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Make sure your eggs are large ones. This recipe is very similar to the recipe I used to use as a teenager (a few years ago now) But I never put jam in it. Cheers – Susie, Just about to make this for the first time, my electric oven isn’t fan assisted, do I bake in the middle for the same amount of time? It feels heavy because of the fruit, but the sponge was wonderfully moist light and fluffy. I’m sorry to hear your cake burned. Liked the fact that it uses a loaf tin, as cake easier to slice. Hi Helen. Soaking the fruit is always a good idea! I particularly like that it is adaptable with the type of fruit/nut mix you prefer. Make it in a 1 lb loaf tin. If your cakes turn out dry, check out my article Why Is My Cake Dry? I will incorporate it into the recipe as many people want to cook GF or vegan. I’ve also frozen one over Christmas, u can’t taste the difference once it was defrosted. Hi Sandra, I have found that I have to leave my butter out of the fridge for longer these days before I bake with it. I just added two tablespoons of a good brandy. I’m going to make my Christmas cake like this one The Best Jamie Oliver Baked Fruit Recipes on Yummly | Guinea Fowl With Potatoes, Fennel And Blood Orange, Recipe From Jamie Oliver, Jamie Oliver Cucumber Salad, Burgers Jamie Oliver Style Too much fruit for it all to sink Cheers – Susie. Hope your cooking goes well , Hello Sandra Fox, I`m 84 also, and yes I used to make an everyday fruit cake when I was younger, no problem, suddenly I seem unable, just have this in the oven, hence only 4stars, and was trouble with the butter, seems however hard I tried, the butter was still in lump form…. Also, cutting the cake before it’s completely cool will cause it to crumble. Otherwise you should be fine. Thanks in advance. We couldn’t wait to try them!!! How to make a delicious spiced fruit loaf, delicious & simple step by step instructions from start to finish. Enjoy! Cheers – Susie. Hi Daniela, Glad you like the cake – great variations! Hi Gordon, Glad you like this cake and that it’s fulfilling it’s original purpose of using up not-quite-right jam (in that case, overcooked) . We have to find things to do that make us feel good at the moment. Cheers – Susie. Thank you. The second time reduced the cooking time to 2hr20mins. (You can leave the liner on until the cake is served). I am thinking of making it again and thought I would soak the fruit this time, is there any difference or preference for soaking it in orange juice as opposed to tea? 1 teaspoon = 5ml I only use the 125g of butter and a loaf tin liner which is soaking wet with fat. We googled a recipe and both separately found and liked this one. Hi , Soaking the fruit is great, especially if it’s been hanging about a bit – which I sometimes find can happen! Hope this helps – Susie, Can you put the ingredients in pounces and ounces pkease. Definitely is going to be my go to recipe from now on. Have just made two, one with cherry jam and one with Apricot. Just mix the fruit in – Susie, This cake was absolutely brilliant so easy Caroline. Glad you like it. I only discovered the recipe about six months ago and it’s now a staple. Just top up to 60ml with milk. Hi Louise, Ovens vary. That worked perfectly . Cheers – Susie, Can u double the ingredients as I’m making a birthday cake for my mum & she would love the everyday fruit cake, Hi Belinda, You can make a bigger cake. What I love about this recipe is that it is so versatile and you can use whatever fruit/jam/flavours you like. Great idea to make cupcakes with the extra mixture. Seemed straightforward so gave it a go with the addition of some dark rum. I might try that myself – once I’ve finished up the overcooked strawberry jam. It’s not out the oven but I will let you know the verdict – can only help to moisten the cake I would say, being a caterer myself. Lovely yummy cake, very easy to prepare, bake and enjoy. Could I use them . Cheers – Susie. My family love it. My loaf looked pretty much like your picture. I have made one in a 10" tin, easy alternative to a Christmas Cake. Added demerara sugar to the top of the cake before cooking to add a nice crunch. And great that they know where food comes from. Will be making it again I had no trouble with burning or under cooking and as with a fan oven used a lower oven setting. I was wondering though do you think it would be possible for me to add brandy into the mixture at all? Any chance to make this fruit loaf without eggs and if so what would you use as substitute? When thouroughly mixed, transfer to prepared loaf tin and bake in oven for approximately 1hr - 1hr 20mins. The recipe I use for a light fruit cake to cover is the one I’ve posted as a I scraped off burnt bits nice cake underneath but a bit dry. I look forwards to browsing the rest of it! My oven is a bit dodgy so it only needed 1hour 20mins- after 1 hour cooking I put a greasproof paper top on it to prevent burning. Yummy. I do usually make two at a time and freeze one. Did you let the cake stand in the tin at all? Cheers – Susie. Be the first to rate this post. I was so pleased the fruit didn’t sink like my normal fruitcakes lol. Hi Steve. Susie, loved this cake but after only 1 hour and 20 mins cooking, I removed from oven as it was becoming over cooked., once cooled this cake was very crumbly to cut and a little on the dry side. Hope the family enjoyed it too. Mostly I love cooking and baking, but combining work and home life often leaves me feeling that providing healthy, tasty food for my family is a chore. This was my first attempt at making the fruit cake I put in 200g glazed cherries to 400g mixed fruit should I have put less fruit in I have made this recipe using various cups and mugs, as long as the ratios remain the same, and the cooking times are altered accordingly there should be no problems. This is a great cake! Not for this cake. Thank you , Hi Christine, Ginger sounds good – especially as the weather gets cooler. Will definitely try smaller tins. I was wondering can I replace some of the flour with ground almonds? You don’t need to change anything else but the volume of the cake will be less, so reduce the cooking time. 0.125 - built, managed and maintained by Jason White. to do less work for more output Soaking in tea is a really good option to make it more moist too. Can’t wait to try this recipe..do you think I could use sherry to soak the fruit? I think it’s because my fridge is colder now. Love everything about it. What a good idea! In the meantime this one is delish with warm custard. Puree in a food processor or sieve. Really good recipe for a lighter fruit cake … similar to a Dundee cake. Cheers – Susie. It’s good to know Once you’ve done it, use the excess liquid in the cake. Cheers – Susie, Hi Michael, So pleased you like the cake – easy and delicious is what we’re aiming for! Thank you for responding. Hi Emma, Just leave the jam out. Hope you enjoy the cake Cheers – Susie. Big thank you ???? It happens to us all , My first attempt was amazing, Cheers – Susie, Brilliant. Thank you, Hi Sunil, I haven’t tried making this cake without eggs, but a general recommendation |I found is to use 125ml mashed banana (about 1/2 banana) per egg. If you have any sort of blender/food processor/ stick blender, you can whizz up the granulated sugar to make casster sugar which would be a better texture. Only took about ten minutes to put together. I took the butter straight from the fridge cut it into cubes and left on a sunny window cill while I prepared ever thing else and it was fine. I have baked this twice now. Amazing how jam makes all the difference. Thank you for such an amazing, relatively low sugar, cake recipe. I added homemade marmalade, and chopped almonds. It was moist and very tasty. Stir that in afterwards. Cheers – Susie. To make applesauce, peel, core and slice 1 kg apples and cook with 100ml water for 15-20 minutes until soft. And thanks for letting me know Cheers – Susie. Thank you. Should I soak the apricots and mango? Thanks for what sounds like a great fruit cake. It turned out quite well and I was happy with it, Hi Margaret, This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Brandy always helps Even though the server responded OK, it is possible the submission was not processed. I have just taken up baking and used this recipe today, I did soak the fruit in orange juice and added some peel. Cheers – Susie. Just weigh, stir and cook, which is just as well for me because it’s in great demand in our house. The jam was too stiff and treacly tasting to use as it was, so I added it to a fruit cake and liked it. Hi Sheila, Thanks for the info. Thank you for sharing. Store the cake upside down for the brandy to seep in. Cheers – Susie, Hi you dont say which shelf to cook it on…, Hi Sophia, What can I substitute for the milk? Put all the ingredients except the fruit into a large bowl (or your mixer/food processor). The cake uses the all-in-one method and is suitable for food processors, stand mixer or hand-mixer.

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