hiniker oboe for sale

Hannah's enthusiasm and passion for what she does clearly shone through to all of us. All Rights Reserved. Hannah is so nice and easy to work with. Whether you are looking for a used Oboe, English Horn, or anything else, Carlos Coelho can help you find the best instrument around.

The 7 day trial was more than enough time to narrow the choice and Hannah made shipping a breeze.In this time of Covid, there's no other place my HS'er could have gone and gotten to try such a varied selection of quality instruments. She had the Oboe fully serviced and polished, so even though she says it’s a Loreé Oboe from the late 1970’s, it looks brand new and has an amazing tone!The Oboe Fairy really does make dreams come true!!! She also sent the instrument across the country to Florida to allow me to inspect it on a one-week trial basis. Have a great week! Baritone Sax-oboe in Eb, Cabart,the only known example. $7,995.00, RDG Woodwinds, Inc. 589 North Larchmont Blvd. Sydney loved practicing and trying out all three of them with the help from her band teachers to make the perfect choice for her. I'm so grateful that I found Hannah's Oboes, otherwise I would never be able to find a high-quality, professional oboe! Selling Price up to $3,000.00 ….. $350.00 Selling Price $3,001.00-$5,000.00 ….. $450.00 Oboes For Sale on Reverb. Highly Recommend! My 50 year old oboe sold close to the asking price to the first person who tried it. Living in rural Montana, my studio and I don't have many options when looking for instruments.

read less, Hannah is such a joy to talk to, and has a wonderful selection of oboes - probably the biggest I have encountered! Hannah truly is an Oboe Fairy. You have shown so much compassion through this whole process. Hannah, I’m astonished at how quickly you were able to sell my Loree oboe and am so glad that I gave it to you to find a new home. I can't say enough how great my experience has been! I appreciate her prompt responses to all of my questions and concerns all the time. the hiniker i tried out was 27 i think. Through her, my instrument was taken from worn and torn to like-new and sold in LESS THAN A MONTH AND A HALF.
Hannah completely blew us away!I initially was looking for a used Fox for my H.S. I have had pleasures of both buying and selling oboes through Hannah over these few years and she has always been so helpful, honest, and caring. So appreciate your kind and informative support! Nice scale and tone. I am presently the owner of two Hiniker oboes. well i tried out a hiniker, and i must say it was quite good. Esther worked with the instructor to identify 4 instruments she should try out. She sent us 4 to test for an entire week and the oboes were so great that 2 other players in my studio also bought them! Her emails were always prompt and she is accommodating with her customers. I’m so thankful to have found Hannah, and will continue to do business with her and Jason Onks for the rest of my career. I highly recommend buying your next oboe from Hannah, or as we call her, the Oboe Fairy!

I had the most wonderful experience shopping for an oboe through Hannah. I have also referred her to many of my students as well. read less, I had the most wonderful experience shopping for an oboe through Hannah. I love my new oboe and the coffee read less. need more information about Püchner instruments. Typically, oboe reeds are made of Arundo donax or the giant cane, a tall perennial cane native to Asia and the Mediterranean.

I am so thrilled with my purchase! Thank you again.

Buffet Prodigy #12105 $ 2,100.00 To Purchase or Trial this Instrument . She is very caring and understanding, and she will make your business with her a pleasant experience. anything related to the oboe family. Very responsive and helpful. I recently made my first-ever instrument purchase (a Fox 500 English horn), and Hannah's Oboes was highly recommended by several professional double reed players.

We recently upgraded our daughter's oboe (second one from Hannah), and she made great suggestions.


It has been smooth sailing since. We got the oboes 1 day after we spoke on the phone! I highly recommend any oboists to shop here. We’re still shipping out trials and now we’re making it safer than ever. it had an incredible scale and nice projection. You took an intimidating, frustrating search and made it a pleasure. Like many other band and orchestra instruments, the modern oboe evolved out of a series of earlier designs from the European renaissance. . Be blessed!!
Hannah offers a diverse and extensive range of instruments, and as a result I found exactly what I wanted. 5. RDG Woodwinds offers an assortment of excellent used oboes at a variety of price points. . Dear Hannah, WOW!!! Any oboe I have listed I am so glad I went through your wonderful service I have purchased the Loree oboe. anyways, it was very very good.

She is the best! Bellingham , WA 98226 USA. Hannah is so kind and only wants the best for her customers. She is appreciated so much. The oboe is also used to play the A-440 tuning note for which the rest of the orchestral instruments tune up to. It was a pleasure to play such beautiful instruments. Perhaps among the best of oboes anyone could buy!

Luckily eBay accepted my return. have been meticulously overhauled, with new cork pads throughout, Sincerely, Avery.” Kansas/Thailand. It has been smooth sailing since. Floor 2Los Angeles, CA 90004, Store Hours (temporary):M-F 12pm-6pm | Sat-Sun Closed, Contact Phone:(888) RDG-REED | (323) 463-4930. She is very caring and understanding, and she... read moreHannah is such a joy to talk to, and has a wonderful selection of oboes - probably the biggest I have encountered! Contact us today to get the conversation started! She is very responsive through emails.

I recently had the absolute pleasure of doing business with Hannah, the owner of Hannah’s Oboes/The Oboe Fairy. Worked with us before? We are definitely a fan and will refer you whenever the chance comes. 360.671.0696 I want you to know how impressed we were with the entire experience. Hannah!

I cannot thank Hannah enough for all of her help. Please contact me if you She made it super easy and was very upfront about the oboes I was test playing.

I purchased my old oboe from Oboe Chicago but I am more content with my purchase from Hannah. Loree AK+3 #SU-14 $ 6,700.00 To Purchase or Trial this Instrument . Your display of professionalism and stellar customer service was greatly appreciated.

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