Nominations? Rutherford B. Hayes – 1877 to 1881 (19th President), 4. While only 55% of Americans own stock, the majority of Americans will be hurt by the economic decline. Gerald Ford – 1974 to 1977 (38th President), 16. The early 20th century saw a split in the GOP. President Richard M. Nixon was a Republican who followed with two terms. On election night, the results were too close to call in three states: Oregon, New Mexico and Florida. Rutherford B. Hayes served as the 19th President of the United States. This is the first of two occasions when the man ultimately elected president first lost both the popular vote and the electoral vote.

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