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Wanna-be’s comment on random blogs and are obsessed with grammar rules. I just want to shock the shit out of the industry. We live in a bite sized information world where folks want quick reads. Just know I want to write something longer next time. I write mostly novellas and short stories and I was wondering if people even tried to sell stories under 10,000 words and it looks like they do! But, exactly how significantly less isn’t being honestly represented…. I have just put my first book, (50 short stories) on amazon kindle edition Having read your article, I am wondering whether stories averaging 1500 words are too short for the market. One unwanted apostrophe and one apostrophe missing. (His non fiction sells the best overall – but that’s not surprising – non fiction generally is easier to market than fiction). Learn how your comment data is processed. Say up front 30 minutes and your reader is committed if your story MOVES. My question is it would seem that these book reading get together is a great place to merchandise – if your story is a good one. Or have any thoughts or advice…? I mean, I’m not expecting to hit the 100 list day one, I’d like to eventually, and its not just to make money, but $200 or so a month isn’t a horrible idea. If you know different, prove me wrong. Tabs . Will author royalties remain the same over the long-term. Would this be a smart idea? 25 colorful pages? From his fiction, his novel A Storm Hits Valparaiso does the best. That’s great! Again not one bad review. It makes me wonder if novella’s will be the ‘new thing’, particularly if they can be cranked out in quantity. Thank you so much for your advice, i will get to it and let you know what happens. The longer page-count authors are leaving, while more and more authors are adding novellas to the pool, compounding the problem. I have allowed varying people to read bits and pieces and am pleased to say that they have all been very positive. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window). Three in fact. Best regards honggo. Don’t be afraid – what have you got to lose? 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What do you think? Young reader weighs in, Writers and publishers stand in support of trans and non-binary people, First Irish woman to win International Dublin Literary Award, Two Chicago bookstores symbolize what’s at stake this holiday shopping season. I have an existing collection of short stories, (21,000 words) as well as a novel i wrote years ago, (70,000 words) and currently have no idea as of what to do next. Updated hourly. not even a penny per page) payouts. Author C. E. Kilgore points out, correctly, that this estimate per page is bonkers. Thanks for your advice and guidance. All the best with your new novella series. Because it’s a Kindle single it’s eligible for the 70% royalty so it’s currently making Harper Collins approximately $1,000 a month (and the author’s probably $50 a month each). This is my 1st book. . Is it likely that what customers will pay for a short story collection, will be the same now as it will in five or ten years? A more reasonably achievable figure is 1 penny per page (but I believe it will end up being something more like 0.006 cents – 0.008 cents per page ‘ i.e. It’s ranked #143,740, whereas his two short stories are ranked #282,085 and #269,040 respectively. Have a call to action at the back of that freeb, to purchase your collection or novel. It was only a matter of time before KU began to drown in the overcrowded, shallow pool in which readers who paid $10 a month were reading 30 25-page books, costing KU close to 80$/month in borrow fees. I have considered placing the short story collection on Amazon in the hope that it may generate some money, however if it fails to do so then i am willing to live with that. Details * Do you have any advice, tips on pricing etc, i would greatly appreciate any feedback. I really enjoyed reading your advice. Do you have, or know of anyone using multiple platforms to cross-generate sales\views? Spam or Self-Promotional The list is spam or self-promotional. I want to sell at bus, train, and airport stations for leissure reading to keep or to give. My stories average around 5000 words, but I’m trying to trim that down even more. I was a wantabe. Do you really feel comfortable giving advice to writers? (To make something perma-free set it at 0 on Smashwords so it filters to B&N and Apple and eventually Amazon should price-match). Hi Tabitha! Something like, ‘if you enjoyed this, check out my other work,’ with links. Currently my stories are posted on sites such as fanfiction.net and liovejournal. I could find only ONE short story in the Amazon Top 100. His novel is also $4.99 making him $3.49 per sale, as opposed to the 0.35 cents he makes on each short. Hi Richard, Aside from exclusivity rights, which are the most obvious drawback to publishing through KU, it seems wild to pay authors based on the number of pages each reader completes. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Via Shutterstock. (This is especially true in many categories including Romance, Erotica, Horror, and non-fiction like business-help and marketing how-to books). I just want to sell enough to make some decent money. According to his plan, if an author was to write 50 short stories per year (averaging one short story per week), bundle them into 5 & 10 story collections, and continue doing that for five years – by the end of the five-year period, you’d have a nice passive income of approx $40,000 a year from then on. And yes, you do not charge enough for your stories.

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