pilot falcon metal vs resin

The Pilot Metal Falcon is, as the name suggests, an -almost- solid metal version of the normal Falcon (the grip section is still resin). Pilot Metal Falcon Video Review, Introducing the Lamy Safari 2013 Neon Yellow, Unboxing the Pilot Metal Falcon and the Namiki Falcon. In this week's video review, our very own Michael Jones takes a look at the. Test writing with the Falcon's unique Soft, solid gold nibs. It's obviously a lot heavier than the resin version, which will appeal to those who thought the original Falcon was too light. Converters - The Metal Falcon uses a pump-action, push button converter (. (C) 2009-2011 Goldspot Pens. Powered by, Lamy Dialog 3 Piano Black Fountain Pen Review, Pilot Iroshizuku Ama-Iro Sky Blue Ink Review. A specific difference between the metal and resin Falcon is ---- with the resin, the "control" feels like it comes from the feedback where the pen touches the paper. I far prefer a heavier, stronger metal pen if possible, but it is quite a bit ($100) more expensive and I don't know if it is worth the extra money, especially to a high schooler about to go to university. The metal Falcon … Namiki Falcon vs. I use the Falcons for artwork and I feel more control with the lightweight resin Falcon. On our blog, we publish product reviews, share industry news, announce new releases, answer customer questions and participate in the online fine-writing community. Goldspot Pens is like your friendly, neighborhood pen shop - only we are everywhere on the internet! Pen Materials - Lacquered Metal with rhodium coated gold nib (Pilot Metal Falcon) and Resin with Gold trim and solid gold nib (Namiki Falcon). In the metal version it feels like the control comes more from your hand, as the weight is higher up (metal Falcon has the same plastic section.) Unboxing the Pilot Metal Falcon and the Namiki Falcon Pen Materials - Lacquered Metal with rhodium coated gold nib (Pilot Metal Falcon) and Resin with Gold trim and solid gold nib (Namiki Falcon). Call for Blog Entries - We're Hosting the Carinval! Your place for all things fountain pen, fine writing and analog productivity. Resin Namiki Falcon Vs Metal Pilot Falcon - posted in Japan - Asia: I believe I have made up my mind to get a Falcon as my second pen, but I don't know whether to get the metal or the resin one. Does anyone have an … But the weight isn't the only difference here, in fact the appearance of the pen has gone through some drastic changes as well. Watermark theme. Converters - The Metal Falcon uses a pump-action, push button converter ( CON-70 ), while the Namiki Falcon uses a twist converter.

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