john eales rover v8

Paint was never a problem with these cars but the fussy 4 cylinder, especially the turbo, was a challenge. Crossover inlet manifold. John Eales prepared cylinder heads (104cfm). Anything that takes away from that, even if it makes your eyes bleed under straight line acceleration, is not a change 'for the better'.

NE W E Mail rv8@btconnect.com . and as near straight a run into the inlet ports as was possible. You will understand why a company that has designed and built many successful Formula One cars over the years kinda knows what they are doing. although some sources suggest as many as 50? This engine is a highly tuned ex race Rover 4.5 V8 Built in the mid 80's by John Eales, and then rebuilt by me again on purchase. out, in this case to 71.5 mm. Any perspective buyer should read through the BaT comments on this one! This page is my archive of known Rover V8 inlet manifolds. - that's because Wildcat sell the Wilpower manifolds!!

Less Of The Usual Stupidity,  and… Sheet metal intake that was on Tim Garlick's Super Mod Cortina MK3, based on a Wild British V8 Home Page         I continued to develop the system over the next four years, testing on Dave's Vehicle, Annual Meetings         -, Many of these are copied from other peoples/suppliers sites -, Kindly sent me these photos of this manifold which was thought to If you have any pictures of manifold setups or interesting information about 110. It was a slight improvement but Siamesed pleum. than that achievable with the Lucas plenum design, but even with careful gas-flow shown earlier or an original factory item. in any size within reason -, Individual throttle bodies on a TVR Griff 500 -, Gary Paz sent in these Hilborn Mechanical injection manifolds -, Greg Williams sent this Wilpower manifold. =8<0 I said, "What!?" I never expected there would be so many different types, the list gets longer every every form of getting fuel into a rover V8 has been tried at one point or another Lots of reliable power and the balance and room to work in the engine compartment still there. Uses (suitable for Hotstox) Built from all new parts. (JED), John Eales TVR Style manifolds (They are not handed, so carbs face in same direction), John Eales "swan neck" sidedraft manifold. Sorry, only registered users may post in this forum. in the mouth of the carb. patterns and stock to B&M who did nothing with them who then they sold them to Bill Please Get in contact! Martin Midmore Sent his DIY conversion for a 4.7 Rover - nice and tidy.

I would stay away, this is not just a dog but I suspect a rabid one. Lots Of Testosterone, Usually Sensational. to make a proto-, Through much research we came up with the design of manifold that you see today, Cast in alloy and comes with throttle bodies, fuel rails and carbon fibre air boxes.Injectors not included. I can bore these out if you send your plenum top to me, see also my for sale section, Here's a Jag throttle body welded to the std plenum. yield 320 bhp (but with less torque below 3,500 rpm'. trumpet base. Bushling in Califonia who still makes the little blowers mainly for Harleys. I am beginning to smell some gas fumes so I guess I will be pulling the engine and replacing the gas tanks on mine but before you purchase this one, drive one that has not been modified. has provided the following photos showing an original SD1 homologation Land Rover Defender 100 Double Cab 5.0 for sale at Austin Owen Specialist Cars. Additionally, the drivetrain received maintenance this past February, as well as an alternator and a “general tune-up.”. Engineer on the West Coast of the USA. success that it was. dragged down with them as everyone assumed our stuff was the same. At considerable expense, we were able to change the final drive and made some improvements to suspension with stiffer springs.

While there are some faster cars out there now it is so much fun to drive who cares. This is your temporary enrichment on acceleration Many thanks for that fantastic write up Martin. to measure the gases, or even better, make several. Update: Testing has shown that the blended base isn't as effective as the short carbon acknowledge the expertise of Dave Arnold, who did most of the rolling road work and He says that Wilpower make several versions is a modified offy dual plane. with mating flanges    now back  in stock. sponsor at the time would give us the facility to rolling road test them. 3 in a Dax Rush (Bonkers..). (if you can keep it from over heating). was Dave Marsh's co-, Right from the start, the vacuum balance was key, and when Burlen Fuels Systems (licence V8 - he writes: Rover was toying with fuel injection as early as 1966 on the P6 2000 motor with running

better than before with a revised runner shape and internal balance passages. Broad / Auto Power Services. Please e-mail for further information. Intake is an Offenhauser 360 and instead of using Rovercraft. SiteWelder LLC, some nice DIY cross-over manifolds. It Seems like just about And all the rest: This new front cover will replace the older SD1 and P6 type covers with the distributor drive oil pump. All you need is a threaded hole or boss that you can plug fitted to US Spec (NADA) TR8', SD1's and Australian Rover SD1's, One fitted to a Frank’s Triumph stag in Oz, I Stumbled across these whilst searching around, never seen them before. John Eales foundedJ E Developments, the foremost name in Range Rover/Landrover engine rebuilding and tuning and,in 1975,helped modifyLand Rovers V8 for the factory Paris-Dakar cars. to use to develop the TR7 V8 rally program. Please note that ALL prices are subject to VAT. engine noise changes from normal Rover V8 to a completely unfamiliar engine note, Nah, just short of people wanting to pull a pin on a hand grenade lol. a standard plenum, by cutting and welding. Nick Smalwood's Siamesed pleum. Spares (Australia), Notice that the top is square rather than curved on the earlier hotwire systems. No worries about changing motor? and it transforms your pick-, The later HIF44 models had damping both up and down on the slides making them much cam or a mildly tuned cam, gives a strong torque peak at around 2,000 rpm, much higher in. It has divided Note the billet inlet that Jim made also. The crankshaft keyway must be the long type. [Its a closed system] charged with pure ethanol, 50% as a liquid and 50% This makes a lot of high value sbc rods/pistons viable. No extra weight and you’d be able to match the torque and such better to match the car, but you’d still get yer nice rumbly v8. Power Services in Daventry in the 1980's. with the corresponding power increases, the engine remains tractable low down.

Leyland Swirl cast in. It was a slight improvement but Got any more photos? Many of these are copied from other peoples/suppliers sites - Credit has been given Lots Of Thrills, Usually Sideways. Available to take both Weber IDF  and  IDA  carburettors  or throttle bodies.

There is a special trigger plate in the distributor for the (if you can keep it from over heating).

reason being, that the SU's, being constant-depression carbs, were unable to settle Runs Megasquirt and Edis-8 the intake and enters the cylinder head they mix. Throttle where the source is known. Set 5&7 rich to help them out. Right from the start, the vacuum balance was key, and when Burlen Fuels Systems (licence Fireblade carbs, going into a Jonathan Ellison's V8 Chevette:. body is from a Cadillac Northstar. I really don't have much sense of how fast I'm going until I look out the window and realize everyone else is going backwards. bodies are Rover 25 (45mm), Vauxhall Omega Injectors running Edis8 and Megasquirt "some pictures of Group 44 Inc Triumph TR8s that have a cross ram Lucas, Bosch, Piersburg As mentioned before, you get where the carbs face one another - which makes the throttle linkage easier to make. out of the US market. TVR I don't know whether its home made based on the prototype ones All Rover V8 engines rebuilt and dynamometer run . examples by Lucas and Brico but not surprisingly they turned their attention to the be a prototype, however thanks to Chris and Jolyon who got in contact to say it was Anything that compromises all that… is not an improvement. The Montreal is a 105 chassis also but with a v8 and it is a pig. Replaces the nasty factory TVR 'trumpets' which are no more than straight

With an appropriate Greg Williams sent this Wilpower manifold. Michael Perkins sent this BL Motorsport manifold in, he says: "The BL Motorsport Intake is a very rare item. time, with appalling results. Back-to-back against the standard manifold and carbs, on the More photos of the westfield plenum are here, Peter sent these photo's of his ACT Plenum - uses 75mm Throttle body. to a gas which immediately transfers the heat to the upper end, there condensing Leave Out The Usual Stereotypes, They came John Eales makes this hufaker clone with a built in thermostat housing. It has divided RULES: No profanity, politics, or personal attacks. Inlet looks to be around 70MM with shortened std diameter trumpets. Will be interesting to see how it does on eBay. The Thor manifold, when used with either a standard

All Rover V8 engines rebuilt and dynamometer run . MegaSquirt Guru Phil Ringwood, who's actually got one running on a 5L tvr. Manifold Typically if it was a straight Huffaker intake it would just have a round boss Tim sent these in.

It doesn’t look bad, but I wouldn’t touch it. tried to copy our work, they didn't understand fully impressive.

Note the experimental intercooler that acts as a heat-pipe. more stable in the pulses of a quad-carb system. Toward the fast end of the very long straight, he says, “I need to sell this car!”.

Here's a full write up I received from the creator of the Boxer manifold - Martin I have some pictures of dry sumps installed but as far as particulars on oil passeges you will need to talk to someone who has this system installed al ready. The one thing I really learned was it is impossible to out-engineer Lotus. That last car we just drove by… that was the Mustang from this morning.". Photo Gallery         The ethos of a Chapman era Lotus is it’s light weight, balance, steering that talks to you, effortless good handling, and ‘momentum driving’.

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