do you put a weight on a spinnerbait

Most spinnerbaits today have multiple blades on them. Spinnerbaits are naturally weedless and rarely get hung up. (they come loose a little more). havn't had any adverse effects with it, except the bass tearin it up. Weight loss isn’t a side effect of a hysterectomy. They can be fished any number of ways in any number of conditions. I understand what alot of you are saying about going to a bigger spinner bait but, I dont like the big ones the smaller profile spinner baits are so much better in my opinion. Trout Fishing Steelhead Fishing Crappie Fishing They, too, are used in combination with other blade types, either in front of a willowleaf or behind a Colorado. A small Colorado may precede a larger willowleaf blade on a tandem spinnerbait. The spinnerbait comes in many different sizes and colors, making it a versatile fishing lure. Fishing them this way will certainly catch fish, but it’s knowing where and when to use a spinnerbait that makes the difference. They can even continue to sink as they are retrieved. They are also good for fishing at night. Colorado blades are often found on single-blade spinnerbaits. Saltwater You can fish them all the way from jigging them to dragging them to burning them through thick vegetation. In fact, you can change the color of the skirts and add trailing soft plastics as well to match the color, change the profile and modify the weight for the conditions you are fishing. That’s the beauty of a spinnerbait, they produce their own action. Stick with them and as you catch a few bass, you will gain more confidence in this bait and start to fish it more and more with unbelievable results. A spinner-bait works the best when you give it distance at the cast to perform, so get it out there 50 to 75 yards when you cast. ​​​. Lighter wire spinnerbaits have more vibration. They all work the same way by spinning to create flash and vibration in the water. it in, nothing that complicated. Destination PA In this bass fishing video Matt breaks down the line sizes in fluorocarbon, monofilament, and braided line that he and Tim use for a variety of techniques. So to be truly effective spinnerbait fishing, you are going to need more than one style blade in your spinnerbait box. The Indiana blade fishes somewhere in between the Colorado and willow leaf blades. Print; Author Topic: adding weight to a spinnerbait (Read 3610 times) basnbud. Tandem-blade spinnerbaits are generally meant for speedy retrieval. By randomly jerking the rod tip your making the bait’s behavior seem more unpredictable, making a curious bass more likely to attack it. Not only are the various blades of a spinnerbait putting out different vibrations, but they are also controlling the speed and running depth of the bait. Colorado blades, willow leaf blades, Indiana blades and Oklahoma blades (also known as the turtle back blade) are the most popular blades found on common spinnerbait setups. Spinnerbaits work exceptionally well on overcast days when there is some wind and ripple on the surface. and 1/2-oz. For one the only thing I want on the hook is a bass and the second is it swims down when it sinks, the same idea as having a rattle traps that have added weight in the nose, they swim down. With this extra weight, It can be burnt as fast as you want, and if you kill it, the extra weight will flutter the blades good, also, it throws a mile. Many anglers know the basics about spinnerbaits, but most don't know what really makes one spinnerbait more effective than another. 7 blade and put it on a 3/4-ounce head and fish it effectively in 3-5 feet of water because the head and blade work together and the big blade makes that heavier head fish more like a lighter head in shallower water. Mix it up by pausing the lure for a second, giving a short jerk to the rod to pulse the lure forward, or lifting and dropping it in deeper water. It is easy to fish. Titanium wire will not bend and will run truer than standard wire spinnerbaits, which eliminates the need to adjust the wire after landing a few fish. Stick with small rods, those in the six-foot range work best. They are different from in-line spinners, which feature a spinning blade on a single shaft, though they are often lumped into the same category. The spinnerbait design is flexible in that skirts can be changed to modify your presentation without having to buy a bunch more spinnerbaits for bass fishing. The spinnerbait comes in. 5 combo better,” Bolton said, “because it gives me more flash and vibration out deep and I’m trying to imitate big gizzard shads.”. The size of the blades can make all the difference at times as well. 4 1/2 or No. Sign up to receive emails with great bass lure tips! Jerking the rod like this creates what is called a reaction bite. 2 Colorado in front and a No. Colored. You can take a No. Remember you aren’t making long casts, you are usually casting to specific targets. They also give the bait some lift, keeping it up in the water column as it’s retrieved. Spinnerbaits come in a variety of different weights, but the most popular weight for a spinnerbait is in the three-eighths to half an ounce range. Primarily cast, spinnerbaits are retrieved so that the blades and upper arm run vertically above the bottom part of the lure. blades are used in clear water on clear sunny days when you don’t need or want a lot of flash. « Reply #5 on: February 12, 2010, 03:55:35 PM » I understand what alot of you are saying about going to a bigger spinner bait but, I dont like the big ones the smaller profile spinner baits … On occassion when I do throw the smaller profile spinnerbaits, this tip will come in handy. This is a great tactic when bass are inactive and not chasing fast retrieves. Of the several types of spinnerbait heads on the market, round heads, bullet heads and keel heads (minnow heads) comprise the three most popular. Wire diameter varies from manufacturer and model, but has a huge impact on what you feel and spinnerbait durability. Blades also come in tandem (double blades) and single blades. (you may want to crimp the leading end a little more if your fishing in grass, as it will pick it up) I also have some old crimp on bullet weights that work pertty good too. If the bait wobbles back and forth, the wire will need to be adjusted back to its original shape. Primarily cast, spinnerbaits are retrieved so that the blades and upper arm run vertically above the bottom part of the lure. Very nice. Page created in 0.176 seconds with 24 queries. You’ll have to keep the rod tip up high as you reel to keep the bait up close to the surface. 5 back blade. As the water approaches the upper 40s, bass start to get active and a chasing bait like the spinnerbait is perfect to catch big bass. Closing the wire gives you more speed, and it will be more apt to stay down and not rise to the surface. “I want the back wire to hang over the hook to protect it.”. Colorado blades spin slowest and put out more of a thumping vibration. Fishing Line A slight change in action is often the ticket to getting a strike. They are good for slow retrieves, murky water, and dark conditions. Using a Colorado blade will also help keep the bait up. These stinger hooks can be attached using a small piece of surgical tubing to the main hook. A trailer hook is simply an additional hook attached to the back end of the lure. In fact, you can change the color of the skirts and add trailing soft plastics as well to match the color, change the profile and modify the weight for the conditions you are fishing. In-line spinners come in a greater variety than spinnerbaits and are used for many more species of freshwater fish. Ice Fishing Keel style heads are more for speed applications, fishing higher in the water column (like burning spinnerbaits for clear water smallmouth). Primarily cast, spinnerbaits are retrieved so that the blades and … The best spinnerbaits for bass come with top-end hooks. always been a largemouth bass lure, but all, you need to rethink your understanding of how to fish a spinnerbait for bass. Small spinnerbaits usually feature a single blade on the overhead shaft and a soft grub-shaped body rather than a multi-tentacled skirt. If you are an older angler, you know how well it can work and its time to put it back in your tackle box. 2 to the magnum No. I like the grub trailer when the water is dirty or cold. The recess on the end fits the head quite well so it doesn't spin around too much so it doesn't have to be re-crimped a lot. Round heads are more for fishing rock and stumps. (318)347-7380 You can Email Me Here Mike Cork Ph. This is when a bass reacts to the sudden random movement of a lure by attacking it. As well as keep it higher up in the water column. The lightest spinnerbaits, in 1/16- to 3/16-ounce sizes, are used with light or thin-diameter line and light spinning tackle, primarily for bluegills and crappie, but also for smaller specimens of largemouth and smallmouth bass, plus white bass. It’s also perfect for when you’re looking for a more moderate speed, like when water is not completely clear or murky. A good all around spinnerbait for spring and summer is a colorado/willow with gold and silver blades. Some people experience a few days of nausea following a major surgery. Some heads may be turned up slightly to resist diving and enhance upward or shallow movement, especially on a fast retrieve. adding weight to a spinnerbait « on: November 22, 2009, 07:42:21 PM … Just my thoughts. Spinnerbaits can be used in moderately deep water, but are primarily employed for shallow fishing. They are relatively easy to fish, and fairly weed- and tangle-free when retrieved around cover and obstructions. But you can get good results in deeper water too, especially if you see baitfish swirling on the surface and run the spinnerbait right through them. Night time spinnerbaits typically have a short front wire and short back wire. But that said, you don’t want a bass to get a good look at a spinnerbait because of how unnatural they appear. Additionally, these lures can be fished in deeper water near rocky points and drop-offs where baitfish hangout. The size and style of the blade is going to determine how much water it displaces. You need to understand what the fish want when thinking about how to retrieve a spinnerbait for bass. “I throw a Indiana blade more than a Colorado,” Bolton said. I rarely add a trailer to a spinnerbait when fishing in clear water because I want the lure to have a smaller profile. This design gives them explosive potential to catch big bass. This is good choice for a blade when bass are active and chasing fast moving baits. Rather than a split shot if I need to add weight I remove the core of a rubber core sinker and crimp the weight to the wire in front of the head. 7 in willow leaf styles. Re: Does anyone put a split shot weight on there line with spinner baits! Bass Fishing He’s adamant about lower gear ratio 5:1 Lew’s Tournament Pro in the early spring and fishing deep on the ledges. Since they don’t thump as loud as other blades bass won’t be able to detect them as easily from a long distance with their lateral line.

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