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You may search online for other sources for past exam papers if you can’t find what you want here. The Best History AS and A Level Notes, Revision Guides, Tips and Websites compiled from all around the world at one place for your ease so you can prepare for your tests and examinations with the satisfaction that you have the best resources available to you. Option 2G.1: The rise and fall of fascism in Italy, c1911 -46 Option 2D.1: The Unification of Italy, c1830-1870 Thank you for providing such a helpful website for IGCSE students. Solution: Mark Scheme, Unit 2J: Britain and Appeasement, 1919–1940: Question Paper Option 2B.2: The Dutch Revolt, 1563 -1609, AS Paper 2: Depth Study: Option 2G.2: Spain, 1930 -78: republicanism, Francoism and the re-establishment of democracy Option 1H: Britain transformed, 1918 – 1997, A-Level Paper 2: Depth Study: Level 1: Level 2: Level 3: Scholarship: History documents: 2018 Exemplar and Schedule for 91438 (PDF, 330KB) Other History resources; Key Historical Ideas with evidence : Assessment and Moderation now offer a variety of assessor support options to inspire and encourage good assessment practice. Solution: Mark Scheme, International Relations and Global Conflict, c1890-1941 – Component 2K Great Power rivalries and entry into war, c1890-1917: Question Paper Solution: Mark Scheme, Challenge and transformation: Britain, c1851 – 1964 – Component 1G: Question Paper Option 2A.1: Anglo Saxon England and the Anglo- Norman Kingdoms Solution: Mark Scheme, The British Empire, c1857 – 1967 – Component 1J: Question Paper HISTORY PAPER 1 (SAMPLE PAPER) Time allowed: 1 hour and 45 minutes This paper must be answered in English 1. Option 2E.2: The German Democratic Republic, 1949 -1990, AS Paper 2: Depth Study: Just obtained my IGCSE results and I obtained 10 A*s! Solution: Mark Scheme, Unit 3J: The State and People: Britain, 1918–1964: Question Paper Solution: Mark Scheme, Unit 3E: France and the Enlightenment: Absolutism Under Threat, 1743–1789: Question Paper I got 4 A*s on my A levels thanks to you! It is a guide to the length of Solution: Mark Scheme, The Making of Modern Britain, 1951-2007 – Component 2S Building a new Britain, 19519-1979: Question Paper Option 1D: Britain, c1785 – c1870: democracy, protest and reform, A-Level Paper 1: Breadth Study with Interpretations: Exam papers . Option 2F.1: India, c1914 -48: the road to independence A-Level Paper 3 (9HI0/30): Themes in breadth with aspects in depth: Option 30: Lancastrians, Yorkists and Henry VII, 1399 – 1509 Solution: Mark Scheme, Unit 2F: Challenging British Dominance: the Loss of the American Colonies, 1754–1783: Question Paper Solution: Mark Scheme, Spain the Age of Discovery, 1469-1598 – Component 1B The establishment of a ‘New Monarchy’, 1469 -1556: Question Paper Solution: Mark Scheme, Unit 3L: From Defeat to Unity: Germany, 1945–1991: Question Paper Solution: Mark Scheme, The Crisis of Communism: the USSR and the Soviet Empire, 1953-200 – Component ST: Question Paper Solution: Mark Scheme, Unit 3A: The Angevin Kings of England: British Monarchy, 1154–1216: Question Paper Solution: Mark Scheme, Unit 2G: The Forging of the Italian Nation, 1848–1871: Question Paper Solution: Mark Scheme, Unit 1F: France in Revolution, 1774–1815: Question Paper Option 32: The Golden Age of Spain, 1474–1598 Option 36: 1 Protest, agitation and parliamentary reform in Britain, c1780–1928 – 2 Ireland and the Union, c1774–1923 Sign up for updates about changes to the syllabuses you teach, We use cookies. Solution: Mark Scheme, Unit 2B: The Church in England: The Struggle for Supremacy, 1529–1547: Question Paper Option 39: 1 Civil rights and race relations in the USA, 1850–2009 – 2 Mass media and social change in Britain, 1882–2004 Solution: Mark Scheme, Industrialisation and the people: Britain, c1783 -1885 – Component 1F: Question Paper Option 1G: Germany and West Germany, 1918 – 1989, AS Paper 1: Breadth Study with Interpretations: In this page, you can find recent AQA A Level History past papers. Solution: Mark Scheme, The making of a Superpower: USA, 1865 – 1975 – Component 1K: Mark Scheme, The quest for political stability: Germany, 1871 – 1991 – Component 1L: Question Paper Solution: Mark Scheme, Unit 1A: The Crusading Movement and the Latin East, 1095–1204: Question Paper Please note that these papers may not reflect the content of the current syllabus. Option 31: Rebellion and disorder under the Tudors, 1485–1603 Solution: Mark Scheme, Unit 1H: Tsarist Russia, 1855–1917: Question Paper Solution: Mark Scheme, Unit 1D: Britain, 1603–1642: Question Paper Solution: Mark Scheme, Unit 3H: Monarchies and Republics in France, 1815–1875: Question Paper : Question Paper Also see the latest A Level History 9389 grade thresholds to check the grade boundaries. Solution: Mark Scheme, The Crisis of Communism: the USSR and the Soviet Empire, 1953-200 – Component ST Crisis in the Soviet Union, 1953-2000: Question Paper Copyright © 2020 CIEnotes. Solution: Mark Scheme, Unit 3B: The Triumph of Elizabeth: Britain, 1547-1603: Question Paper Solution: Mark Scheme, The Sun King: Louis XIV, France and Europe, 1643-1715 – Component 2F: Question Paper Solution: Mark Scheme, The Tudors: England, 1485 -1603 – Component 1C : Question Paper Option 1E: Russia, 1917 – 1991 from Lenin to Yeltsin, A-Level Paper 1: Breadth Study with Interpretations: History A level edexcel 2E 2019 paper Mao’s China Hello, my name is GetFrimponged! Solution: Mark Scheme, Unit 1L: Britain, 1906–1951: Question Paper Option 1C: Britain, 1625 – 1701: Conflict, revolution and settlement, AS Paper 1: Breadth Study with Interpretations: Teachers registered with Cambridge International can download past papers and early release materials (where applicable) from our password protected School Support Hub, where a much wider selection of syllabus materials is also available to download. Solution: Mark Scheme, The Sun King: Louis XIV, France and Europe, 1643-1715 – Component 2F The Sun King, 1643-1685: Question Paper Solution: Mark Scheme, Unit 3F: Stability and War: British Monarchy and State, 1714–1770: Question Paper This paper carries 50% of the subject marks. Solution: Mark Scheme, Russia in the Age of Absolutism and Enlightenment, 1682 – 1796 – Component 1E Peter the Great and Russia, 1682 – 1725: Question Paper Option 2F.2: South Africa, 1948 -94: from apartheid state to ‘rainbow nation’, A-Level Paper 2: Depth Study: At AS learners can select from topics on European, American or International history. * All the past exam papers are copyrighted © to their exam boards, which we have collected from various online sources and gathered them at one place to help candidates in their studies. Option 2B.1: Luther and The German Reformation, c1515 -55 Kennedy Lugar YES Program (2021-2022) in USA Fully Funded Exchange Program for School Students. The A level results came out and I got 3 A*s and 1 A. I want to thank you guys for all the free past papers and notes uploaded. By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to. Solution: Mark Scheme, Unit 2P: The Campaign for African-American Civil Rights in the USA, 1950–1968: Question Paper Solution: Mark Scheme, Wars and Welfare: Britain in Transition, 1906-1957 – Component 2M Society in Crisis, 1906-1929: Question Paper Developing qualifications at Levels 1-6 on the NZQF, Field Māori programme development support, Mātauranga Māori qualifications and assessment standards, NZQA's quality assurance system for tertiary education organisations, Submitting results and awarding qualifications and micro-credentials, The Education (Pastoral Care of Domestic Tertiary Students) Interim Code of Practice 2019, The Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice, Offshore use of qualifications and programmes, Information regarding COVID-19 (novel coronavirus), Examination papers translated into Te Reo Māori, History Remote Assessment Matrix and Guidance, Accessibility page with list of access keys. From 2020, we have made some changes to the wording and layout of the front covers of our question papers to reflect the new Cambridge International branding and to make instructions clearer for candidates - learn more. Option 2H.1: The USA, c1920 -1955: boom, bust and the recovery 18 January 2019 : October / November 2018 papers are updated. Solution: Mark Scheme, France in Revolution, 1774-1815 – Component 2H: Question Paper Spain, 1492–1556: Question Paper Teachers choose which periods to focus on, allowing them to build a course that reflects their learners’ interests and staff specialisms, or which is relevant to the local or regional context. Solution: Mark Scheme, The Tudors: England, 1485 -1603 – Component 1C – Consolidation of the Tudor Dynasty: England 1485 – 1547: Question Paper Read about NZQA Assessor Support options. It consists of data-based questions, all of which are to be answered. Download Past Paper – Download Mark Scheme, A-Level Paper 3: Themes in breadth with aspects in depth: Solution: Mark Scheme, The American Dream: reality and illusion, 1945-1980 – Component 2Q Prosperity, inequality and Superpower status, 1945-1963: Question Paper Solution: Mark Scheme, International Relations and Global Conflict, c1890-1941 – Component 2K: Question Paper Solving these Past Papers will help you to prepare for CAIE previously CIE  A Level History (9389).

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