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We see this negatively impact her life, and bring her to a full circle of emotions, leaving home to find happiness and freedom, but still feeling helpless and in despair. She is not ashamed of her origins, but rather takes pride in them. . Mariah and her husband are also wealthy, which is evidenced not only by the fact that they can hire Lucy as an au pair, but also by the fact that they travel and have been to the Caribbean. Not once in this short story does Kincaid use the words mother or daughter, instead she uses subtle hints to inquire that this is so. With mingled anger and compassion, Lucy scrutinizes the assumptions and verities of her employers' world and compares them with the vivid realities of her native place. In Lucy, Jamaica Kincaid explores the disillusionment faced by the eponymous character upon immigrating to the United States. Symbolism in the short story girl by Jamaica Kincaid Home — Essay Samples — Literature — Jamaica Kincaid — The Challenge of Double Identity in Jamaica Kincaid’s Novel Lucy. Her own family seems fragmented, and in some sense her island community does, as well. The Jamaicans now “talk about [them] without stopping. Through the novel, we follow the titular protagonist’s escape from this predicament, and from the miserable life that she is living. Read the passage carefully. Life is no better for Lucy Josephine Potter, the native Antiguan title character in Jamaica Kincaid’s novel, Lucy. At the same time she uses excellent imagery and descriptive storytelling to convey her disappointment in England when she gets there. Lucy makes the decision to define her own destiny.In addition to her mother attempting to push an identity upon Lucy, the British empire does as well. As a result of this favoritism, Annette fails to care for Antoinette as well as she cares for Pierre; it never bothers Annette that her daughter’s clothes are old and dirty until visitors come to their house, at which point she looks at Antoinette’s dress and orders the maid, Christophine, to “throw away that thing [and] burn it” (Rhys 25). there is no structure to this prose poem, I think the author did this on purpose to show that the narrator had a lot of information to give her daughter. Lucy describes her mother’s large hands, and her love of plants; she tells us of Annie’s lessons to Lucy about sex, men, and abortion, and of sitting on Annie’s lap as a child and caressing her face. In response to a question, Rochester replies, “Certainly, I will, my dear Bertha.” Antoinette tells him “Not Bertha tonight,” but when he tells her “Of course, on this of all nights, you must be Bertha,” she gives in and obediently replies “As you wish” (Rhys 136). In establishing Lucy’s double identity, Kincaid is able to formalize this concept through societal confrontation and the use of daffodils. Critics argued that in the vortex of anger, love was missing, All the three novels represent inevitable shaping of identities through memories of slavery and the past. Lewis and Mariah are a thrice-blessed couple--handsome, rich, and seemingly happy. Despite Lucy’s admiration of Mariah’s seemingly flawless life, she does not connect with Mariah immediately or intimately. When Lucy describes her mother’s love she says, “I had come to feel that my mother’s love for me was designed solely to make me into an echo of her; and I didn’t know why, but I felt that I would rather be dead than become just an echo of someone.” (Kincaid 40). But at what point does instruction and wisdom become simply words that have been said one too many times? That may explain somewhat the intensity of her anger and feeling of suffocation. In dealing with such a diverse place as the United States, it is hard for someone with Lucy’s background to not experience some form of identity change. In Lucy, Jamaica Kincaid explores the disillusionment faced by the eponymous character upon immigrating to the United States. It could be read, somewhat conventionally, with focus on Lucy, people and places. Britannia rule the waves; Britons never, never shall be slaves,” making it quite clear that she is not Briton, given the fact that not too long ago she would have been a slave (Kincaid 135).Lucy’s employer, Mariah, also attempts to mold her into who she wants her to be. Would you like to have an original essay? The short story “Girl" by Jamaica Kincaid is a story which a mother’s compassion represents the disempowerment, domestication of women in a patriarchal society and suppression of female sexuality. Mariah, the wife of the household, describes daffodils in a way that makes her “feel glad to be alive” (Kincaid, 17). Mariah was the first, and for a while, the only, female figure with whom Lucy had contact and with whom she could connect after leaving her family and her homeland.

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