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If you went straight, you’d arrive at Salt River Recreation, the outfit that runs the busy tubing rental and shuttle service for the river. Power Road heads north for a few miles before turns east and becomes Bush Highway, passing each of the river’s main recreation areas and roughly paralleling the river until reaching Saguaro Lake. Follow roads. It’s generally pretty easy to avoid these simply by paying close attention to the river ahead of you, identifying the areas of choppy water that might indicate an obstacle, and paddling around them. Take note that it’ll still be hot out even after the sun sets, and you still might encounter the tail end of the party-goers (while the shuttle buses end at 6pm, the party often lingers later). The first is to drive north on Power Road from the Loop-101 freeway in northeast Mesa. Alternative days/times available for special groups, please inquire. These lakes all provide you with wonderful vacations, and you may choose to venture through massive national forests or down long rivers to get to where you want to go. Here are some alternatives to a vehicle shuttle. If you’ve ever paddled the river, you’ll see countless lost items on the shoreline or river bottom from people who did not do this. I usually buy mine at one of the gas stations near Power & McDowell on my way to the river. Black Canyon Lake does sit in the Black Canyon where the tree cover is extremely heavy. Most of the rapids and ripples on the Salt River are caused by a few large submerged rocks that sit higher than the surrounding river bottom—some of which are exposed above the waterline. Local outfitters 360 Adventures and REI Co-Op Experiences offer kayaking and paddleboarding tours of the Lower Salt River. You get many wonderful lovely pictures here, and you are falling into a place that leads you deeper into the forests of this part of the state. Because this launch starts at a private guest ranch, you’ll need to pay for the privilege. You may come to Knoll Lake because you have already spent time in the Blue Ridge Reservoir, but Knoll Lake is a different experience. Home Search Events Forum. I highly encourage this, as it also reduces parking issues at the recreation sites (especially Granite Reef). I recommend renting kayaks from the Arizona Hiking Shack, which is near 32nd Street & Thomas in east Phoenix. Photo Credit: Lake Powell Hidden Canyon Kayak via Flickr CC2.0. Share. If you fail to arrive long before (or long after) the summer tubers, you’ll regret stopping here. You can also rent kayaks from Saguaro Lake Guest Ranch by booking one of their unguided tours. Disembark here and carry your boat up the small hill to your left and you’ll find yourself at the parking lot. Running over a bottom of sandy mud, the Salt is dotted with dozens of small islands. Overall, I’d say that’s in line with my personal preferences for this stretch of river. Start your canoeing adventure using any of our six planned routes or any combination! If you’ve paid for a tour from the Saguaro Lake Guest Ranch, then you’ll be receiving a ride back courtesy of the ranch and you can skip this section. distance 0.00 km. Some people use neoprene booties, but I suggest sticking with something a bit more substantial. While recent legislation officially bestows the name “wild horses” upon the herd, they’re not exactly wild, at least in the truest sense of the word. The Blue Ridge reservoir is magnificent because it makes you feel the majesty of this area while helping remove you from the city that sits over an hour to the north. Salt River kayaking map. Note: There is NO physical address for our Arizona whitewater rafting office. Consider going farther south as you find new places to kayak on this list. I usually wear a swimsuit and a long-sleeved synthetic shirt with UV protection. Woods Canyon Lake lies on the western edge of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, and it exists in the same general area as the Blue Ridge Reservoir and Knoll Lake. Another problem you may run into is bumping into lots of rocks in shallow areas of the river. Also keep in mind that the Bush Highway is heavily patrolled by sheriff deputies. Season: May-OctIdeal cfs: 500-1500Experience level: NoviceRapids: mostly Class IRiver Miles: ~12Vehicle shuttle requiredParking fee: $8 (Tonto Pass). Primary species seen: Lesser Yellow Legs, Harris’ Hawk, Gila Woodpecker, Phainopepla, Great Blue Heron, Aberts Towhee, Bald Eagle, Snowy Egret, Kingfisher, Gambel’s Quail, Black Phoebe, Curve-billed Thrasher, Western Bluebird, Cooper’s Hawk. There is a Taco Bell restaurant and Shell gas station at this intersection. Stop. Phon D Sutton has pit toilets, picnic shelters, and both a large parking lot and a secondary lot further back. Calculate canoeing distances. Can’t arrange for a vehicle shuttle? This late afternoon and evening were no exception. The other way to find the Lower Salt River is via Exit 199 from “The Beeline,” Hwy 87. If you have prescription glasses or sunglasses, you might want to bring a croakies-style glasses strap to keep them secured to your head in case you end up in the water.SunscreenDon’t forget to put on plenty of sunscreen before you launch. The longest trip you can do on the Lower Salt River starts here and ends about 13 river miles later at Granite Reef. Traveling north from Globe, turn LEFT just after the bridge that crosses the Salt River, just after mile marker 293. This large parking lot is where most tubers start, and it’s also the most common put-in for longer kayaking trips down the Salt River. Also, the river flattens out and is more shallow near the bridge, so it’s easier to start on the other side of the ripples, especially in low water. The only exception for the Salt River is if you’re launching from Granite Reef. Recommended attire includes a hat, clothing appropriate for the expected weather conditions, and sunscreen SPF 30 or higher. Help keep our trails and parks open during COVID-19 by committing to social distancing. Route information. Sit-on-tops are great because they’re very stable and they don’t make some new paddlers as nervous as the enclosed cockpit of sit-ins. → This guide covers all the basics you need to know to kayak the Salt River. Go Kayaking and Canoeing near Salt Lake City - Where to Kayak and Canoe near Salt Lake City UT The goal here is to avoid any downstream obstacles and use your legs as shock absorbers for anything that you do run into. SnacksMost groups take a break halfway through the paddle, which makes for a perfect time for a quick snack.WhistleFederal regulations require every boat, including kayaks, to have a signaling device on board—and a whistle is your best option on the Lower Salt River.

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