vepr 12 canada

Le Vepr-12 est un fusil semi-automatique russe.

Il est calqué sur le fusil d'assaut Kalachnikov d'origine, et construit sur le récepteur de la mitrailleuse légère Kalachnikov RPK. Nick, if you hate AK’s that’s fine – just don’t review them and make excuses for why you give them bad reviews without justification. Sold it when I was stationed in California because the AK platform is per se illegal in the state and I play by the rules. Semi-auto AK-style shotguns aren’t new, and we’ve reviewed them before on the site. Friend lose things. ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Based on the design of the Kalashnikov, owning a Molot Vepr is like holding a piece of Russian history, one that is reinforced to last far into the future. With the Vepr, I went through about 50 and didn’t have a sore shoulder. First on the list of gripes is the safety. Price is a super hard one, but “value” could be a legit thing to rank in cases where it actually does affect the overall (and, btw, I’m completely guessing as to why Nick’s overall is lower than the average of the categories… it could be value plus 1,000 other tiny things that didn’t deserve categories of their own but brought the average down). Fanbois are fanbois. Hell, you gave that GI 1911 with sights part of the slide and no rails a 5. It’s a shotgun, anything more than a brass bead and you’re over thinking your shot. We test the gun exactly as it comes from the factory. That is the bolt lock. Price wasn’t a prior category.

The 12×76 marking means you can shoot 3 inch shells out of this gun.

They included that button on the bottom of the receiver… it is in front of the trigger… this allows you to lock the bolt without an inserted magazine…. I can see MAYBE using the VEPR 12 with a 20-round drum of Dragon’s Breath to fry the crippled bastard after I’ve tartar’d his @$$… but that’s just to make sure they don’t get up again like in a horror film. Fortunately for them they took off before I got downstairs.

i would like to see an update to the review considering 800 is the new price….. +1 30″ $ 3,999.95 Add to cart; Caesar Guerini Summit Impact Black Sporting 12ga.

Oh, and the best part: The bolt is held open after the last round fires. Second if you want to shoot light loads you have to adjust the gas system and set it to pos. selon les recommandations des projets correspondants. All AK variants are prohibited by the firearms act with the exception of the Valmet hunter. I’ve never seen that XRAIL system before. Ergonomics: * * * * I never beat my dogs downstairs though and it is over so fast I don’t get time to even fire one round.

I don’t see the Vepr as much of an improvement. Then the question become: why have the rating system at all? Even with the availability of Saiga-12 and VEPR-12 shotguns, the pro 3-gun shooters still don’t use them. The safety on the m1 rifle and several other firearms is in the trigger gaurd. But the form factor of the magazines limit your capacity, and are you really going to take the time to strap on extra shotgun magazines before checking on what that noise downstairs was? I had TWO 930 SPXs and BOTH choked on everything I fed them. I am 922(r) compliant and added a tank muzzle break, this helps reducing muzzle flip. Overall Rating: * * * Even a brass bead is over thinking it in my book. There’s an issue with aiming this gun, thanks to the parallax resulting from the sights being an inch above the top of the barrel. What do you use it for?

I have a few 10 round stick mags and a 20 round drum. That’s no different than saying “I tested a Delton AR15 that jammed so this Daniel Defense AR15 is an inferior weapon to a Winchester 70.”. u got stick out to them, no judge would give them cort order because they think your guns not complant With the VEPR-12, it looks like some of those problems have been fixed. Ratings (Out of Five Stars): 7 years ago.

And it accepts 10 rd drums … At the same height as a 5-rd stick magazine. $699 classic firearms they can’t keep them in stock tho sell out with in one two weeks and takes a second for em to get em again. Everybody who I have personally seen that had an s12 that ftf’d didn’t set the regulator correctly.

same concept as the ar15 and ak47, lots of loaded mags and fire away, amazing with Pumpkin shoots! Something went wrong. I get what you saying. Why is that? It cycles every type of ammo I throw at it. Price was 799.99 and was from Classic Arms.

http://www.atlanticfirearms.com/component/virtuemart/shipping-rifles/vepr-12-gauge-shotgun-pre-order-detail.html?Itemid=0, http://www.classicfirearms.com/long-guns/vepr12gashotgun-1. My Saiga 12 works flawlessly if I have the gas adjusted correctly.

So… Second, see my comment right above yours.

All ratings are relative compared to the other weapons in the gun’s category. Overall the VEPR-12 is a dramatic improvement over the Saiga. Most obvious is probably that the gun comes from the factory configured the way you’d want it. Shh! I hope my previous comment doesn’t seem anti-2nd. You didn’t give it a fair test!” To which I reply that guns are tested in factory condition, and a gun that needs to be “fixed” before you can actually use it is a pretty piss poor gun. This review is full of inaccurate information. If I were looking to drop that kind of scratch on a semi auto 12 gauge it’s going to have pretty wood furniture…. That said, I’ll admit that in the reviews I have done I’ve tried to add any categories that I felt had a direct affect on the overall score so the overall did make more sense when taking into account the stuff above it. The cheek pad is remarkably well designed, it can be moved out of the way, no problem for me, besides, most people will no doubt use a red dot sight, so sight picture will be unaffected. But still, there are problems.

There’s a rubber pad on the stock that wallows from one side to the other much like the cheek pad on a SVD rifle, and while it seems like a good idea in practice it tends to move around quite a lot and just get in the way.

Finally, if stuff happened and it was confiscated, I’d just buy another…no drama. But for home defense, I just grab the Vaquero or the Glock 21 or the Mossberg and I feel fine with that. I was looking for a buttstock for my Vepr 12 Molot. Maybe a little break-in in some cases makes sense, but having to “fix” it — like replacing parts with aftermarket ones or polishing stuff, etc — before it cycles properly is not a good thing and nobody should expect that with any modern firearm. Speaking only for myself, I’m glad to trade the pretense of mathematical objectivity for reviews that are an honest reflection of an informed person’s opinions and preferences.

Is that normal?

Was imagining a jury looking at this tacticool monster “AK 47 assault shotgun” – in the event I actually used it for home defense, the intruder gave me time to load the thing, it didn’t jam, and I actually hit that at which I was aiming. It must be bliss…. Believe it or not, many more pumps than autos. The Vepr 12 is equipped with an magazine well giving it the ability to insert magazines straight into the shotgun without the need to cant the magazine like on traditional AK pattern firearms. Stock Saigas often simply didn’t work at all.

Uh – then I might suggest you not buy a Kimber 1911 frame in .45 and shoot flat front ball ammo. Call me vain, but my second reason for buying a gun after having a use for it is aesthetics. I mean, it’s the truth about how this gun comes from the factory, but it’s not the truth about how great this gun can be with 5 minutes of time in my mechanically inclined hands. I will be doing a conversion on it in the future so for now I will stick with the 5 round mags until it meets 922R. Where is the best place to buy the vepr12. The sights are nice, and the full length rail along the top is a very nice touch, but it would be more useful if the stock wouldn’t get in the way so much. I’d hate to be the test case, but it seems likely that if anything, the test case would likely be a “pretext” prosecution (i.e. But what if it is intended to be like that? I am familiar with their products for a quite a long time, but now they got a buttstock with adaptor I’m not worried about needing more than 6 rounds of 12 gauge for home defense.

it does not, though I suppose you could attach one to the rail section under the gas/sight block. Le Vepr-12 est fabriquée dans de nombreuses variantes, chacune avec une désignation unique. As a practical matter, 922r compliance is something the feds care a lot about IF you are a large scale manufacturer, but not if you are the end user. How can you as a journalist allow personal bias against a COMPLETELY different firearm affect your opinion of this one? If you are a person that is looking for ONE gun then do your research and grab it but why badmouth others…? That and my EAA Match 10mm. Vous pouvez partager vos connaissances en l’améliorant (comment ?) Cost the same as a base model AR or AK does.

This is the most obviously biased and uninformed review I’ve ever read on this site. In comparison to what it would take to get a Saiga 12 to the Vepr 12 level of quality, $1200 was still a great deal. Accuracy: * * * *

Modifications aren’t covered in reviews. It’s annoying and frustrating, and if this were my gun that would be the first thing to go.

Of all the magazines I tried only the 5 rounders were reliable and even those had occasional jams.

Pre-break in its a little pesky. First, there are four (4) ratings before the overall. I also own a Mossberg 930 and I’ve fired slugs from my friend’s Savage 12 gauge. they said no one should be detain because of open carey of a gun, so u first need break the law, some kind law they take your gun do they have just cause to beleave gun not leagle ? I just cannot see how this can be dangerous. Related: molot saiga used gun parts 7.62x39 vepr 12 rpk izhmash norinco: molot saiga used gun parts 7.62x39 vepr 12 rpk izhmash norinco You take equipment from the factory and are willing to pan something if it’s bad. funny that the shotgun is marketed as the premier 3-gun shotty. It’s good in theory, but in practice it’s annoying and somewhat sharp. Then of course the possibility of violating firearms laws in a different state. These are getting hard to come by. I work from a home office in my basement.

There are some really nifty features on this gun, and it definitely is an improvement from the Saiga-12, but I’m running into the same problem that I ran into with the Saiga: what do you use it for? But I’m not volunteering to be the test case. Also considered potential liability at trial. for Vepr built-in.

Either it has sharp edges (you cut yourself or the gun grinds when using it) or it doesn’t. Bet this gun would be ideal for sasquatch hunting. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Yet I do not like the embargoes pertaining to Russia or China as it really only adversely effects respective citizens in both countries as well as the U.S..Now, transferring high-tech military type technology I get…. ATF is always looking for a new avenue of prosecution. Neither worked without gunsmithing with ANY loads. In case you look for improvement and tuning of your rifle i warmly suggest to consider this option. people get all fussed about it and do things like add recoil buffers or extra strength recoil springs, and then scratch their heads at the occasional short-stroke or double. Il est calqué sur le fusil d'assaut Kalachnikov d'origine, et construit sur le récepteur de la mitrailleuse légère Kalachnikov RPK.

People said the m16 was a solution in search of a problem to……, Umm the XRAIL is $$$ ( I could buy two JM Mossburg 930s instead )– and puts a huge weight WAY out from the shooters body, so for less money I can pickup a 25 round drum magazine that I can slot in and out much easier than reloading the XRAIL.

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