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Standard - Apparently just for hanging around. You have to opt in on the WoWs site of your region first. Or at least a halfway competitive game. Newly earned daily containers are not yet typed. Have we piqued your interest? Tier VI Warspite Tier VI Ark Royal You can only get more collection items from Kings of the Sea containers. Press J to jump to the feed. Win!" 2x Union Jack or Hunter camo, or 1000 Coal, 1x Red Dragon, Wyvern, Ouroboros, Hyrda signal; or 1x Type 59 camo; or 100, 1x Dragon, Scylla, Leviathan, Basilisk signal; or 500. chance of a combat mission to earn an Italian cruiser. 5x signals (Zulu, Papa Papa, or Juliet Charlie) or 3 special signal; one element of the “American Cruisers” collection. Tier VI Dunkerque An item from the Naval Aviation collection. One of the following can be obtained: Can be bought using 1,500 recruitment points. This Kots Container contained my first piece of the Collection and basically kicked it of today for me :) 2 items from the "2 Years of World of Warships" collection. 50,000 Elite Commander XP, or 10,000 Coal, or 7 days of Warships Premium Account, or 1,000,000 credits, or 5x Type 59 camo. Obtained by subscription and from missions. But you need 16. Tier IX Missouri Tier VII Boise Tier VIII Gascogne Standard Bismarck - Originally awarded for completing standard tasks in the Bismarck campaign. What have we done to deserve this, Wargaming? two items from the Vive la France Collection. Tier VIII Cheshire This Kots Container contained my first piece of the Collection and basically kicked it of today for me :), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the WorldOfWarships community. Tier VI T-61 British aircraft carriers event. (Kots 11, not the current kots 10). One item: Obtainable during the 2020 Summer Sale (late August): Can be bought using Recruitment Points earned from the recruiting station program. Standard - One item of the following: Armory version of British containers - Available for 1000 Coal. 5 "Mosaic" or "Asian Lantern" camouflages. Tier VII Duca degli Abruzzi Tier VI Prinz Eitel Friedrich Pumpkin-like containers are traditional elements of celebrating Halloween. To collect, click on the "Containers" button in the port screen. Containers can be collected from a variety of sources, including: Daily containers of known type are also called 'standard' containers. Press J to jump to the feed. Can be bought using 500 recruitment points. 1x Spring Sky, Asian Lantern, or Mosaic camo; or 2x Type 59 camos; or 3x Lunar Warrior camos. Tier V Viribus Unitis Contains an element of the new King of the Sea collection. That would be relevant, would there still be anyone left thinking WoWS had a shot at being an E-sport. The same rule applies for the amount: 1,000  is received more often than 2,500 , 25x than 100x special signals, etc. Tier VI Monaghan In celebration of the World of Warships 3rd Anniversary: Tier VIII Lenin 15x special signals, or 15x French Riviera camos. Tier V Giulio Cesare Tier V Murmansk camouflages. Tier V Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya Premium - The premium version for Doubloons : Three items and maybe a mission: In support of the "Fly! Elements of active collections may appear in standard containers. Strike! Currently this affects only daily containers. Three items: In support of the second half of the Italian cruisers event. NA site link - click the orange button to opt in. ... That would be relevant, would there still be anyone left thinking WoWS had a shot at being an E-sport. Tier VIII Pyotr Bagration Tier IX Musashi No. Tier VI West Virginia Contents may vary from time to time, e.g. Tier V Exeter Along with a brand-new Premium Ship and other in-game goodies, the team has earned the right to fly the exclusive King of the Sea Flag. Tier VIII Irian Standard - Earned from Mediterranean tokens, Daily Shipments, and Directives. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/kots-collection/, There's an article bout it in the webpage, but to summarize, you can click the opt in button in the article for the chain mission for i dont remember how much containers, and the rest as twitch drop from the King Of The Sea stream some time in April. Tier VII Sims 10x signals of (Zulu, Papa Papa, Juliet Charlie); or 1x Frosty Fir Tree camo. Tier VI Perth 1x special signal (Basilisk, Hydra, Leviathan), or 1x Union Jack camouflage. There are four[2] types of daily containers. The last day of the daily shipments contains 2 Europa containers and 1 Kots container. Posted by. Tier VIII Loyang Tier IX Benham An earned daily container has not been obtained until it is collected. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Three items: Available during the German Carriers event, Part 2: Tier VII Nelson Tier IX Jean Bart Tier VI Duca d'Aosta These container were introduced in the The Hunt for Bismarck campaign. A premium ship, with a 10 point commander and a port slot, 3x Frosty Fir Tree camo; or 25x Zulu, Papa Papa, or Juliet Charlie signals. Premium - The premium version for Doubloons  and for completing segments of the Anniversary collection. Standard - From Daily Shipments, daily combat missions, and Directives. At the beginning of the next day, uncollected containers are automatically collected and randomly typed (Try Your Luck cannot occur randomly). 3x Spring Sky, Asian Lantern, or Mosaic camos; or 6x Type 59 camos; or 12x Lunar Warrior camos. Standard - Daily Shipments, daily combat missions, and Directives. IF you play on another server look for the article on that server's news page. Tier VIII Roma In celebration of the World of Warships 4th Anniversary. To answer your question: not now.

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