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While many of the exaggerated claims that appeared in the popular press and anti-Mormon literature are easily disproven, it is likely that in at least one instance, a few Latter-day Saints acted on this rhetoric. (See “Great Rally of the People,” Marshall County [Indiana] Democrat, June 25, 1857, [1]; Remarks of the Hon. Gun violence in the United States, Human rights, United States 897  Words | Indeed, it advocates peace and forgiveness. Violence, Domestic violence, Child abuse 1988  Words | Parley P. Pratt, Testimony, July 1, 1843, p. 4, Nauvoo, IL, Records, Church History Library, Salt Lake City; Hyrum Smith, Testimony, July 1, 1843, p. 24, Nauvoo, IL, Records, Church History Library, Salt Lake City. 1 of the Journals series of The Joseph Smith Papers, edited by Dean C. Jessee, Ronald K. Esplin, and Richard Lyman Bushman [Salt Lake City: Church Historian’s Press, 2008], 231, 292–93, available at josephsmithpapers.org; and “Danites,” The Joseph Smith Papers, accessed Jan. 23, 2014.). How far should one follow the philosophy of non-violence? HSM/270 Violence is the physical and emotional infliction of pain. Unlike most movie/book comparisons I found mostly comparisons. Violence has created havoc throughout the world. If a person 's identity…, There are many definitions for peace and violence. The heated rhetoric of Church leaders directed toward dissenters may have led these Mormons to believe that such actions were justified.42 The perpetrators of these crimes were generally not punished. Only one participant, John D. Lee, was convicted and executed for the crime, which fueled false allegations that the massacre had been ordered by Brigham Young. You have to look at the history, the situation, the culture, the structure of society to really understand what peace and violence mean in the United States. Everyday, our lives are exposed to violence on the screen, whether it is in the latest Sopranos episode or even watching the six o'clock news. Mormons often accused Indians of stealing. Grow, “Liberty to the Downtrodden”: Thomas L. Kane, Romantic Reformer (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2009), 149–206. If violent video games causes people to commit crimes then why shouldn’t people who play sports be banned instead of being appraise for what they do. Brigham Young counseled patience, telling them to “stockade your fort, to attend to your own affairs and let the indiens take care of theirs.”27 Nevertheless, tensions mounted at Fort Utah, in part because local Mormons refused to turn over those involved in the murder of Old Bishop to the Utes or to pay reparations for his death. Historian’s Office General Church Minutes, Jan. 31, 1850, Church History Library, Salt Lake City. In the winter of 1849–1850, a measles epidemic spread from the Mormon settlers to the Ute camps, killing many Indians and heightening tensions. An estimated 1 in 12 Saints died in these camps during the first year.14 Some of the elderly and poor initially remained in Nauvoo and hoped to join the main body of Saints later. Introduction In 19th-century American society, community violence was common and often condoned. How practical is the philosophy of non violence? 2. On the murder of Parley P. Pratt, see Terryl L. Givens and Matthew J. We provide the link to this third party’s website solely as a convenience to you. She uses these ideas together with characters and events, to help explain causes and effects in the essay. See, for example, “Prospects of the Church,” The Evening and the Morning Star, Mar. In the 1830s and 1840s, the Latter-day Saints’ communities in Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, and Utah were all located in the western frontier regions of the United States, where community violence was readily sanctioned. The virtues of peace, love, and forgiveness are at the center of Church doctrine and practice. Glen M. Leonard, Nauvoo: A Place of Peace, A People of Promise (Salt Lake City and Provo, UT: Deseret Book and Brigham Young University Press, 2002), 600–621. There have been too many incidents in which guns have caused death to innocent people. Kitamura Henry B. Eyring, Remarks, Sept. 11, 2007, available at newsroom.ChurchofJesusChrist.org. Continue reading. Take a stand on the question of peace and violence as discussed above and write an argumentative essay of 1000 words. DV effects children in their daily lives and continues to affect them well into their adult lives. You are about to access http://byustudies.byu.edu. Violence & Peace. We all know that our world is full of violence—street crimes, wars, domestic violence, poverty, injustice, and so on. 1 (Winter 2004): 19–46. Kane’s statement came during a lecture he delivered four years after his visit to the camps. It also shows how people wouldn't care to negotiate with people who were different from them and how they recurred to violence to solve their problems. Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles connected the Latter-day Saints’ faith in Jesus Christ to their active pursuit of love of neighbor and peace with all people: “The hope of the world is the Prince of Peace. Latter-day Saints later wrote nearly a thousand petitions and affidavits detailing their suffering. There are much subtler occurrences of violence seen throughout the … Or do I? Sirrine was located living in California a few years later. Michael Reidy © 2018 facultyessays. They lured the emigrants from their circled wagons with a false flag of truce and, aided by Paiute Indians they had recruited, slaughtered them.

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