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Hedge: Dense shrubs or trees that form a fence, screen, or boundary. Focal Point: The element in a landscape design or area in a landscape that is meant to be most prominent. Answer here. Clump - Group of trees, shrubs, bamboo, or ornamental grass planted together to form a grouping. The base would be compacted gravel and the joints would be an aggregate or walkable ground cover. Formal: A style of gardens or garden elements that stress straight lines, right angles and circles. No matter how practical a garden needs to be it also needs to meet a certain threshold of aesthetics. There is a large number of cultivars with flowers of various shades of pink, red, or white and some with variegated or reddish foliage and of more compact habit. The mother species, which can't be found anymore in the US, and many cultivars are really hardy to USDA Zone 6a, but there are many cultivars hardy to Zone 5a that usually are hybrids. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Aggregate - Fractured or rounded stone used as a footing, sub-base, or decorative surface. Care must be taken not to confuse this hybrid with Lily (Lilium Roselily Elena), as the latter has sometimes been erroneously labelled 'Elena'. Contour -  Purposeful change in ground elevations or grade. Transformer (Low Voltage Lighting): Converts 120V to 12V for powering a landscape lighting system. Water features, paths, patios, decks, boulders, plantings, screens, fences, and contouring are just some of the common design elements. Design Objectives - Goals that the client has for the new landscape. According to research published by Chicago Bot Garden (https://www.chicagobotanic.org...) this species of Liatris and several others are self-incompatible. Dry Well - An underground structure that collect water and allows it to slow percolate into the soil around it. We have shared below Word […] Landscape Design: The art or practice of planning (designing) changes to landscaped areas, either for aesthetic or practical purposes. Deck - A flat gathering space, made of wood or composite material (made to look like wood), typically adjacent or attached to a structure. Alphabetical-All Subject & Themed Puzzles, Abundance, Acclimation, Adaptation, Adjust, Aeration, Agriculture, All-organic, Amount, Annual, Anther, Ants, Aphid, Appearance, Arbor, Aroma, Arrangement, Atmosphere, Attractive, Backyard, Balance, Bamboo, Barrier, Beautiful, Beauty, Bee balm, Bees, Beetles, Beneficial, Biennial, Biodegradable, Biological, Birds, Bloom, Blooming, Blossom, Bog, Bone meal, Boost, Botanical, Botanist, Bountiful, Bouquet, Bower, Breeder, Bulbs, Bumper crop, Bush, Butterflies, Cart, Change, Choices, Chore, Circulation, Classification, Clay, Clematis, Climate, Clippings, Cluster, Collection, Colorful, Community, Compost, Conditions, Confine, Conservation, Consistency, Container, Convenient, Crop, Cultivate, Cuttings, Cycles, Dainty, Damage, Deadhead, Deciduous, Decomposition, Decoration, Decorative, Dedication, Dehydrated manure, Delicate, Depth, Destruction, Develop, Dibble, Different, Digging, Dirt, Disinfect, Disperse, Distinctive, Diversity, Division, Domain, Dormancy, Dormant, Drainage, Dried flowers, Early, Ecology, Edge, Edible, Effective, Elements, Embed, Enclosure, Encroach, Energy, Ensure, Environment, Eradicate, Erosion, Espalier, Evaporation, Evolve, Exotic, Exotic, Expanse, Experiment, Exposure, Extraordinary, Fan, Farming, Feathered friends, Feeder, Feeding, Fencing, Fertilization, Fertilizer, Filtering, Fish emulsion, Floral, Floral designer, Florist, Flourish, Flowering, Flowers, Foliage, Fragile, Fragrant, Frond, Frost, Fumigation, Fungus, Garden, Gardener, Gazebo, Generate, Genus, Germination, Gloves, Gopher, Graft, Grassy, Green thumb, Greenhouse, Ground, Grove, Grow lights, Habitat, Hardy, Harvest, Healthy, Hedge, Heirloom, Heliotrope, Honey bee, Hornet, Horticulture, Hose, Host, Houseplant, Hue, Humidity, Hummingbird, Humus, Hybrid, Hydroponics, Implement, Impressive, Improvement, Indoors, Inorganic, Insects, Interaction, Interconnection, Inundate, Involve, Irrigation, Jardiniere, Jeopardy, Judge, Judgment, Juicy, Juxtapose, Keepsake, Kelp, Key, Kingdom, Kit, Kneeling, Ladybugs, Landscape, Late, Lawn, Leaf, Legume, Lichen, Loam, Lopper, Magnet, Mass, Materials, Maturation, Maturity, Meadow, Miniature, Miracle-gro, Mites, Mix, Mixture, Moisture, Moss, Mulch, Needles, Niche, Nitrate, Nitrogen, Noticeable, Nursery, Nurture, Nutrient, Oasis, Open, Options, Orchard, Orderly, Organic, Original, Ornamental, Outdoors, Over-breed, Over-harvest, Overgrown, Palette, Parasite, Park, Parterre, Patch, Pattern, Peat moss, Perception, Perennial, Perfume, Perlite, Pesticide, Pests, Petals, Phloem, Phosphate, Photosynthesis, Pitch fork, Planter, Plantings, Plentiful, Pollen, Pollination, Popularity, Population, Pots, Potting mix, Potting soil, Prairie, Precipitation, Predator, Preserve, Pretty, Prevention, Produce, Profusion, Proliferate, Prolong, Prominence, Propagate, Prune, Rain, Rainfall, Raise, Raised beds, Rake, Ramble, Range, Rare, Rectify, Relationship, Remote, Replenish, Reservoir, Resistance, Resource, Rhizome, Rhythm, Rock garden, Rock gardening, Roof garden, Rot, Roto-tiller, Sample, Sand, Saturation, Seasonal, Seaweed, Sediment, Seed, Seeding, Seedlings, Seeds, Selection, Self-watering, Sensor, Shade, Shears, Shovel, Simplicity, Slow-release, Snip, Sod, Soil, Space, Spade, Specie, Species, Sprig, Sprinkler, Sprout, Stake, Stimulate, Stoma, Subsoil, Succulent, Suitable, Sunlight, Sunshine, Supply, Surface, Surroundings, Survival, Sustainable, Symbiosis, Taproot, Temperatures, Threat, Thrive, Till, Tolerant, Tools, Topiary, Toxic, Tractor, Transmit, Transplant, Trees, Trellis, Trimming, Trowel, Trunk, Tuber, Unexpected, Unique, Universal, Unruly, Unusual, Upright, Upside down, Value, Variation, Variety, Various, Vascular, Vegetation, Verdant, Vermiculture, Versatile, Viable, Vibrant, Vigilance, Vine, Vineyard, Warmth, Wasps, Water, Watering can, Weather, Weeds, Wellies, Wetlands, Widespread, Wilt, Wither, Woodlands, Worms.

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