eotech exps3 vs exps2

Lastly…the QD mount versions (EXPS) have the buttons on the side which make it easier for manipulation if you have a magnifier behind your optic. There’s the degree of co-witnessing offered by each unit. They get the job done, whether you are a beginner or a pro. The first is the LBC, which projects a visible laser beam onto the target. The XPS is one-third co-witness while the E model is full co-witness. Aside from being water-proof, both optics are also internally fog-resistant. When paired with the G33, you can locate targets 500 meters away. The key difference between EOTech XPS2 and EOTech XPS3 is the night vision compatibility. Privacy Policy and Our Best AR Scopes & Optics article should help! The EXPS2 is capable of a hundred-yard field of view and provides eye relief at four inches even at 30 yards. However, you get that feature with the EXPS3 and EXP3 so consider your particular needs.

What I would get to save a few ounces but don’t need to magnify or quick-detach. The EXPS is a little larger and heavier. Comparing different sight scan be fun; in fact, it’s always fun because you end up finding all the issues with both by comparing the differences between each. You get the holographic sight with an attached G33 3x magnifier. Etc., etc. Anyone try the new 558 or have any thoughts on a comparison?

The same goes for EOTech XPS. We then shot it…starting from rat shot to .410 #9 birdshot, 12ga #7.5 birdshot, and finally .22LR Mini-Mag where it finally sort-of failed.

12-15-14, 12:00 #2. We are impressed with its night vision compatibility and a more submersible depth of 33 feet. In terms of performance, the two products both deliver in this area. Even if you’re an HWS newbie these products can improve your shooting.

The 518 night vision model with buttons on the side and a laser battery cap seems like a winner to me. If – after the research – you decide to go with EOTech, you will not be disappointed. The EXPS3 is nitrogen gas-purged, and anti-fog maintains a clear view and has a metal housing that surrounds its lens for increased protection against impact and recoil, making it shockproof, more durable than the EXPS2. Best part about a holographic site when using a magnifier is the target gets bigger but the red dot stays the same 1 MOA. Two reticle options: The EXPS2-0 has a 65MOA circle with 1 MOA aiming dot, and the EXPS2-2 has a 65MOA circle with two 1MOA aiming dots for trajectory compensation. Will 223 (or 5.56) Penetrate a Bullet Proof Vest. For our team’s hunting undertakings, we’re torn between the EOTech EXPS2 vs EXPS3 considering that both are ideal scope options for providing great light-gathering and increased magnification. check out this Ballistic Advantage and Faxon barrels comparison. And stay in touch with newsletters of our best articles on techniques, guns, & gear.

The only main difference between these optics is the button placement, which is side-mounted. Plus the height matches up better with most common magnifiers. In 2014, EOTech released its laser battery cap (LBC) series, which is a line of 2 battery cap replacements. See more damage in the full High-End Optics Torture Test article.

How much am I willing to spend on an optic? The second is the LBC2, which features a visible laser and an in visible infrared beam (for night vision purposes). The equation for the latter is a simple one; the height of an average adult male will fit within the 68-MOA circle at 100 yards and half the reticle at 200 yards. For better durability and more flexible usage, EOTech XPS3 is indeed a better approach here than EOTech XPS2.

My favorite pick and what I run on my competition PCC rifle (Best Pistol Caliber Carbines) is the EXPS2-0 ($490). Both XPS2 and EXPS3 models feature a battery life indicator that allows the reticle to pulse when initially powered on if the battery has minimal life left, although this pulsing only occurs when the sight is powered on from an off state. The two EOTech sights both include 20 brightness settings. Even without irons…I prefer the QD mount version since I tend to move my optics around a lot and have gotten used to the buttons on the side. Although both models are parallax free, the EXPS3 still has a slight edge over the EXPS2 in this category. See them at your gun shop, or contact EOTech, Inc.; Tel. Shooting at targets becomes easier and quicker because of the anti-glare and anti-reflection features of the EXPS3. One of the secrets to the EXPS3’s combat-proven durability is an integrated roll bar that protects the lens and acts as a built-in crush zone. These holographic sight models are almost identical that my team and I decided to test out these optics first to see if there’s any difference. While EOTech XPS2 is not, EOTech XPS3 is compatible with all night vision (NV) devices. Anyone try the new 558 or have any thoughts on a comparison? By the end you’ll know the perfect EOTech model for your end use.

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