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It did not occur to the Prosecutors or the judges, or to anyone else that to decide that 70 million people were guilty was tantamount to saying that those 70 million were innocent (Rassinier, p.46). Weber takes a "closer" [sic] look at the "general trustworthiness of the evidence cited at Nuremberg". These men were considered "Nazi thugs" and their trials did not last as long and were not seen as significant as Goering's. This could not be done despite the inhumane actions of many Nazis and German citizens (p, 504). All in all, there were 22 named defendants tried, including Martin Bormann, who was tried in absentia. Rosenbaum, Alan S. Prosecuting Nazi War Criminals, Boulder, Co: Westview Press, 1993. Barbie had no use for moral issues and commented "There are no war crimes....There are only acts of war (Ryan p, 275). Beyond these general statistics were thousands of stories of crimes committed against soldiers and civilians. Time does can not erase the Holocaust from human consciousness. The Tribunal’s constitution set forth the principles the defendants were subject to. Since Hitler, Himmler and Gobbels were dead, these two men were considered the symbol of the evils of Nazism. The Nuremberg Trials More than half a century has passed since the end of World War Two and to this day it is still difficult to fully understand the severity of what was by far the most destructive war in human history. Himmler was in charge of the SS and with his suicide, many questions of the SS's intentions and policies were left unanswered. Another Holocaust "revisionist" who sought to discredit the trials at Nuremberg was Paul Rassinier. Access Full Document. University of Phoenix Of the twenty-four twenty-one were taken into custody and put on trial; these were known as the Nuremberg Trials. If this were the case, why did so few Nazis go on trial? Prior to its formation, war crimes were limited to the military courts of the individual countries and for the very first time the Nuremberg Trials would mark the inception of the concept of collective guilt, The Nuremberg Trials Barbie was arrested by the Bolivian Government for defaulting on a loan. During his testimony, he admitted several war crimes and atrocities and his own testimony was sufficient evidence to convict him. Three received the sentence of life imprisonment Rudolf Hess, Walther Funk and Erich Raeder. At the time the charges were brought, there was little, if any, precedent for these charges in international law. Robert H. Jackson was the Representative of the United States and Chief of Council. In this particular case, the prosecution and the defense agreed on what the Nuremberg Trials should accomplish. Indeed, the Nuremberg Trials will be remembered as the first international trials, bringing criminals to justice. Rassinier is greatly mistaken in his interpretation of Nuremberg. This flawed argument failed to impress the IMT and the public who followed his trial proceedings so obsessively. The trials were held in Nuremberg, Germany, because its courthouse was not damaged from the war. "(p, 509). Starting in 1945, a series of trials occurred that helped the international court system form and develop into what is is today. Despite the evidence that the Reich Cabinet, the General Staff and the High Command committed atrocities, they were not declared criminal. Thousands of Nazis avoided prosecution by fleeing to other countries, often with government assistance. This is largely in part due to IG’s monopoly on global synthetic gasoline. If the organizations like the Gestapo were found guilty of crimes against humanity, some members of those organizations would be considered guilty based on their membership and involvement in that particular organization (p, 39). The Nuremberg Trials have served as a model for subsequent war crimes tribunals. He played a prominent role in organizing the Nazi police state in Germany and established concentration camps for the "corrective treatment" of individuals. Nuremberg Trials Andrew Dangler University of Phoenix Abstract: A brief look at the Nuremberg Trials and some of the people involved. Literally thousands of men who willingly participated in massive genocide evaded justice and lived comfortable lives in other countries. Since a `people' cannot speak for itself or act to defend itself, and since no individual or aggregate can properly said to be its voice, moral and legal responsibility can be judged only on an individualized basis (Rosenbaum p, 107). When the Gestapo was put on trial, there was little if anything that its lawyer could do to prove its innocence. The Nuremberg Doctors Trial of 1946 is the preeminent case recognizing the importance of medical ethics and human rights specifically about human research subjects. Although this fact sheet gives a basic overview of the Nuremberg, master race. These remaining fugitives (however few may still be alive) should continue to be sought after and persecuted to the full extent of the law. Robert Ley committed suicide while in prison, and Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach's mental condition prevented his trial. Their verdicts brought justice to the defendants for their actions, however many questions were left unanswered after their trials. These crimes were what later became known as the Holocaust, in which millions of innocent victims were deported, enslaved and systematically executed. Judges from Great Britain, France, the Soviet Union and the United States judged the Nazi leaders. There was so much evidence against the SS, Gestapo and Nazi High Command that the defense councils had weak arguments in their behalf. The Americans are very ungrateful and I am very bitter (p, 77).". is it possible that the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials, which were held by the Allied Powers after World War II, did not execute this man? However, in terms of serving justice to all guilty individuals, the Nuremberg (and subsequent Nazi) trials were not successful. The Nuremberg Trials were a series of thirteen trials held between 1945 and 1949 to prosecute some Nazi war criminals. Of the twenty-four twenty-one were taken into custody and put on trial; these were known as the Nuremberg Trials. Certain individuals in the United States government wished to execute all Nazis with no regard for "due process of law", however, Roosevelt, Jackson and other members of the IMT felt that the right to a fair trial morally separated the allied nations from totalitarian Germany. University of Phoenix

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