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Brother Blood | Sunburst | Her hairstyle is similar to Molly Mange's Metalhead style from SWAT Kats, and resemblance to the main villain from Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (which was released two or three years later). The Whisper | Darkseid | Jinx showed up and trapped Madame Rouge's legs in the ground and Wildebeest and Hot Spot threw her straight into the freeze ray, earning their payback for being captured and ending her acts of cruelty.

https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Madame_Rouge_(Teen_Titans)?oldid=3926764. Laura De Mille Plasmus | Legion of Doom | Scissormen | Mumbo Jumbo | Mister 103/104 | She has wanted to do things her way and will go so far even to doubt the Brain's skills. Killer Moth | Terra |

Shape-shiftingRegenerationFull-Body ElasticityLimited Super StrengthEnhanced Speed and EnduranceMaster SpyDangerous Hand-to-Hand Combatant She appeared again in issue #46 Wildfire.

Neron |

& Trigon (Teen Titans)) | Master of Games | Gentleman Ghost | Megan Claus | Raven's Demon. She targeted Hot Spot next, and after much effort, aided considerably by her shape-shifting abilities, she was given a new communicator by Robin after she had posed as Hot Spot. The Whisper | | Punk Crabs | "Duplicitous, cunning and twisted in every sense of the word" is how Mento describes Madame Rogue. When the remaining Titans under Beast Boy's leadership attacked the Brotherhood's base, Rouge was seen battling Pantha. Whoever had brought her here probably had taken blood samples. Punk Rocket | At first, Madame Rouge was simply a master of disguise; subsequent surgery by the Brain eventually gave her the ability to alter her appearance and stretch her limbs. Calculator | It turns out that Blackfire, Starfire's evil sister, had hired Madame Rouge to kill Starfire.

Overload | The Teen Titans Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Legion of Doom (Superboy-Prime, Sun Girl, Headcase, Inertia, Indigo, Persuader, Zookeeper) | Blackfire, Video Games Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo: Uehara Daizo | Brushogun | Saico-Tek | Nya-Nya | Deka-Mido | Timoko | Mecha-Boi | Scarface Trigon | 1276x718px 181.88 KB . Fed up with this treatment, and touched by Kid Flash's efforts to make her renounce her life of crime, Jinx allowed the young hero to get away and struck Rouge down as she attempted to hit her again. Species Legion of Doom | Mister Twister | Holocaust |

Kwiz Kid | With Mallah's help, the Brain performed surgery on De Mille that was, from his perspective, successful, sublimating her good personality and allowing her evil personality to remain dominant. However, after everybody went to bed, Wildfire started attacking the Titans (Raven and Cyborg).

Johnny Rancid | Kitten | Radiation Creature | Mandred the Executioner | Five's hideout, Kid Flash managed to escape, and derisively dismissing the villainous youths, Jinx included, as incompetent children, Rouge went after Kid Flash herself. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Pinocchio | Sammy & Cash |

Death | The Lumberjack |

Since then, Byrne's reboot of the Doom Patrol franchise was overturned as a continuity glitch created by Superboy-Prime. Hobby Ravager | Pain Bot | Doctor Tyme | Mammoth | Madame Rouge, though appearing mainly as a black-haired Russian female dressed in red (in fact, one rough translation of her name is "The Lady in Red"), is a malleable shape-shifter with the ability to stretch and contort her body in any way she sees fit; she is most lethal for being able to fully assume the appearances of other people, able to mimic them with little means of detection. See More by OmnicidalClown1992. Halloween Spirit | Madame Rouge Real name Laura De Mille Aliases Rouge Crazy Lady (by Hot Spot) Place of Origin France Headquarters The Brotherhood's secret base underneath the Eiffel Tower, Paris Species Genetically Altered Human Affiliations Brotherhood of Evil Partners Brain, Monsieur Mallah, General Immortus Relatives Unknown Powers & Abilities Shapeshifting, Regeneration, Full-Body Elasticity, Limited Super Strength, Enhanced Speed and Endurance, Master Spy, Dangerous Hand-to-Hand Combatant Weapon N… Malchior | Jinx |

J. Wyatt's TV shows such as Transformers Animated or Scooby-Doo: Mystery Inc. or even a character from the Yo-Kai Watch anime. Giant Jukebox Robot | Raging Raven | Kardiak | Rouge also possesses enhanced strength, endurance, and speed, and is capable of regeneration of vast physical damage to herself, including total dismemberment. She was apparently successful in murdering both groups. Master of Deception/Manipulator: Since her shapeshifting powers can only replicate one's appearance and voice, she must rely on her acting skills. Phobia | Allies Red X |

Deathstroke | Blizzard | This is the gallery section for the character Madame Rouge. Member of the Brotherhood of Evil Wildebeest | Crimes Madame Rouge Real Name: Laura de Mille. Rose Wilson | Muscleor | Deathstroke | When fighting someone or something hot, like Hot Spot, she starts to melt, which also could ruin her disguise if in one. Nega Beast Boy | The Bug Man | Katarou | Andre LeBlanc | She became the only female member of the Brotherhood of Evil with surgery performed by the Brain and Monsieur Mallah allowing her evil personality to dominate. Teen Titans: Hexagon (Trigon (Teen Titans Go!) ShapeshiftingRegenerationFull-Body ElasticityLimited Super StrengthEnhanced Speed and EnduranceMaster SpyDangerous Hand-to-Hand Combatant Madame Rouge's daughter, Gemini, also a shapeshifter, appeared years later to seek revenge against Beast Boy.[4]. Raging Raven | Benjamin Franklin | Vegetor | Twister | She can be hurt by flame or frozen by cold, and has trouble maintaining a disguise in high temperatures, but appears to be able to repair damage simply by shapeshifting into an undamaged form. Mammoth | Sammy & Cash | Take over the world (failed) Tenth Circle | Jericho | In the Teen Titans animated series, Rouge retains her abilities of disguise and stretching, but her powers appear to be greater. Tooth Fairy | | Toy Master | Candlemaker | Full Name

Show More. [1] The character was created by Arnold Drake.[2].

Brother Blood | Punk Crabs | The Source | vs. Beast Boy (then Changeling) killed Rouge, although at the moment of her death, her good side apparently manifested; she forgave Changeling and called to Niles, her apparent true love. Goals: Terminating Doom Patrol and Teen Titans.

Warp | Plasmus | Madame Rouge is a fictional supervillain appearing in DC Comics, first appearing in Doom Patrol #86 (March 1964). Family: Friends / Allies: Enemies: Type of Hero: Madame Rouge is a villainess from the DC franchise. Powers/Skills As such, Madame Rouge is still dead and her history has been left intact. Black Vulture | Dr. Adamson | Teen Titans Go!

It's Hero vs. Atlas | Veil | Scary Teri | She can also transform into smaller creatures and make sneaking around easier, or even birds to fly around. Punk Rocket | Krall | Mad Moe | Shimmer | Fang | Rouge also has a bit of a rebellious streak, as she doubts the Brain's plans from Trust to Titans Together, and she finally says that she will do things "her way" after the captured Titans were released. Madame Rouge took the defeated Wildebeest and Hot Spot to the Brotherhood of Evil's base to be flash-frozen as victory trophies. Death Battle Ideas by gonzo22. Brother Blood |

Crucifer | Warp | To the Movies: Slade | Balloon Man Neutron | Scary Teri | Professor Chang | Brotherhood of Evil | She nearly defeats Kid Flash simply by pursuing and pummeling him into exhaustion, but later succeeds in taking down Hot Spot, taking his likeness as the Titans arrive to pass along a communicator to him. She appeared again in issue #46 Wildfire. Madame Rouge is a major antagonist in the final season of Teen Titans.

The Doom Patrol's leader, the Chief, the man she was secretly in love with, tried to help her fight her evil side, but alas, it was too strong, and she turned on the Brotherhood.

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