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Although the deadlift shouldn’t be foregone due to chance of injury (not deadlifting, squatting, and working out, in general, is likely much more detrimental to your health,) the trap bar deadlift carries less risk of injury. It’s easy to find the absolute best, often times you just look for the most expensive; choosing the best for most people while considering all of the factors involved, is much harder.

Pull, … In other words, the knurling on the Kabuki Trap Bar is the same as one of the best power bars in the world. In an effort to make The Trap Bar as versatile of an implement as possible, we opted to open up one end of the bar while still ensuring it retains a fully-balanced design. We’ve seen many people find the trap bar to be a beneficial addition to their garage gym, but it’s often one of the later specialty bars that’s purchased; this shouldn’t be the case. That was one of the reason that I purchased the bar.

Most trap bars come with two different handle heights. The first is it’s made by a company with arguably the best customer service and warranty in the industry.

There are a couple of reasons why we’ve kept the Titan Hex Trap Bar from being our top pick (they were very close) and here’s why: 1. It’s also one of the most enjoyable to use and has us questioning where the line is between strength equipment and fine art. Just don’t expect many frills.

In one of the garage gym reviews on youtube, it’s pointed out that on some racks the bar will slide out and fall if you load a single 45 on one side. Trap bars put less stress on the lumbar spine, which is especially beneficial for those with back problems.

If you have the money to spend and want the best, this is our recommendation.

52" is where you have the two outside portions of the hex coming together and equivalent to my standard barbel. Unlike other cambered bars that curve, the specific 10-degree bar break minimizes cervical spinal loading. Think about it, as good as a Leatherman Multi-Tool is, if you just need something cut, a fixed blade is vastly superior. It also has whip and that whip matters to the properties of the bar. Although it wasn’t overtly noticeable if not told of the feature prior, I didn’t experience as many issues balancing the bar as I have with cheaper trap bars in the past. If you want a lot of features in a trap bar at a low price, this is your best bet and our Budget Pick.

For those unaware, the knurling is the cross-hatched portion of a bar that provides help for your grip.

- Weight: 44 lb One feature of the bar that’s stated, but is only somewhat accurate is the rackability of the bar. Is it one of the best we’ve ever used? Features: Donnie Thomson is releasing or has kist released a bow bar. First thing I did when I got it was load up 850ish, walk it out and feel the whip. Combining the open-end design that is by far the best way to make a trap bar along with interchangeable handles that feature the same knurling as their top-of-the-line power bar, this is the last trap bar you'd ever have to buy. The bar is listed as rackable, but reviews do not seem to agree. Complaints about knurling but honestly I have no issue with just wrapping with tape. The titan one looked pretty good on garage gym reviews.

The biggest shortcoming of the Rogue TB-1 Trap bar compared with some of the newer trap bars that are coming out is the powder coated sleeves.

At our gym, this does happen on the hard plastic J-hooks, but not on the metal ones. My gym just got a transformer bar, so I think I’ll try to mimic the weight distribution of a low bar squat with that.

Just seems like a weird design choice.". - Crafted with all-steel construction

Warranty: 5 years, This heavy duty Hex Trap Bar from Titan Fitness was designed to be able to be used inside your rack on pin and pipe safety bars, flip down safety bars, or your strap safety system. - Unique dual handle design for targeting and isolating desired muscle groups In the second study titled, “An Examination of Muscle Activation and Power Characteristics While Performing the Deadlift Exercise With Straight and Hexagonal Barbells” it was found that: “These results suggest that the barbells led to different patterns of muscle activation and that the hexagonal barbell may be more effective at developing maximal force, power, and velocity.”. Strength Shop USA Bow Bar - Don’t know what weight capacity is, waiting on IG message follow up to find out. I purchased the Ox Bar over two years ago. The Öppen Deadlift Bar solves many issues common to trap bars on the market today which are often difficult to load, cumbersome to use and challenging to store. This is a good bar, we did a full review on it here, but it hits an in-between spot on features and price that left it off our list.

A majority of times, the CAP Combo Hex Bar will be cheaper, but sometimes with the right discount code, the Titan Olympic Hex Bar can be had for cheaper (or you could use points you’ve accumulated. We're big fans of the bar, but not more so than the TB-1. However, the Ox Bar is a great investment, Any other use for the bar? That said, if this bar is actually “harder” than a straight bar, it’s probably only a 10-30 lb difference on my max. Length: 2150 mm/84.65 in. Without a doubt, the handle that will be used most often is the lower handle, so why they decided to not knurl it is beyond our understanding (in all honesty, it was likely done on accident.) The Eleiko Öppen Deadlift Bar is an open-end trap bar that is the most costly on our list (and quite possibly anywhere,) but also one of the best. - Weight: 60 LB, #SPECS - Bar Dimensions: 56"L x 24"W x 6"H. Bar Weight: 75 lb. The Kabuki Strength Trap Bar, in all reality, is our favorite trap bar currently available. Whenever you see people pushing their hips through and shoulders way back in order to achieve an over the top lockout on the deadlift, it’s actually not good for them. The Titan Olympic Hex Weight Bar is essentially the same bar as our Cheapest Pick, the CAP OB-89HZ Combo Hex Bar. There’s not much arguing this, even the manufacturers who don’t yet have an open-ended trap bar would likely admit it’s better and are likely working on their own. We have the older brother of the TB-1 in our garage gym, the Rogue TB-2 Trap Bar that features all of the same construction and components, but also includes a second handle that allows for deadlifts from a different height. The sleeves are fixed and parallel to the ground, other cambered bars pitch up causing your body to compensate and tilt forward. However, it's very similar to our Top Pick, the Rogue TB-1, but at a higher price point. - Handle Diameter: 1.25" The TB-1 allows for this type of work due to it being rackable. It’s fine if a trap bar costs more, however, its features should match the offer.

We greatly prefer too aggressive a knurl on a trap bar versus too passive, but the ideal knurl in our opinion would be what’s on the Rogue Ohio Power Bar. The construction should match the asking price, meaning if a trap bar is expensive, then it should have tighter tolerances, better welds, more precise knurling, etc than one that is less. Open Design to allow for a variety of unilateral and carrying movements We’ve tried to take the most obvious characteristics of what to look for in the bar and use these to guide our recommendations: Similar to a barbell, the steel of the trap bar is the most important characteristic. But, if you plan to spend this amount, we’d suggest spending a bit more to get an open-ended bar or waiting for Rogue to release a new model. As you might expect, the Eleiko is pricey.

EliteFTS Rackable Trap Bar: Good bar that is comparable to our top pick, however, it is more expensive from EliteFTS, especially when shipping is considered. The powder coat is Rogue’s signature black matte textured powder coat that is seen throughout hundreds of items in their catalog. Price: USD 349.00. Weight: 25kg/55.12 lbs. The sleeves are fixed and perpendicular to the ground, other cambered bars pitch up causing your body to compensate and tilt forward....

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