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They consummate their relationship and she becomes pregnant with Max's child.

Miguel and Mia were last seen at a bridge talking about their future. When we first see her at the airport, Franco and her look each other in the eyes, and then he tells Mia that is one of his friends. Hilda continues teaching at Elite Way.

He is immediately expelled and he never returns to Elite Way. This article contains a list of characters from the telenovela Rebelde. Conectar con Google. Also tends to act clumsy when in the presence of a gorgeous woman. However, Diego has sincerely fallen in love with Roberta during their relationship and tells her so, but she doesn't believe him. Although he is good at heart, he is a party boy and does things without considering the consequences. He hates Diego because Roberta loves him. He always gets what he wants, at any cost. She becomes friends with Sol which definitely has a bad influence on her.

Erreway is trying to get famous in Argentina, but a few suprises on the road makes it a little hard... Two identical but essentially and socially different twin sisters, that were separated at birth, share a singing gift and the dream of being a singer. After having a lengthy talk with Roberta, Lola has a new perspective on her life, and a new relationship with her sister. A post shared by RBD (@rbd_musica) on Sep 30, 2020 at 8:02am PDT In celebration of Rebelde 's anniversary, ET is taking a look at what all six band members are doing now. It took me a while to get to know who the characters were, but once I started watching it on a more consistent basis not only were the characters interesting but their story lines were easy to follow, even if you don't know the language. With Anahí, Dulce María, Alfonso Herrera, Christopher Von Uckermann. Miguel has trouble getting in to take the admission test. She is the daughter of the school principal and disliked by most of the students for that reason and because she is nosy and likes to gossip. Several of the cast members starred together in Clase 406 before Rebelde. His friend Tomás tells Roberta the truth, and she dumps him, furious and heartbroken with his lie. He died after being involved a heavy car accident. Lupita's mother doesn't like this because she thinks Mayra is a bad example for Lupita, but Lupita loves her for being there when she most needed her. In the third season, RBD start recording their album and go on tour. When Roberta tells him what she has done, he's stunned and demands her reasons for it. A few days later, he remembers his father thanks to Roberta (after a strong session of screams on her behalf) and a long discussion, after he mistakenly says that Sabrina is his girlfriend instead of Mia (even though he likes Mia without remembering their history together), which makes Mia want to get far away from Miguel. She is best friends with Vico and Mia, though she eventually became friends with Sol de la Riva, despite her being Mia's sworn rival. Magma Cine, Chemistry Unveil Strategic Production Alliance (Exclusive). Hilda has devoted her entire life to teaching, but had a romance in her youth with Professor Hilario (played by Héctor Gómez). Mia wants to meet her mother no matter what Franco says. A strict man, who always wants to win at all costs. He is in the Elite Way School to get revenge on Franco Colucci(since he believes Franco obligated his father to kill himself), not knowing he would fall for the man's daughter (Mia Colucci).
However, she likes to be helpful. Sigue en activo en la música publicando sencillos con ritmos latinos y, este verano, ha colaborado junto a Cali & El Dandee en el tema Loca, que aún sigue sonando en las radios de Latinoamérica. The series follows the lives of the students, their parents and their professors, and it also features the regular use of English language and phrases by the upper class. Conoce al nuevo elenco de Like. Diego's father and a well-known politician. However, due to her meddling in Gaston's obscure past, she gets extremely upset and desperately wants her out of the way. He used to be in a relationship with Alma Rey. Todo está listo para que la famosa telenovela Rebelde llegue a la pantalla chica de nuevo. While at school she felt helpless and unloved, at one point attempted taking pills to take her mind off things. Además, ha sido madre recientemente. Her family is lower middle class, and she's at Elite Way thanks to a scholarship obtained to her by her aunt, who works at the school's cafeteria. She is later adopted by Franco and Alma. Miguel Arango is a noble, down to earth, handsome, but "short-fused" young man. When she is asked if was the same person from the airport she lies and plays it off like they had never met.
Pasqual had difficulty expelling him from Elite Way due to business ties with Joaquin's family. Mía's family grows at the end of the series: Franco marries Roberta's mother, Alma, and together they adopt Roberta's best friend, Jose Luján.

However, with Martín's help, she starts realizing that her mother truly loves her, and did everything there was in her power to give her the best life she could. Roberta's forced to go to Elite Way School. Giovanni talked to Javier's father and told him that he was Javier's boyfriend.

Thankfully he and his face are fine. Introverted, he hates outdoor activities.

She is a single mother, even though she used the last name of one of her ex-lovers to give her daughter Roberta a true family name. Add the first question. Has a crush on Mía and Alma Rey. Towards the end of the first season, Diego falls, hitting his head, and pretends not to remember Roberta so that he can go out with her and win the bet he made with Tomas. La intérprete se siente orgullosa de no perpetuar los estereotipos en pantalla. He's never heard from again.

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