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There’s his buttoned-up beard Alice (Julia Schlaepfer), the engine McAffee (Laura Dreyfuss), and his morally ambiguous sidekick James (Theo Germaine), who would sacrifice his own romantic happiness to see Payton succeed — and thank him for the opportunity. It's just one of a thousand ways of how it looks. Name: Theo Germaine: Gender: Male : Nationality: American : Profession: Actor : Instagram: theogermaine : Theo is a transgender. Because I grew up around these rigid gender roles, when I was 18, 19, my coming-out process was about over-correcting myself in order to fit into this other part of society. Like Leighton Meester’s doyenne of the Upper East Side, Payton surrounds himself with the finest things in life, including only the best, brightest, and most loyal political advisors. Theo Germaine, Julia Schlaepfer, and Laura Dreyfuss in “The Politician”, “Everybody in the show is just kinda fluid, and kind of all over the place, but nothing is specifically talked about,” Germaine said during a recent interview.

I didn't learn it was an issue until people started to make it an issue. That said, Germaine, who was conditioned as a girl, and spent their late teenage years passing as a man before finally deciding, “Fuck all of this” and identifying as non-binary, is keen to see bigger changes within the industry: “Being limited to just playing, you know, a select few trans characters that Hollywood decides are palatable to put into the industry is not exciting,” they say. Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news! With season two of The Politician now available on Netflix, we caught up with actor and activist Theo Germaine about the damaging effects of Eurocentric beauty ideals and how they want to fight for more trans opportunities in the industry. OK, I've got to reassess my goals.". When I go into auditions where, let’s say, they’re looking for a white masculine person, who’s roughly this age — I’m probably going to be one of the few non-cisgender people showing up. I was like, I don't really know what's going on, but my brain is starting to pick up on gender and men do this and women do this and something is wrong and I don't know what's going on. I was like, "Oh, something's up and I don't know what's going on.". I think it’s going to take a lot of people speaking up who we haven’t seen before; I think a lot of people who maybe have let themselves feel very comfortable need to start feeling uncomfortable. I like it as a costume, but it’s not me.’”, “I grew up in Central Illinois, in a very, very small town. Read highlights below and click here to listen to the full interview. JM: As your understanding of gender continues to evolve, are you seeing an evolution in your sexuality as well? All rights reserved. Before he was a girl and went for surgery to turn into a boy.
And yeah, nothing was like those two opportunities. I honestly think that's because there was a certain part of my life that was so sheltered that I didn't learn it was wrong. And you know what? I just was like, "Hey, you're not allowed to get discouraged and you're not allowed to stop because this is what you want to do and you have goals." It puts so much pressure on men, too, by putting them in a box whereby if they wear make-up they’re then seen as gay or not manly.”, “In my experience, casting directors are more likely to say, ‘This trans person doesn’t look right’ or ‘I can’t imagine this person in this role.’ That’s a huge detriment. Homophobia is something that didn't really start to come up for me until I got into middle school and people started making all of these...middle school students can be so cruel. I was always gendered correctly and I felt super respected. With all of this delicious diversity, it’s no big deal that Germaine is trans — which is, itself, kind of a big deal. Payton's sidekick James in Netflix's 'The Politician,' steals the show.

It was kind of magical, actually.”. New episodes of the LGBTQ&A podcast come out every Tuesday on the Luminary app. Ryan Murphy's Netflix show "The Politician" is like if Wes Anderson directed "Gossip Girl," and Theo Germaine is a dream lackey. That said, Germaine, who was conditioned as a girl, and spent their late teenage years passing … He is mainly known for his work in the series The Politician. I think that a lot of it includes how I can be a good citizen with this success that I have and how I can use it to educate and how I can use it to help other people out.

That is not typical. Today, I think I get misgendered less, but it depends on if somebody knows me or not. Then it just makes me think about capitalism and capitalizing on your identity to try to get some sort of success, and I don't want to capitalize on this part of myself to try to gain stuff. In Work in Progress, Germaine's gender is part of the plot; their character's pronouns are clarified in the very first episode when the main character initially gets them wrong.

“Which was kinda scary at first, because I’m so used to having to label myself.”.

There was basically no diversity there, and there were a lot of very rigid gender roles and a lot of Eurocentric standards of beauty at full force. That just how I look and that's not what all non-binary looks like. Theo Germaine talks about each of these characters on this week's episode of the LGBTQ&A podcast, as well as how they've been thinking about their gender since they were three, "my first memories are The Lion King and gender dysphoria.". Looking at shows like “Orange Is the New Black” and “Pose,” trans representation in Hollywood has so far mostly centered on trans women. Theo Germaine talks about each of these characters on this week's episode of the LGBTQ&A podcast, ... Or people will think I'm a butch woman and they will try to do something because of that. David Letterman Picks the Lowest Point of Donald Trump's Presidency Thus Far, 'Queen's Gambit' Netflix Success Stirs Up Interest in Heath Ledger's Original Plan for Film Version, 40 Directors Pick Favorite Horror Movies: Tarantino, del Toro, Bong Joon Ho, and More, Halloween in Hollywood: Where to Celebrate the Spooky Season. JM: What do your goals look like now that you've already achieved that? So we have so much work to do in regards to that.”, “I do think that things are changing.

He has a clandestine romance with Alice, in which we see them interrupted during a hook-up. So my understanding of beauty has been shaped by these stereotypes, and then by breaking out of them.”, “It takes a lot of learning to not listen to somebody else in regards to what’s beautiful. Interviews with leading film and TV creators about their process and craft. “I’ve always been someone who likes expressing myself through how I look, whether that’s by playing dress-up or wearing make-up. [Click here to listen to the full podcast with Theo Germaine.].

“I want me and all of my friends to have access to the same opportunities that every white cisgender male actor has.” As season two of The Politician hits Netflix this week, we caught up with the actor over Zoom to discuss the effects of growing up surrounded by Eurocentric standards of beauty and how they’ve since sought to dismantle them.

When I was auditioning before these things happened, I was just go, go, go trying to submit to every single possible thing that I could. So there are little victories happening, but on the whole, it’s like a very slow-moving freighter that is kind of motivated by money.”, “There are a lot of things I want to do that have traditionally gone to very specific-looking types of cisgender dudes. Hollywood newbie Theo Germaine, a.k.a. My history with gender is that I was someone who started experiencing gender feelings basically as soon as I started having a personality when I was a toddler. I think that maybe he’s a little bit stuck in some of his old ways. “The Politician” is undoubtedly his big break, and it’s coming just in time for Hollywood’s trans new wave. James is essential to the plot of the show; his gender is not. They inherit everything that they've learned from their parents and they spit it out at you. Actor Theo Germaine, 28, is best known for playing high school student turned shrewd political campaign adviser James Sullivan in Ryan Murphy’s hit Netflix show, The Politician. I know how I look. Theo is a graduate of University of Illinois and has appeared on Chicago's most … Sign Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news!

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