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In fact, Daum put up a new Korean site with basic information on the MMO, showing that Elyon has been reworked somewhat from its original premise. Next, you’re going to see the following page. I didn’t see last two screenshot while doing, is it okay i mean am i did it? Its a prblem i have encountered while looging into my Bandai Namco ID in step 3. I did it, no VPN whatsoever. i hope my old account from when i play idolmaster can still be used, lol, It says on the site: Those who live in Japan and have a BANDAI NAMCO ID, Please write me an email when the registration page becomes available, I so exciting and cant waiting to enjoy the game! So here’s the thing. And maybe its for the better. Log in to your Bandai Namco account using the credentials you signed up with above, then hit “Log in.”, Next, agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, then click “Agree”. You can provide feedback directly to Apple using the Feedback Assistant app. Bandai Namco are opening registration for Blue Protocol’s Closed Beta test on February 12th, 2020. You cannot log in to this service from the country or territory you registered. Also, this is from google translate, but when the game devs say the main goal is farming, I kinda loose interest. I just recently discovered this game but I am really hype, but also do not rise my expectations too high. They region locked it. This is important! It’s no joke: The long-in-coming steampunk MMO Ascent: Infinite Realm has a new name. It’s for Japan, but applicants are not blocked by region from participating. Just follow the steps accurately and you are good to go. Then after the beta ends can we change it again to our desired country? To me it looked like a budget Black Desert. The second half of the registration process where it has a link to registering to the closed beta says 404 Not Found ‘The requested URL /entry/ was not found on this server.’ Is that supposed to happen or am I done registering? I cant wait to play this MMO that Will be my New “Ragnarok online”… The one i played for about 6 years ir more… Hope can have chance to play Beta, Waiting for It too. document.write(''); How to and where to download game?

So many fantasy names/titles/towns/characters start have Ely-, including the ill-fated kickstarter Chronicles of Elyria. The 1st cbt testing phase will start from December 13th to December 17th. It reminds me of FFXIV which I love, hope this one is even better . i was having so much trouble for this game and finally i got it but dont know how to play the game plz help me mister. Cookies help us deliver our Services. DISCLAIMER:

Ascent Infinite Realm 1st Closed Beta Recruitment Begins for the Korean Version. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the footer of our emails. why when i try to introduse my birthday it says that the numbers must be followed by * but i can t write 08* 07* 02* bcs of the keyboard? Your #1 Packet Sniffer.

Videos. It’s been called the former for so long that if they were gonna change it you would think they’d have come up with a far better name than that…, April 11th is beta – https://mmoculture.com/2020/04/elyon-ascent-infinite-realm-gets-new-game-title-and-prepares-for-korean-closed-beta/. Good luck for Lucky account ! The 1st cbt testing phase will start from December 13th to December 17th. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. /* desktop monitors */ document.write(''); The 1st CBT Recruiting Phase started on November 13th.

document.write(''); After receiving the code, navigate on over to the Authentication page and paste the code into the “Authentication Code” field. It's one of the best Anime MMORPG's out there and ... Actually entering this for once. 1.1k members in the ElyonOnline community. Astellia Online Giveaway – Claim a Free Copy of the Game Now! And if they see that the beta test wasn’t effective they may put an IP Ban which means we’re all screwed. You have games like Diablo 2 and 3 which was just about farming fields of enemies for hours, but those games you were constantly pushing forward. The 1st CBT Recruiting Phase started on November 13th.

Learn about VALORANT and its stylish cast After completing the above steps, you’ll be done. Looking to build the next generation of amazing apps and test them on the developer beta? KRAFTON recently announced that "massive" beta test phase will take place in South Korea on 25 July, with applications starting in … Start at one end of a map, work your way to the other end of the map. What’sup guys, we all know this game is beautiful and probably gonna be one of the most biggest game of 2020 going onwards, probably for the next 5 years almost, with that being said… Sign me up to try the beta ! I already registered for the Beta now and I am really excited. I’m looking forward to get a crack at this MMO, well….i couldnt sign up for beta from South Asia, hi the send me a response and some link but it in Japanese what I my supposed to do , I my in , I cant read Japanese . Daum Games announced yesterday that the game is now and forever to be called Elyon, with the Ascent: Infinite Realm used as a subtitle. The environment is not kind. got this error when i tried to signup Choose and train from one of five classes including a frontlining warrior, a supporting nature mage, an offensive magic wielding sorcerer, a sneaky assassin, and a firearms toting gunslinger. Being cold will kill you. They just spawn fields of enemies for you to just farm for hours. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

I would hope they aren’t just appropriating the language because it sounds “weird” and cool so they can make some weird Korean MMO with boob physics and lolicon fanservice to sell dress up items for. Anyone care to explain? Yes! I really dont think this game is gonna feel much different besides being “new” compared to the buckets of other asian mmorpgs we have gotten over the past many years. After that, you’ll have successfully completed the registration process. So the CB will be in Japanese, not English? I think if you’re really not in ASIA region you wont be chosen for beta test. You cannot log in to this service from the country or territory you registered.

Fortunately for you, you can kill others and take their stuff. hey that Step 2: Agree to the Closed Beta Terms and Conditions doesnt show up for me can you tell me where i need to go to get that screen? All you have do to now is wait for an email with further instructions if you get in. The Daily Grind: Are you on board for Burning Crusade Classic? Correct! Players will go on epic multiplayer journeys across a persistent world shared by various races and tamable creatures. Thanks so much for the Guide! Why does our region have to be Japan, will the closed beta be jpn? It just plopped me into my account screen, and set my region to where I live (Europe) Been waiting for both this game and Genshin Impact for a while. But that mechanic is often disguised or overlayed by other elements that do always make it as apparent, especially when you are playing.

If the region was set to Japan, then yes! Blue Protocol Announces New Closed Beta in November! X.X. Sci-Fi Hey Stix, I was wondering if your able to change the region of your Bandai ID after the CBT is over? I hope so cause I dont wanna google translate everything xD. I think It Will be 12th global…right? Is it gonna be multilanguage then? document.write('');

Why is it not listed? I would really like to play this game it looks awesome The combat looks amazing cant wait to play it when it comes out Im gonna get all my friends on blue protocol when it comes out, I like to try the game is looks really fun to play thx, Im building a PC today to play this epic MMO that remember me of Dot hack gu séries that i loved so much! You might be able to sign up , but 100% they will dismiss if youre not from Asia. Votes Req. Hello I’d like to blue protocol once it is out! Subreddit for the newly revealed "Elyon" Online, formerly known as Ascent Infinite Realm or A:IR. There’s not too much known about the plot of Ascent: Infinite Realm (A:IR) yet, but the gameplay footage looks fantastic, with massive battles taking place in the air and on land.

can’t wait to play it!

Is google translate wrong? Ascent: Infinite Realm, A:IR.

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