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Happy to provide more photos if needed. I love it’s followers. The third is of no importance if the other two aren’t there. His esthetic is to not change or drastically overtake the ethos/culture he has encompassed (originally hailing from San Fransisco) instead, he desires to instigate a place of mutual acceptance and growth. There is an open copy of essays by Frank Kogan, on a shag rug (feels like some 60’s art film or Rocky Erickson’s mind.) My motivations are furthest from financial, to a fault. Like you’re writing on paper after we connected via social media. “Let’s go to Rockaway Beach,” she says. Milky clouds pour out of the cracked door. We want to play together because it’s fun. Our new record is set like this. Photos, words, sounds. Do they know what the fuck they’re doing. Includes 7" flexi. Slight wrinkle on front cover only seen in direct light. Label:Slow River Records Disc shows light wear, has definitely been played. Make music. An excellent copy overall. We decide to flip the vinyl and lay around, but the gears are flowing and the Sun is shining. muddguts. muddguts gallery (archive) muddguts blogg. Original owner, hasn't been played in years. I love music and words, and honesty. Very Good (VG). Their new LP is out, and you should go buy it. My ultimate goal is to keep having a good time and make music that I’d like to listen to. Like the sky turning purple through the lenses of red shades, these lacquer disks help make life more tolerable. Photos are mine. ... "DRILLED TWO HOLES" by CRICKETS from their self-titled debut out July 17th via Muddguts Records. muddguts stereo - TAPE DECK + RECORD PLAYER + BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS. 06076-83215-1. Some people want to be famous, leave a legacy, pull out their penis and cause controversy, but I feel people who actually do leave a lasting impression never really want this type of attention. Return. Making a record connects me to the rest of the World. December 20, 2019 MUDDGUTS GALLERY (archive) MUDDGUTS BLOGG. I who create the lamb, create thee. 41 MONTROSE (2013-2014) Sign In My Account. 2 2 want. This space, that holds as label base and art gallery, was once a beloved coffee shop (a staple, I’m told) of the neighborhood since the early 70’s, with a beautiful tin ceiling that was hidden under cheap panels. Not as Napoleon or Alexander, but as. Hell, in 1977, NASA (the space program, not the brains behind Alt Citizen) sent a solid gold record into the dark realms of outer-space as a means of communication, as a, how-to-understand humankind reference source, in-case the probe came into vibes of other intelligent life. Everybody’s grinding to pay the rent, also Instagram, Internet in general, is trapping people into a matrix of fictitious life. To me, it’s one of the most beautiful things in music. Details. Cat#: I’m adding to the physical experience of the music. A hippie. Another day. title track from their new LP on muddguts records view vinyl/download/streaming options via link below: https://muddguts.ffm.to/goodboy video by: Lucie Scanlon Sale price $99.99 Regular price $150.00. It just sort of happened. Sleeve: Sleeve Condition: I’ll only release a 7″ this way. That’s what I think about every day! MB: If I have two 40s, I’ll know where I’m at. Label:Columbia I haven’t yet, but hopefully they’ll send me one. Although death doesn’t really exist…only if it’s in your mind. Label:Epic MUDDGUTS RECORDS. JE 35543. Another time. I am in for sustainability. Disc VG+/NM-, only slight signs of play. Very Good Plus (VG+). Cat#: All rights reserved. Slight bent right top corner.

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